Kajol in Dilwale : Stunning, Beautiful and Ethereal!

I can neither stop humming the song Gerua, nor can I stop watching the video! For all those who thought Gerua is just two actors posing in front of Windows wallpapers, you should watch the Making of the song. The breathtaking locations are for real and the gorgeous couple looks like a dream! I think my love for Kajol is becoming stronger and it might just overpower the love I have for SRK. I know this is true for most of us! Kajol is looking stunning in Gerua and whatever stills we have from the movie, she looks amazing! Whoever is responsible for such a glam make-over, deserves a jadoo ki jhappi!

Just take a look at her! Kajol has never looked this stunning before, than she is looking in Dilwale.

Kajol in Gerua : Skirts, gowns and sarees! She wears all of them so well! My favorite is the white and blue striped skirt with the navy shirt! And the golden saree! Wow!  Kajol is bringing the skirt with long flowy skirts, back. The black and orange gown is beautiful! So, women, if you wanna look like Kajol, buy yard and yard of fabric! The blue sunglasses look sexy! #SRKlove 😉

Checkout some exclusive stills from the song! Doesn’t Kajol look resplendent?!

The Beige Saree : Call it nude, call it golden or beige. There is no denying the fact that Kajol looks best in this one. The sequin blouse looks almost perfect with the saree and there is something magical about the hair color and waves!

Kajol in Beige Saree, Gold Blouse Gerua DilwaleKajol in Beige Saree, Gold Blouse Gerua DilwaleKajol in Beige Saree, Gold Blouse Gerua Dilwale

The Yellow Saree : Another favorite is this one. Yellow is color, Kajol wears often. I still remember the ‘Kahin pe Nigahein, Kahin pe Nishaana’ scene of DDLJ, where she wears a beautiful yellow churidar! Notice how she has kept the make-up minimal and accessories nil!

Kajol in Yellow Saree in Gerua Song DilwaleKajol in Yellow Saree in Gerua Song Dilwale

The Red Saree : Look at that blouse! I am in love with the blouse! Kajol in Gerua song looks enchanting, that’s a known fact. Kajol looks best in sarees, is another very well known fact! But, I still can’t move on from the blouse.

Kajol in Red Saree Blouse in Gerua Song DilwaleKajol in Saree Blouse in Gerua Song Dilwale

The Black Gown : Although the gown has that much fabric that you can make a tent out of it, yet it looks very comfortable and surreal! Needless to say that Kajol rocks it! Black and orange is a combination, that I am gonna invest in 😉 Are you thinking of doing the same?

Kajol in Black Gown in Gerua Song DilwaleKajol in Black Gown in Gerua Song Dilwale

The Striped Skirt : Oh wait, did I already pick my favorite? This has to be the one! And the best thing about this look is, it is so wearable. The sheer shirt looks sexy and the skirt is beautiful. Although, how does she not go blue with cold!!

Kajol in Gerua Song Making Video, Kajol in Stripe Blue Skirt in Gerua Song DilwaleKajol in Gerua Song Making Video

The Shirt with Skirt Look : The other shirt with skirt look also looks pristine. This skirt has a little ethnic feel, with all the embroidery. Also notice the color combination. The only accessory is the belt. She looks great in this black-shirt-red-skirt outfit.

Kajol in Maroon Skirt in Gerua Song DilwaleKajol in Maroon Skirt in Gerua Song Dilwale

More Looks from the Movie : Skirts are back. Take it from Kajol, skirts of any length, midi, maxi, flared or tulips, with shirt or solid tops and a pair of hot gladiators for your feet, and you would be next superstar! I also saw her pair the maxi flared skirts with boots! Hot!

