Yaar ki Shaadi : 8 Dresses to Wear to a Wedding!!!

Hello friends out there!! I mean the WOMANIYA TROOP of sissies and best friends who just have their besty’s wedding coming up and are confused on what dresses to wear!! A little bit of postmortem and categorisation rather segmentation of the typos!! First up, there is no fixed die hard rule for getting dressed for her. Choose it on the basis of how your personality is! You might want to wear something as grand as the bride, or you might want to keep it as subtle as the bride’s great granny, sweety!!! That is the concept. So, here I am! There to explain you the categories on a more generalised format for all you ladies out there to be able to cohesively correlate to the same. Here are the best dresses to wear to a wedding…

Now keep your fingers crossed and keep reading.

  • TYPE 1 – Holy Trinity – The ravishing and pious white, beige or peach lehenga dresses for sure is the new thing in the trend for shadis. By white I necessarily don’t mean minimalist only!!! It can be grand, or simple, embroidered or else NOT, with a contrasting blouse or the white-on-white concept!! Same is the story of a beige or peach…

Lets see the ones to follow to understand in detail as to what I mean above…

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - LehengaDresses to Wear to a Wedding - Lehenga

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Lehenga Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Lehenga

  • TYPE 2 – The Traditional Opulence – An all time traditional fun is in the colour of pinks and orange. This one is always a fantabulous and pretty thing to do. In the time of today, there are embellished, embroidered, printed, embroidered+printed, or even plains with wide gota patti pinks and oranges worn. As a trendsetter, you must look and feel stylish all the time during the event. Be it even when you just laugh your heart out sitting next to the bride while busy eating the starters and gossiping about another one sitting right there…

Check out these dresses to follow…

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Lehenga Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Lehenga

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Lehenga Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Lehenga

  • TYPE 3 – The Funky Risk Taker – This segment is the one that chalks out the cream of funky, super fun and amazingly differentiated girls out there who believing in doing the newest stuff possible by wearing nothing but the latest be it how challenging it may be since they know they can carry these dresses off pretty well !!

Let the pictures in the same context do the talking themselves below.. featuring this stunning denim tied and dyed embellished lehengas and the sequinned lehenga done on a white.. Aren’t they simply awesome!?

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Denim Lehenga Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Lehenga

  • TYPE 4 – The Maximalist –  Now , its time for me to put some light on the not-to-forget “Jacketed” and “Layered” Anarkali outfits or dresses that work fashionably outstanding for women who keep moving, dancing, jumping, playing tricky games throughout the show, the entire time!!

You cannot just take your eyes off from the lady wearing any of the mentioned below..

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Jacket Style Lehenga Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Jacket Style Lehenga

  • TYPE 5 – The Limited Edition – Coming to the next slot of dresses which are the stitched lehengas sarees and the draped and stitched sarees that will make you look extremely graceful and elegant. Striking colours are very much in for this kind of a concept by the way! If you love 7 or 9 yards , you might not want to skip the idea of wearing one of these irresistible and arresting dresses to follow , my girls!!

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Saree Gown Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Lehenga Sarees

  • TYPE 6 – The Mood Makers –  Let us get some fresh air now!! Inhale.. exhale.. inhale .. exhale.. stop and look at these breathtaking dresses from the segment of gowns or just this gown looking top and long skirt with a cape to give a gown effect now , especially if you have a catholic wedding to attend or if you want to break the monotony in a typical North Indian Punjabi Wedding by just keeping it simple and pleasant to everyone’s eyes and stand out from the crowd..

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Indian GownsDresses to Wear to a Wedding - Cape Gowns

  • TYPE 7 – If it is a pure and silent morning wedding south and you want to keep it crisp, clean, yet shiny and aesthetically appealing to the eyes watching you, then you surely should be optiing for the white and gold saree combo which is always a beguiling classic base !! Sometimes, a “JACKETED” saree does amazingly sexy too..

You surely need to see these classic , smart pieces that follow for you to decide and act upon it , 😉 :*

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Saree Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Saree with Jacket Style Blouse

TYPE 8 – All About The Swag –  Finally, time to come to the closet containing the hot and sexy outfits that will definitely make you look a smashing knockout lady at your betsy’s wedding. No one will be able to take their eyes off you when you choose to put this on, walk ahead and then just turn around to see these eyes that compliment you during every nano-second throughout the ceremony!! I promise you woman!! :*  It can be a sarong like draped thing, an asymmetrically embellished hot gown, a black thing, a sexy back thing!! Have a look at these and take a pick!

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Indian Gowns Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - cream embellished gown 

Dresses to Wear to a Wedding - Indian Ethnic Gown

I’m sure you are sorted now and have taken your pick now by selecting the style you want to flaunt a the wedding ceremony and make your besty say “Oh! my God, its my wedding and you can’t look this gorgeous! ” 🙂 😉

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