Dilwale Trailer is out! Read the exclusive Updates Now!

‘Dil toh har kisike paas hota hain, lekin sab Dilwale nahi hote’ and we are dead! Dilwale Trailer is out and it is making my heart beat faster, much faster when I see Shah Rukh Khan romance Kajol. It never was and it will never be the same with anybody else. I don’t care if it’s going to be another mindless comedy by Rohit Shetty, I don’t care if the cars get more screen time and space than SRK and Kajol, I don’t care if I don’t laugh at some of the jokes, I don’t care if I see everybody, over-act in the movie, I even don’t care if I like the movie or not as long as SRK and Kajol are there in every single frame 🙂 Everybody loves SRK and Kajol, together and individually too! And imagine our surprise when we saw SRK’s tweet to us! It took us a while to realize that it is an auto-generated message, but still a message from SRK made our day! The star-cast does look interesting and we are excited to see the new pair, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.

The trailer launch of the much awaited movie, Dilwale, was held yesterday in Mumbai and it was a sight to behold! Shah Rukh Khan looked as dashing as ever and Kajol looked very pretty.

Kajol in saree :  Kajol has been looking amazing lately, probably she fired her previous stylist. Also, she has lost a lot of weight and is looking gorgeous! In the first scene, she is seen wearing a beige-ish golden saree, immediately the scene shifts to reveal Kajol in a yellow saree. She looks stunning in both the frames! Hopefully, we will have our ‘Suraj Hua Maddham’ part 2 in this movie! I, personally love to see Kajol in sarees. She looks ethereal! Take a look yourselves!
dfg 393613-kajol-dilwale

Kajol and Kriti at the trailer launch : Kajol kept it very simple and stuck to the basic while dressing up for the trailer launch. She wore a black Swapnil Shinde midi dress with ZARA sandals. Her hair was tied neatly into a ponytail. She looked fab!  Kriti chose to wear a short dress by  Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. She looked great too. I guess Kriti was strictly forbidden from wearing heels 😉
dilwale_640x480_81447140388 kajol_640x480_71447131486 dilwale-2

Kajol and Kriti Sanon in Dilwale :  Either it was mandatory for the female starcast to wear skirts or Kriti and Kajol love wearing them. Either ways, we love the way both the stars have been styled in the movie. Kriti is seen wearing mostly what you and I wear, everyday. Ripped Jeans, dungarees, mini skirts and denim jackets. Kajol on the other hand is seen wearing printed midi skirts. I love the Alice + Olivia flared skirt with denim shirt, on Kajol. Also, The gladiator sandals with midi skirt is looking great!


Designer Jackets Kriti SanonDressesCo ords10dilwale726-DilwaleThe wait is killing us, but we don’t have a choice. Here’s wishing Rohit Shetty and team, all the very best. Hope this movie turns out to be another DDLJ! Keep shopping and a very Happy Diwali once again. Check out the trailer @DilwaleTrailer

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