9 Blouse Neck and Blouse Back Designs Trending Now!

Designer blouses are the ultimate deal-breaker in an Indian ensemble. The good blouses can instantly get you in fashion limelight and the awkward ones will set you apart from the crowd, but well, for unpleasant reasons! Although they are one of the most timeless elements in Indian wardrobe, it is mainly the style you wear it in and the designs they manifest that gets them going down the fashion line since the time immemorial. Stylish ethnic blouses have an ability to transform even the most basic of your outfits into a red carpet material! It is really of no surprise that they are hailed as the heart of Indian attires! There are several blouse neck and blouse back designs that can be incorporated in blouses to make you in vogue and look chic. To save your time and energy, we have put down some of the trendiest saree blouse neck designs and back neck blouse designs for you!


1. Halter Blouse Neck and Blouse Back Designs

Halter Neck Blouse : blouse neck and blouse back designs

Halter Neck Blouse

Halter Neck Blouse Backless Blouse

Halter Neck Velvet blouse neck and blouse back designs

Halter Neck blouses give a contemporary flair to your traditional outfit. These blouse neck patterns are essentially designed in a way that your back holds the front of your blouse, usually with the help of straps or laces. There are no arm holes in Halter Necks, making your arm movement easy. You are guaranteed to look sexy and ravishing at every event with these blouses!

String styled blouses are more or less the classic backless blouse with strings behind. They recently made a comeback in Indian fashion after being a rage in the 90’s Bollywood era. These types of blouses can be worn for weddings or grand parties. Depending upon your personal comfort, there could be one or more number of strings.


2. Boat Neck Blouses

Boat Neck BlouseBoat Neck Blouse


Boat Neck Blouse

Boat Neck Blouses are gaining immense popularity, courtesy their extremely versatile nature! Whether you want to wear them at work or rock at an Indian gathering, they will make you look very elegant! Because it covers both the ends of the shoulder, you need not worry whether it will suit your body shape or not.


3. Asymmetrical Neck Blouses

Asymmetrical Off Shoulder Neck Blouse

These types of blouses usually run diagonally from one shoulder to another, evolving from the outdated off-shoulder kind. Compared to the latter, asymmetrical blouse neck designs boast of greater variety of fusions and cut works.


4. High Collar Neck Blouses

High Collar Neck Blouse

High Neck Blouse

A high collar is really what it takes to amp up your complete sophistication factor. They simple blouse back neck designs make you look bold and powerful, while also adding immense feminine verve to your attire.


5. Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Peterpan collar blouses render you a unique blend of vintage-girly-quirky poise. These saree blouse back neck designs make anyone look fun and confident without having to don a lot of accessories.


6. Jacket Style Blouse

Jacket BlouseJacket Style blouse are gradually gaining a high voltage momentum courtesy their immense comfort and style. You can pair them up with just about anything, saree or lehenga, and they won’t let your trend quotient down.


7. Backless Blouses

Backless Blouse


Backless blouses are for the fun and sexy women who are not afraid to flaunt their beautiful backs. They are uber-fashionable and will never go out of style. Earlier, this type of blouse was highly limited to high-end models and celebs, but over the time it has reached the general mass as well.


8. Knotted Blouse

Knotted Backless Blouse


Knotted Backless Blouse

Knotted Blouse

Knotted blouses are for our gorgeous bold ladies who love to bare their backs, but still want to leave something to the imagination! The knots can be worn in patches or threads, depending upon the comfort of the wearer.


9. Sheer Blouse

Sheer Blouse

Sheer Blouse Design

This genius trend is for all those ladies who want to show-off their skin, whilst at the same time keep some to themselves. Just like the backless blouses, even the sheer ones are climbing up the ladder of every woman’s wardrobe.

These some of the trending saree blouse designs front and back! We hope you got some inspiration from these for you next blouse!



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