How to Dress when you are Short or Petite : Dress it Right Petite Girls!

Knowing your body type comes in handy when you want to be fashionably forward with the clothes tailored to fit you. But being petite might just throw a wrench into your entire idea of what your look should be. Though tradition makes the mistake of labeling all women under 5’4 with shorter inseams and narrower shoulders as the textbook dress style for petite women, no one is really the same. Indian women with the exception of divas like Sonam and Deepika usually fall under the petite category which makes the job of selecting the clothes for short women that much harder! But with our petite fashion tips, you would treat your size as a powerful tool rather than a weakness! Here we answer all your queries regarding how to dress when you are short or petite:


Maxing up your size!

How to Dress when you are Short or Petite : Maxi Dresses for Short Petite Girls

If you are short, wearing a maxi dress shouldn’t be something you write of entirely! After we are done teaching you how to wear a maxi dress if you are short and curvy, this would be a staple garment in your wardrobe. Though flowing silhouettes are not always considered to be the best outfits for short girls, you can change all that by ensuring that the upper half of your maxi dress is well fitted and embellished in contrast to the lower portion. Long dresses for short women are just as popular as for their taller counterparts! Fashion for short women doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?


How to Dress when you are Short or Petite : Skirt it up!

How to Dress when you are Short or Petite : Skirts for Short Petite Girls

The best skirts for short women are the A-line skirts available in monochrome and with the patterned vertical stripes. Make sure the hem of your top ends at the hipline and preferably above so that your legs can enjoy the luxury of appearing long for once. The skirts in bold hues make you appear slim and tall without any effort on your part whatsoever. The best outfits for short women have their inception when you turn the restrictions on their heads.


Ethnic with a twist

Ethnic Dresses and Anarkalis for Women

An Indian girl without a kurta is like a fish without water. But how to choose your clothes if you are a short woman with short legs? The silhouette of the floor length anarkali salwars might be enticing you but it’s better if you don’t give in. Cut yourself some slack and settle for a compromise by letting the hemline end at least five inches above your ankle. The ethnic outfits for small women which have the salwar and kameez in similar hues can rock the trend better than those who don’t!


Curvy Can Be Fun!

Ethnic Dresses for Short Women

If you are a curvaceous woman with the petite body type, coming up with clothes for short curvy women must have been a nightmare and we feel you! But since this era in fashion is all about celebrating your size, empire waists are the way to go when ransacking your brain for outfit ideas for short women. The outfits for short people which nip your shape beneath the bustline are great for when you seek balance without sacrificing your curves.


Layer your beauty

Source: FashionExprez

Source: FashionExprez

Since slim fitted dresses become a necessary weapon when you are a petite girl, if there’s a stunning outfit which appears bigger in parts, strategically cover it up with layering. The outfits for short girls can be endowed with a whole new dimension and create a striking effect if you team them up with capes, jackets and cardigans as the same length as your dress.

With such multifarious dress options for short girls, you don’t feel so bad do you? Put on those jhootis and be the modern day Thumbelina!

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