How to wear Ankle Boots with Ethnic Wear : A Desi Twist!

2016 is here! It calls for Sunday brunches, cocktail parties and weddings, with each shindig demanding a different look. Party girls may have developed a bad rap over the years, but the season’s trend of mixing style and comfort of boots with splendor of ethnic wear, is bound to set a new legion of women free, serving as their wingman from sunset, right to sunrise. These embellished, metallic, studded, eclectic collection of ankle boots is all one needs to travel in style.

No matter how much you love combat boots and uggs, you cannot team them up with your ethnic wear but the same doesn’t go for ankle boots. Ankle boots give us freedom to don the boots-trend even with our ethnic wear. Icing on the cake is, they come in varied hues, styles, colors and patterns 😀

Try this season’s hottest pairs to nail a look that is far from the usual crowd-pleasing versions of what’s pretty. From cocktail hours to breakfast at tiffany’s, these voguish pairs will have your shoe-needs covered. We show you how to wear ankle boots with ethnic weat that will put you in the limelight from the minute you put them on!

1. Stylish Kurtis with Ankle Boots

They are the perfect alternative to traditional flats. Kurtis need not necessarily be worn with leggings or pajamas, you may even opt for denims, culottes, palazzos to give it a delectable taste of modern fashion.

Kareena Kapoor in Ankle Boots with Ethnic Wear Kurtas

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2. Anarkalis with Boots

Ankle boots with ethnic wear is a trend that has been seen on the ramps since quite a while and it’s time for us to embrace this trend too! Wear them with almost anything to go from normcore to edgy and take your look a notch higher in the style meter.

Anarkali with Boots

How to wear Ankle Boots with Anarkali Dresses

3. Sari with boots

For the sweatpants-and-tee kind of girl, parting with her loungewear is no easy feat. Walking the line between comfort and convention, sari with comfy boots is the latest in athleisure wear. For the risk takers and for the chic athlete, this is party time 😀

Saree with Boots

Saree with Ankle Boots

How to wear ankle boots with saree


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4. Skirts with Ankle Boots

Pointed toes make the look more feminine, and dressed up. Pairing boots with a feminine skirt is a perfect delight!

Glamorous and feminine Sonam Kapoor was spotted with a long maxi skirt with ankle boots. She’s giving the total retro-feel to her ensemble!!!


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5. Elongated Ideas – Maxi Dresses with Ankle Boots

Play with color this season and style a bright, long traditional ensemble with autumnal colored ankle boots. Most color combinations pair beautifully, as long as one chosen hue is bright, while the other remains slightly darker.

A maxi dress would be the perfect pick for the enamoring beauty of bohemia.

Reigning queen, Kangana Ranaut was seen nailing her airport look with printed maxi and tan ankle boots. She looked every bit of perfection with a bun hairdo and sunglasses.


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How to wear Ankle Boots with Maxi Dresses

How to wear Ankle Boots with Maxi Dresses2

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Your look is complete when what you put on your feet compliments with what you wear. And ankle boots can never disappoint you rather, will help you hog all the attention and let you be the center of attraction 😉

Grab your pair today and veer towards the road to experimentation ‘coz it sure takes guts to try a trend for the first time but believe us- you will be a one-happy fashionista thereafter. Happy Shopping in Happy New Year 🙂

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