5 Timeless Embroidery Designs for Suits

Designer and Boutique suits are a huge rage at the moment. The growing need to look stand out from the crowd is keeping all the couturiers on their toes! The heart of any suit is their embroidery. It is the quality and design of embroidery ornamented on the suit that sets an outfit  apart and increases its desire quotient in the market. And if you hit the hit suit with right embellishment, then you do not even have to worry about decking yourself up with accessories, as the gorgeous embroidery on your suit will make you win half the fashion battle!

In fact since the ancient times, the Kings and Queens were known to spend colossal amount of money on their embroidery. They employed highly skilled craftsmen to embroider their heavy garments with gold, silver, diamonds and other gemstones!

While ofcourse the ritual of laying great emphasis on embellishments still continues, but we no longer have diamonds and other gemstones weaved with our clothes (though how we wish we still had them!). Our designers are now opting for less heavy yet extremely intricate and sophisticated embroidery. This is probably attributed to the fact that women nowadays prefer clothes that are light in weight and would not come in the way of their activities. Also, because of the new “Minimalist” trend, simplicity is in vogue!

Indian embellishments still personify extravaganza and grandeur in spite of their styles and cuts constantly evolving to suit the demands of a young and no-fuss Indian woman. Suits are now gilded so that they are flexible and comfortable to wear.

Here are some of the trendiest and our favorite and the latest embroidery designs for suits that are ruling the roost!

1. Floral Embroidery

They are lovely and timeless! And our celebs just cannot seem to get over them. Floral Embroidery lend dainty and feminine characteristics to any woman.

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Floral Embroidery Designs on Salwar Suits

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Floral Embroidery Salwar Suits

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Floral Embroidery Salwar Kameez

2. Stone Embroidery

Stone Embroidery is for all those times when you want to dazzle your best and get party ready in a sec! These salwar suits embroidery designs are heavier than their other contemporaries and are most often worn for grand Indian functions.

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Stone Embroidery Designs on Salwar Suits

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Stone Work Embroidery Designs on Salwar Kameez

3. Net Embroidery

Net Embroidery are always in demand! These embroidered suits look stunning and elegant without making you go out of your comfort zone. These suit embroidery designs can in many types and can be worn as both daily wear and party wear, depending upon the design, color and texture of the outfit.

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Net Embroidery Designs on Salwar Suits

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Net Embroidery Designs on Salwar Kameez

4. Thread Work Embroidery

Thread Embroidery defines ultimate sophistication! They are elegant and be worn at high-end parties. With the advent of Pakistani fashion in India, thread embroidery has made even more leaps and bounds in its popularity and demand.

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Thread Work Embroidery on Suits

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Hand Embroidery and Thread Embroidery Suits

5. Mirror Embroidery

“The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.”

Mirror work is a timeless embellishment in Indian couture. They are also everyone’s favorite when they want to look spunky and powerful. If you feel like your accessories or makeup is underdone, just don a mirror embroidered outfit and you are all set to seal the deal! Mirror work looks great on anything, be it, sarees, blouses, kurtas or any other outfit. We also have a fascination for mirror work blouses! Check out our blog on Mirror work blouse designs to know more!

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Mirror Work Embroidery Suits

Embroidery Designs for Suits : Mirror Work Embroidery Salwar Suits

Are not all the embroideries absolutely timeless and beautiful? We love them too!

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