7 Must-have Handbags for Women that We are Crushing on Right Now

Functional, luxurious and a whole lot of fun, handbags for women are always high up on everyone’s shopping list. Adding to the ecstasy, a bohemian edge to my tote love? I’m lovin’ it. And as bonafide bag ladies, we believe that one can never have enough bags! We bring you the head-turning trends in some of the best designer handbags, to give your wardrobe a chic update. Take your addiction up a notch with these gorgeous picks.

1. Bling Love

Classy or kooky, retro or futuristic, designer handbags for women with motifs, stripes, feathers, and other embellishments look electrifying on each and everyone. Opulent and studded bags spell suave fashion. Nothing can look as stunning and chic with your evening wear than one of these bright, shimmery bags.

Bling Love Designer Handbags for Women

Image Source

2. Simplicity Personified

Need something simple for brunch dates? Try something like this chevron pattern printed handbag and your desirability quotient will kick off all the benchmarks. GUARANTEED ‘coz they are Simply Perfecto!

Chevron Pattern Printed Bag, Buy Handbags Online



3. MINI Trooper

Tired of tugging around the whole world in your tote? This might be the perfect way to downsize.

Downsize your bag for a dose of cute in bright hues. These miniature versions of classic styles are perfectly sensible and the lighter options. Handy and Functional 😀

Mint Blue Bag, Best Designer Handbags

4. Go Silk

Leather totes amaze us. Agreed! They are cliched so this fall GO SILK! This beautiful printed handbag is definitely a must-have. We just can’t get enough of this shade.

Silk Designer Tote Handbags from Meera Mahadevia

5. Print Love

Some women don’t need to be tamed as they are meant to run free and such women deserve self-love. So, treat yourself with printed totes ‘coz that’s how pretty lasses should be. Say YES to off-duty chic with this Flamingo printed bag. Easy breezy dressing loves such print love by totes.

Flamingo Printed Designer Tote HandBag

6. Bucket BAGS – The Hot accessory trending the markets!

You really can’t go wrong with a bucket bag this season. Whether your style is biker or bohemian, there is a bucket bag for you! Colors like pink, fuchsia and tangerine generally dominate the color palette of summery totes. Swap those for something dark to go with somber winters.

Pick hues like sunset oranges and moody blues, with a hint of metallic to summarize our dark mood ranging from edgy, rebellious, confident, strong and just a tad wicked 😉 They’ll just sway on you and sweep everyone off their feet!  Make room for these roomy, unfussy and not-too structured bags in your wardrobe NOW!

Bucket Bag


7. Fringe is always ‘In’

Fringed handbags always heat up the bohemian fetish. So trending and so bohemian (Y).

Perfect for a hangout and even a date night. Pair it with a skirt and strappy sandals for a look that’s distinctly flirty or team it up with denim shorts and a top in autumnal hue for a look that’s ooh-la-la 😉

Fringe Bag, Sling Bags for Women

Image Source


Super roomy, unusual ones, shoulder bags, crossbody or designer tote handbags are every girl’s lust. We are proud to be Bagaholic ‘coz they aptly gel well with our personality and complement our frame.

Earn some serious style points with the best designer handbags. Buy handbags online as these top the list of fashion accessories online. Bag it. NOW!

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