13 Worst Dressed Celebrities & Fashion Faux Pas of 2015!

It’s December! And we love December. We can be the nastiest and yet be in a festive mood. December is always the time to look back and see what we did, how we fared and what we couldn’t do in the year gone by! We, at VS, love to do a round up of the worst possible fashion faux pas of the year gone by! Now, 2015 was actually a pretty decent year when it comes to Bollywood fashion. Most of our stars have super talented stylists who make sure that the divas look great! Well, most of the times. The highlight of the year has to be Sonam’s Ellie Saab gown, whose memes went viral! Let’s take a look at the worst dressed celebrities, the actors who failed to impress us with the ensembles, once or more than that, in 2015. The Fashion disasters of 2015 are :

  1. Sonam Kapoor : And the award goes to Sonam! The feathery Ellie Saab gown was definitely the biggest faux pas of 2015! The memes didn’t stop for months! The Pink lips didn’t help either ( Only Sunny can rock them 😉 )The second bummer was the the Stella McCartney suit. The pants, ew. The cleavage show with your dad standing next to you, ew. The color, eww. Too much make-up, ew. Was definitely not a good look from the diva!
     Worst Dresses Celebrities - Sonam Kapoor in Ellie Saab gown Worst Dresses Celebrities - Sonam Kapoor in Stella McCartney suitWorst Dresses Celebrities - Sonam Kapoor in Stella McCartney suit
  2. Alia Bhatt : We loved her looks, all through the year. We have definitely forgiven her for Shandaar. But the Bhatt girl was still mourning, I guess, when she wore this! For starters. I can’t seem to notice anything beyond the bronzer!
    Worst Dresses Celebrities - Alia Bhatt
  3. Deepika Padukone: The almost always impeccably dressed lady, wore the denim on denim trend with matching prints on the shirt and jeans, for a press conference! We wouldn’t have thought much about the outfit, if it would have been a jumpsuit, but given a choice, why would anyone pair these together! Dippy loves white, but this white dress by Rutu Neeva didn’t quite make us fall in love with her. The fit, the sleeves, the oxblood lips and the animal print pumps. Too much? The dress looks as if it wasn’t meant to be an off-shouldered one, but the sleeves just slipped!
    Worst Dresses Celebrities - Deepika Padukone Worst Dresses Celebrities - Deepika Padukone in White Dress by Rutu Neeva
  4. Aishwarya Rai : Those necklaces with knee length boots and a bun? What was she even thinking. This is such an ill put look. Her face, with the bun, is so saree ready. The jeggings with the shirt would have looked good with pumps. What’s the boots even doing here? Lose the necklaces too! Arrgh!
    Worst Dresses Celebrities - Aishwarya Rai
  5. Tabu : The shimmery Gaurav Gupta gown didn’t make Tabu look glamorous or stylish. We love her. Why would she put us through this? Tabu wore a drapey shimmery blue Gaurav Gupta gown to the Filmfare Glamor and Style award 2015(irony?) A bad pick indeed.
    Worst Dresses Celebrities - Tabu in Gaurav Gupta Gown
  6. Huma Qureshi :  From the drape to the barely there blouse, everything was a disaster. The Shivan and Narresh sari was a nice pick, but the way Miss Qureshi styled it, wasn’t that great. The tightly tied hair and the drape and the arms, especially!
    Worst Dresses Celebrities - Huma Qureshi in Shivan and Narresh Sari
  7. Kajol : We love her, we loved her, and we will continue to love her, But the Rocky S golden gown with a belt was the worst choice. Hopefully, she changed her stylist after this! Even her hair looks messy. Too much gold, eh?
    Worst Dresses Celebrities - Kajol in Rocky S at Screen Awards 2015
  8. Neha Dhupia : Not one, but twice. Neha Dhupia took draping the bed sheet very seriously. Though I like the first one( it’s Anamika Khanna!), the second one is out of the world. Going edgy once, on the red carpet, is interesting, but twice might just be a little risky! Whe do you guys think?
    Worst Dresses Celebrities - Neha Dhupia in Anamika Khanna Worst Dresses Celebrities - Neha Dhupia
  9. Ameesha Patel : Tame Ameesha Patel and wrap her in net. This is what you get. Also, put layers of tacky make-up!
    Worst Dresses Celebrities - Ameesha Patel at 21st Life OK Screen Awards Red Carpet
  10. Richa Chadha : What happens when you try to stuff your assets into something a size smaller? This happens! She had worn this at the Marrakech Film Festival. Don’t want this to happen especially when it is an Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla Ensemble
    Worst Dresses Celebrities - Richa Chadda in Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla at Marrakech Film Festival
  11. Shruti Haasan : Shruti Haasan looks ready to break into a mono-circus-act in this blue outfit. What was she thinking? The high pony, the shimmer, the shimmer (can’t seem to look beyond the sequins) and the wrap on top. She somehow looks like a peacock trying to find it’s way!
    Worst Dressed Celebrities - Shruti Hassan at Srimanthudu Audio Release Function
  12. Rhea Chakraborty : And the tackiest lehenga award to goes to Rhea Chakraborty! The dupatta, the lehenga and the hair. All bad. A bad day for the lady.
    Worst Dressed Celebrities - Rhea Chakraborty
  13. Tamannaah : If you wanna see a lot of sheer on the red carpet, look no further. The volume and the sheerness of the gown made even Tamannaah feel uncomfortable, I guess! Isn’t the outfit ‘too-much-skin-show’?
    Worst Dressed Celebrities - Tamannaah At South IIFA Utsav
    Hopefully. 2016 will be a better year, when it comes to fashion. We understand that the divas try real hard to look good, all the time, and they do. With changing fashion trends, it is difficult to keep up to it. And this year, clearly belonged to Sonam, Deepika and Kajol for being the worst dressed celebrities! Let’s see who becomes the next, most stylish diva, the next year! Till then, keep reading and keep shopping!

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