Kajol in Printed Skirt in Dilwale

Kajol in Skirt in Dilwale

Kajol in Dilwale in Skirt and Red Off Shoulder Top

Kajol in Dilwale in a Printed Shirt Dress


The Gowns in Janam Janam Song: We are also loving her looks from the latest “janam janam” song, especially the thigh-high slit sequins black gown in a nostalgic setting under the chandelier <3

Kajol in Janam Janam Song in Dilwale2Kajol in Janam Janam Song in Dilwale3Kajol in Dilwale in Blue Gown in Janam Janam Song2Kajol in Dilwale in Blue Gown in Janam Janam Song3


Back to “Saree” in Tukur Tukur Song: Kajol is looking incredible in both the Shocking Pink Saree and Black Saree in the latest song. We love the corset blouse and especially the back! 😉

Kajol in Pink Saree in Tukur Tukur Song in DilwaleKajol in Pink Saree in Tukur Tukur Song in Dilwale5Kajol in Pink Saree in Tukur Tukur Song in Dilwale2Kajol in Pink Saree in Tukur Tukur Song in Dilwale4Kajol in Black Saree in Tukur Tukur Song in DilwaleKajol in Black Saree in Tukur Tukur Song in Dilwale2

Kajol at Dilwale Song Launch : Kajol wore a Gauri and Nainika dress for one song launch and Luisa Beccaria jumpsuit for another. She rocked both the looks. If I would have to pick, the latter one was better!
Kajol in Dilwale Promotionskajol at dilwale gerua song launch

Kajol in UK for Promotions : King Khan and the DIlwale team is leaving no stone unturned. The entire team is in UK promoting the movie. For Day 1, Kajol wore a high neck dress with a top knot bun. She looked good!

Kajol in Dilwale Promotions

Kajol at a black-tie event : Kajol wore a black gown by John Paul Ataker, for an all black promo event! She looked amazing! She looked rather hot! We would have loved the hair even more, if it would have been tied up. Nevertheless, she looks great!
Kajol in Dilwale Promotions Kajol in Dilwale PromotionsKajol in Dilwale Promotions in a Black Outfit

Kajol in Nupur Kanoi : For a special episode of Saas Bahu and Saazish, Kajol dressed up in a Nupur Kanoi wrap skirt with a jacket. The color looks pretty on her and she rocked the outfit!
Kajol in nupurkanoi outfit and amrapalijewels for Dilwale PromotionsAirport Style : Even her airport style seems to undergone a make-over! She wore an all-black outfit recently. Looks very comfortable! Loving the shoes!Airport Spotting, Kajol arrives in London for Dilwale promotions

In Comedy Nights with Kapil : Now we all know that ShahRukh and Kapil share a mutual admiration cycle. They promote each others’ movie, whole-heartedly. SO, Dilwale cast had to be on the sets of CNWK- Comedy Nights with Kapil! And as Gerua is like the most popular song of this year(yes already) ,Kajol chose to wear a gerua ASOS dress! She definitely looked pretty! Gerua suits her, just fine! We can guess from the pic, that they had a blast shooting the episode!
Kajol and Shahrukh Khan on the sets of Comedy Nights with Kapil

Dubai International Film Festival : At the recently held Dubai International Film Festival, Kajol looked stunning in a GeorgesChakra navy gown! The make-up was just apt and the hairstyle was drool worthy!

Dilwale Press Meet in Mumbai: Kajol was spotted in a Pankaj & Nidhi Nude Outfit which is a top with high slits and pants. Although we don’t like the pants, we love the nude on her!

Kajol in Dilwale Promotions in Pankaj and Nidhi Outfit


Kajol in Red : Not only black, blue, yellow and nude, Kajol wore a red Swapnil Shinde dress for a round of promotions in Dubai. And she looked red hot! She looked amazing! Love the fit of the dress and the color on her!

Kajol in Swapnil Shinde

Kajol in Swapnil Shinde

Kajol in Swapnil Shinde

Kajol in Swapnil Shinde

So, like all fans, even I can’t wait to watch Dilwale! Srk and Kajol together, is enough reason to watch the movie. Here’s wishing team Dilwale, all the very best from Team EthnicDaily!


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    I want the kajol’s maron/red skirt in gerua od dilwale
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    Kindly i m cregy about that skirt plzzzz

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