10 Ways to Rock Aztec Prints with a Desi Twist!

Aztec Prints are the latest fashion statement for preppy and bold women!  They are crazy, expressive and owing to their tapestry of various colors and textures, and carry a prominent line placement. These prints can be paired with virtually anything. So apart from being style savvy, you can also save a lot of time with time!

Originating from the pre-Columbian culture of central Mexico, Aztec prints are heavily influenced by the lifestyle and Gods of the people devoted to nature. Their art is very lifelike and represents several motifs and concoction of textures!

Well, now that you got your history clear, let’s steer towards the future, ‘cuz that’s what the fashion du jour is going to be about in the early 2016! They have made a comeback this time around after being a huge rage in the year 2012.

They are being incorporated in our Indian wardrobe too with the immense grace and femininity. Although being no-brainer to style, you must ensure that your ensemble is balanced to avoid looking overboard! So if your clothes are what you have chosen to carry the prints, then opt for neutral color footwear and accessories.

Let us take a look at how to sport the trendy Aztec Prints in Ethnic Wear without making any fashion faux paus!


1. Aztec Print Blouses

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Saree Blouse

Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com


There is just no end to how one can design their blouses, amirite? 😉 So it was obviously the first choice to experiment the Aztec Prints with in ethnic vogue! When Aztec Prints and blouses are combined, they can serious amp up your style quotient without having to worry about adding any other accessory!


2. Aztec Lehenga

Aztec Prints : Aztec Lehenga



Aztec Prints : Aztec Lehenga in mirror work

Aztec Prints : Aztec Lehenga in mirror work

Aztec Prints : Aztec Ethnic Wear - Lehengas, Sarees and Anarkalis


Try aztec prints and turn them around with a “desi” twist. These international trends can be merged with homegrown material by merging aztec prints into mirror embroidery with subtlety of Kutch, that results in glamorous fusion wear. Take a look at the mirror work lehengas, sarees and anarkalis above done in the aztec way! We totally love it!


3. Aztec Print Saree

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Sarees

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Sarees

Sarees will never, ever, ever go out of an Indian woman’s closet. It just isn’t possible. But while the attire is going to stay for probably centuries to come, you can always play around with the designs and textures. Shruthi Hassan, Shilpa Shetty, Soha Ali Khan and our ultimate fashionasta, Sonam Kapoor know how to spruce up sarees with Aztec Prints! They make you look very powerful and confident!


4. Aztec Print Kurtis

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Kurtis

Kurtis are Indian women’s BFF as they can be worn to anyplace, ranging from college to workplace and even while going out for shopping. Aztec Prints on Kurtis just render our all-time favorite garment an element of fresh air! One thing to keep in mind is that while wearing this trend to your workplace, you might want to tone down the colors and intricacies of patterns.


5. Aztec Print Jacket

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Jackets


Image Courtesy: High  Heel Confidential


Jackets are absolutely timeless. Got a plain, boring top? Or the deep neck is bothering you a bit? The answer to both is a kick-ass jacket. And to spruce up the jackets a tad more, amalgamate the beauty of Aztec art with their adaptable function! What next? You are all set to make heads turn around at you in appreciation!


6. Aztec Print Leegings

Aztec Print Leegings look best with solid colored plain tops or tunics and paired with boots. Try a front slit maxi top over these leggings to add extra oomph to your look.

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Leggings with Solid Coloured Plain Tops

Aztec Prints : Aztec print Leggings with Boots

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Leggings with Front Stit Tops


7. Aztec Print Handbags

Aztec Prints : aztec print clutch violet street

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Bags

                                                              Image Courtesy: Bellaandbags, Wheretogetit

Handbags! Sigh. We do not show gratitude to them with style as more often than not the only factor we are concerned about is the space. But don’t you think that Aztec Printed handbags look uber-funky and cool? They can make you look stylish in a jiffy and transform even your dullest garment into runway material!

8. Aztec Print Sunglasses

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Sunglasses

Yes, yes. We are all guilty of wearing sunglasses for style reasons that to actually protect our eyes from the sun. And the quest to make our lovelies even more stylish, you can buy the ones with the quirky Aztec Prints on them!

9. Aztec Print Scarves

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Scarves

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Scarves

When you see global fashion icons like Blake Lively and Kendall Jenner sporting the same trend, know that you NEED NEED to have them in your closet! Aztec Printed scarves are probably the safest choice for those women who want to join this trend but are also apprehensive of their bold nature. You can scarves any way you want according to your comfort level. While we see the celebs in this pic with mostly Black and White, you can go crazy with just about any hue you are fond of, and still look jaw-dropping!

10. Aztec Print Footwear

Aztec Prints : Aztec Print Shoes

Aztec Prints on footwear makes you look ultra-chic and classy! They instill you with dollops of poise and fortitude to take over the world in complete panache!

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