9 Mother Daughter Dresses in Adorable Ethnic Combos

Lets first describe what it is to be a Mommy-Daughter! ~When you are a Mother you are never alone in your thoughts. And, a daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous. When it comes to dressing up and getting your daughter dressed up like a shadow of yours, is an adventurous challenge yet beautiful one. A lot of times you guys- I mean the Mommy-Daughter Jodis would wear the same concept, the same theme, the same attire, the same ensemble as a whole just because you know you will simply look gorgeous. BUT, the confusing questions are…

What to wear? Why to wear ? How to team up the combo- to keep it same or similar ? How will coordinating mother daughter dresses look? and What does the term “Ethnic” mean to you? So, here I am! to answer these queries that arise in your minds.

The relationship of Mothers and Daughters have inspired many fashion designers. Remember the recent Dolce and Gabbana collection that honored Mothers!

“She’s always there, she’s the person you can always call.”

Here we show you wonderful mother daughter dresses themes and concepts in Ethnic Wear and Party Wear from wherein you can choose your look and style.

1. The Peacock Shades in Mother Daughter Dresses

A perfect combination is a palette of peacock purples, greens and blues with a tinge of sizzling pinks and golds and huge latkans in lehengas, stitched sarees, or skirty silhouettes can make you both look prepossessing and stunning. Just look at this eye-arresting mom and daughter matching outfits below! <3

Mother Daughter Matching Outfits in Ethnic Wear - Peacock Shade Lehengas

Mother Daughter Matching Lehengas


2. The Smart Beige for Matching Mother Daughter Dresses 

You can also follow a super smart pick by choosing the beige or cream combinations white white in an anarkali cut. It is called the “Abstractism Mantra”. This can be during an event where you know the crowd is going to wear blacks and navys but you instead, put on these serene and pure colours that make you both stand out and look perfectly unique!

Here is what I mean. Take a look at matching clothes for mother and daughter in beige!

Mother Daughter Matching Outfits in Ethnic Wear - Beige Anarkalis


3. Sunshine Hues for Mother Daughter Outfits

If your daughter loves to eat oranges and paints a lot of orange on her drawing sheet, it is the perfect moment to just decide that this one is a fantastic theme to work upon in terms of lehenga cholis. Yes I mean the brocaded silks too… Featuring matching mommy and me dresses in sunshine hues below…

Mother Daughter Matching Outfits in Ethnic Wear Designs - Orange Lehengas

Mother Daughter Matching Lehengas2

Mother Daughter Matching Dresses in Yellow

4. Mommy and Me Outfits for Eid

For Eid, you can definitely opt in for tie-and-dyes! Striking lemon yellows and greens, embroidered or printed heavy looking jackets. Sometimes, they can be embroidered on the upper torso and hence they won’t require a jacket in such times. Volume always does not have to mean bouncy and balloony. It can also mean a lot of flare on a straight cut gown like anarkali, like the mother daughter matching outfits below.

Matching Mother Daughter Dresses For EidMatching Mother Daughter Dresses For Eid


5. The Regal Gold for Mother and Baby Matching Outfits

If you and your notty dotty want to look heavenly queenish, mother daughter matching dresses in gold or coppery coloured skirted concepts and fluffy lehengas are the best way to realize rather materialize the same… We love these Mommy and me outfits! 😉

Mother Daughter Matching Outfits in Ethnic Wear Designs - Gold Lehengas

Mother Daughter Matching Outfits in Ethnic Wear Designs - Party Wear Lehengas


6. Matching Mother Daughter Pretty Pink Sarees

The love for pinks by Mothers and Daughters alike, will never fade! Pretty pink mom and me sarees and half-sarees make both the mother and daughter look cute and adorable together! We heart it <3

Mother Daughter Matching Pink SareesMother Daughter Matching Sarees


7. Mother Daughter Matching Ethnic Gowns

If you prefer gowns with an ethnic twist, then these perfect gowns are the obvious selection and you will surely love these well decorated concepts… so both my ladies definitely will look like the prettiest ones in the Universe! Its the Mommy-Daughter Day or Night out.. yeah! !!!! ? And yes, don’t forget to choose a peach or a pink in connection with this range of mother and baby matching outfits!!!

So take your pick from below matching mother daughter outfits, if you are convinced about this segment by now!!

Mother Daughter Matching Gown

Mother Daughter Matching Gowns - Fish Cut

8. The Jewelry Closet

Jewelry is something that will look best if you wear them similar and not the exact matching stuff. It should be worked upon the similar lines. For your daughter, look-wise your jewelry should be similar to you and weight-wise it should be lighter since she is way too gentle and softer than you are.

Select from our drawer below.



Mother Daughter Matching Jewellery

Now for some Hair Jewelry.

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9. The Shoe Rack

Unlike jewelry, I tip you to wear the exact same footwear and look fantastically gorgeous. That’s like the cutest thing to do. 🙂

Here I come up with some specimens on the same context below.

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Time for me to go to the party and I’m just going to wait to see you and your notty dotty wearing just like mommy hottest attires and accessories! So, there I go! Shall see you there in cute matching outfits soon!!!

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