Get Glocal! The Best Online Clothing Boutiques for Women

“Best Dressed”…What do these two words really mean? Do they just describe beauties from sartorial heaven? No! It’s a theme that colors the way you live, and the way you dress every day. It’s about choices big and small; trying new combinations that alter the landscape of your wardrobe. It’s about a promise to yourself to feel good everyday- that every day will be your best-dressed day.

And who understands this better than Online Clothing Boutiques? They help you bring your clothes come alive. They spell comfort, convenience to shop, fashionable clothing and lots more.

  1. Resort Wear

Beaches to mountains, you need your resort wear whenever and wherever you are vacationing. Clothing d’art that both look good and feel good- makes a winning combination. So, what are you waiting for, shop at Ardeuir and be the Ardeuir Girl.

Bold colors, chic and trendy designs are definitely jaw-dropping. These online designer boutiques are our saviors in every occasion that demands our utmost attention.


  1. Shop at Kanabis for Shoes

Keep it exciting while wearing a Kanabis!

Shoes made up of canvas that is knitted from hemp fiber which comes from cannabis plant. Yes, cannabis plant aka marijuana. That is why they say, wear Kanabis and keep it exciting. It will give you the right high 😉

With every shoe there is an enchanting tale to recite which adds to the charm of comfy and trendy Kanabis shoes. #ecofriendly #animalfriendly, yet #fashionable! That’s Kanabis for you.


  1. Shop at Pralii for Indian and Indo-Western

At Prali, “What you dream, We create”!

Shop at Pralii for Custom made or ready to wear Indian wear ‘coz they know how to get it right with craftsmanship and creativity in Indian attires. They know how to play with fabrics, cuts and drapes like you would with gourmet ingredients in kitchen.

They continue to subvert tradition in a way that’s subtle and effective. So, let Pralli absorb art and design into your wardrobe.



  1. Shop at Indian Bijou for Accessories/Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry in all of its trending designs with opulence of traditionalism is beautifully spelled by Indian Bijou. With Indian Bijou, accessories are added like spices. Taste it, and then it unleashes its royal beauty.

Indian Bijou totally reflects the glocal outlook by being in touch with global trends and yet getting the products manufactured locally by skilled artisans using local and natural materials with sustainable and eco-friendly processes. Global outlook, Cultural heritage, Contemporary Design and Artisan Craftsmanship are its core values.

Shimmer up in dull winters with INDIAN BIJOU!


  1. Shop at IMBA for Clothing

Colorful and vibrant collection at IMBA brings out the best in you. The clothing line based in Mumbai, are known for their hand dyed clothes, designed distinctively for every individual to do justice to your style statement.

We do not have followers of trends anymore. We are now talking about women who look for clothes that articulate their individuality. So Ladies! IMBA will be your right choice.


In the world of fashion, we seldom use the word soulmates. However, every once in a while, a meeting of two great minds make wonders. Shop at these online boutiques for women to find your next soulmate and get ready to be transformed, FOR GOOD!

These trendy clothing boutiques are local, affordable, convenient and oh-so-amazing with their voguish collections that are in-sink with latest global fashion trends. So c’mon ladies, think global and shop local! Go Glocal! Experience shopping with the best designer boutiques online. Happy Shopping 😀

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