10 Must-Have Blouse Embroidery Designs

Sarees and embroideries, two words that blend like milk and water. We all have our own set of embroidery favorites and the beauty of sarees adorned with embroideries is unparalleled. An embroidered blouse that goes well with the saree border or pallu is the ultimate saree goal! With a plethora of embroidery works like Kantha, Kutch, Shisha and many more, there is no limitation to the looks to choose from, ultimately giving embroidered pieces a place high on the fashion pedestal. Here is a collection of the most popular blouse embroideries from this year’s fashion weeks that could inspire your next ethnic numbers

1. Hand Embroidery Designs for Blouse

Hand embroidery designs for blouses come in a variety of designs varying from floral to geometrics, intricate designs to huge bold motifs, traditional paisleys to contemporary artwork, are one of the most popular looks to be paired with sarees. Depending on the color scheme you could pair it up with bold or subtle makeup and going for bright makeup with muted colors and vice versa. Also, you could accessorize with similarly embroidered clutch to complete the look.

Hand Embroidery - Blouse Embroidery Designs


2. Bead Embroidery Designs for Blouse

The toil with beads begins at a young age when we string together little bracelets and chains and it goes on to become a full-fledged embroidery love as every dress could be adorned with these little guys. Beadwork embroidered blouses have their own story that does not need any back up with a saree, these are fashion statements on its own, as shown by the design goddess Anamika Khanna. Her collection featured beadwork blouse jackets and crop tops, all of which incredibly stunning.

Bead work embroidery - Blouse Embroidery Designs


3. Crewel Embroidery Designs for Blouse

This embroidery done with wool reminds us of the golden era of English clothing, adorned with tiny patterns that combine to form an entire surface ornamentation. Quite the beauty, delicate, and exquisite, the sheer brings out the intricate forms and skin against flowers is lovely. Choose this look for a special occasion and dazzle in the demure beauty of crewel with sheer. Accessorize heavily as bold works with dainty and pile up hair in a brilliant updo. These are perfect as blouse designs for net sarees!

Crewel Embroidery - Blouse Embroidery Designs


4. Goldwork Embroidery Designs for Blouse

Miles of miles of metallic yarn, gleaming and glinting as the light reflects off its surface, an ethnic dream. Goldwork embroidered blouses is perfect for Indo Western looks that fuse style and traditions to bring out an exquisitely crafted outfit. Pair subtle colors with the metallic works to emphasize the gorgeous patterns.

Goldwork emboidery - Blouse Embroidery Designs


5. Kantha Embroidery Designs for Blouse

This thread embroidery is gorgeousness in a subtle form. Intricate thread work highlighted in the bright colored yarns against rich fabrics makes Kantha thread embroidery blouse designs a traditionally beautiful work of art. Wear this blouse and the saree could be simple chiffon drape and you would still look dazzling! Pair it up with an embellished clutch and you are good to go.

Kantha Embroidery - Blouse Embroidery Designs


6. Kutch Embroidery Designs for Blouse

The love for Gujarati garbs doesn’t end with mirrors, there is Kutch embroidery with glorious geometric patterns stitched on the fabrics that flow and twirl. It looks stunningly beautiful much like the colorful Gujarati culture. Kutch embroidered blouses can be paired with sarees with mirror work and accessorized with black metal jewelry, and also be adorned with silver accessories.

Kutch Embroidery - Blouse Embroidery Designs


7. Cut Work Embroidery Designs for Blouse

Who wants straight hemlines when it can be cut along the contours of the design? Featuring cut work embroidered blouses that look like gorgeous artworks in themselves. The blouse looks fab hence does you, these statement blouses do not need much accessorizing as they already look grand. Add some colors with makeup and this blouse can easily carry off any saree!

Cut Work embroidery - Blouse Embroidery Designs


8. Sequins Embroidery Designs for Blouse

All things glittery are a girl’s best friend. Well, mostly. And sequins is the one stop for getting all the glam you can while sticking to the basics. Not too heavy, not too bold and not at all difficult to carry, sequins is made for everyone. And sequins embroidered blouses are an absolute statement if fashion weeks were anything to go by. Delicate yet striking, intricate sequins work blouse designs could instantly brighten up any monotonous saree and ultimately you too. So go on throw some glitter on yourself with sequins blouses!

Sequins work - Blouse Embroidery Designs


9. Shisha Embroidery Designs for Blouse

Mirror mirror on the wall……in this case it would on the blouses! Shisha embroidered blouses are one of the top selected picks when it comes to ethnic fashion in India. Every girl invariably own a piece of dress gilded with mirror work. It looks fabulous and even if you just put it on without any hairdo or makeup, you would still be glamorous! Kidding, makeup, and hair do always helps. Always, if you do it right. So go on ladies, pick a fab shisha blouse and get ready to turn some heads. For more inspiration on these blouse designs, head to our blog on mirror work blouse designs!

Shisha Embroidery - Mirror Work - Blouse Embroidery Designs


10. Zardosi Work Blouse Designs

Zardosi, the one piece of art that looks just as exotic as it sounds. The name itself is so regal! And boy does it look regal! This works of art and I specify art since this embroidery doesn’t just look like embroidery, it looks grand with all the stones stiched on the plush fabrics is perfect for your embroidered blouse. Any occasion that requires looking marvelous, which most of the occasions do, you could pick a zardosi blouse and pair it up with a gorgeous saree and be ready to rock Indian ethnic. Also, wear a nath and a bindi and the eyes I’ll be on you.

Zardosi - Blouse Embroidery Designs
You would be spoiled for choice when it comes to embroidered blouses, so go ahead and get inspired by our cherished fashion weeks to pick your looks. And on the happy note of looking fab, we wish a very happy 2016!

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