Kurti Patterns: The Best Trends of 2016

Kurtis are the most indispensable part of any woman’s wardrobe. Comfort and ease of wearing aside, kurtis are so versatile that they can be teamed up with almost anything – long skirts, palazzo pants, leggings, jeans, patiyala pants, churidar bottoms and so on. Of course, like any fashion attire, kurtis get makeovers every season in the fashion world.

The year 2016 is no different. What with the celebs of tinsel town stepping out in new and glamorous kurtis, the designers decided to kick start their own new and fresh collections. So what are the latest kurti patterns taking over the Indian fashion world right now? Let’s have a look at some of those new patterns of kurtis.

1. The Front Buttons style Kurti Patterns

Shirt Style Kurta

Front buttons are simply beautiful, and add that extra “oomph” factor to the whole look especially on long kurti designs in a front buttoned down silhouette. This season, more and more designers are using big, bold and quirky buttons to add that extra dimension to their kurti patterns. From large and circular, from bedazzled gems to embellished stones, the experimentation with buttons has ranged from slightly crazy to stunningly pretty. These latest kurta designs for women are definitely in our style radar!

2. The Front Slit Kurti Patterns

Front Slit Kurti

How to make slits newer and sexier? Simple, put them in the front of long straight kurtis! The latest designer kurti patterns involve this bold fashion move, wherein, some latest kurti designs take it one step further by midrib revealing pattern and incorporating bold geometric layering and patterns. It is just the right combination of modern, edgy, regal and traditional. Don’t you agree?

3. The Western Inspired Kurti Patterns

Western Style Kurtas and Kurtis

One of the most popular patterns for kurtis in 2015-16 have been heavily inspired from Western cuts, fabrics and designs. This means the indian kurtis designs have become bolder and slightly edgier, involving concepts from abstract art, unique colour combinations, the combination of the oriental with the western and patterns as well as quirky cuts. For the ladies who love to make head turns, these new patterns of kurtis are just the thing for you!

4. The Jacket style Kurti Patterns

Jacket Style Kurta

When Alia Bhatt recently wore a printed ethnic jacket over her designer kurti to a recent red carpet event, people simply could not stop talking about it. So, the designers decided to take a leaf out of her book and created a similarly inspired look, which consist of patterns for kurtis with bold and solid colour, paired with an ethnic jacket printed in traditional Indian patterns, be it bright and colourful geometric shapes, animal prints, mangoes and so on. Of course, these fashionable kurti pattern is must try for the all of the gypsy souls out there.

5. The High Low Kurti Patterns

High Low Kurta

Recently, fashion stores and high end boutiques saw a steady rise in the popularity of the “high low” dresses. So if Indian women were buying high low dresses, perhaps the designers thought, why not have high low kurtis?! The high low pattern of kurti has recently become a personal favourite because of its unique cut, which allows for it to be worn with any type of bottom, pants, jeans or patialas. Also, more and more designers are experimenting with this style to incorporate more complexity. For instance, layered high low kurti styles are a favourite among our Bollywood celebrities.

6. The Fish Cut Kurti Patterns


If the high low cut has made it to this list, can the fish cut be far behind? Known for its unique and complementary fashion cut, the fish cut has seen a glaring success in the year 2016, on both the red carpet as well as the ordinary world. Done with prints, beads, lace, cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, zari work as well as embellishments, this pattern of kurti is here to stay.

Choose among these new kurti patterns and designs to stand out in the crowd! Also, get some inspiration on neck patterns on our blog on kurti neck designs.

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