Alia’s “Not-So-Shaandaar” Monotonous Style

Shaandaar is out and I am sure most of you have already booked your tickets! Alia looks so fresh and pretty, but Shahid just steals the show. This is one movie where Alia has very tough competition,when it comes to looks! The entire Kapoor khaandaan is featured in this movie, well most of it. What I love about the trailers is the way Alia’s look is styled. She looks young and fun yet subtle.


But, yes, there is always a but! Is it me, or is there anybody else, who thinks Alia Bhatt is trying really hard to look like this chirpy young teen, ALL THE TIME! I love her style and her stylist, but lately, it has become really boring to see her look the same always! This is not what we expect from our fashionista. No more playing safe. It’s time Bollywood’s little girl gets bold and experiments more.

Here are a few looks during the promotions of Shaandaar that would rate average on our fashion scale.  I hope her stylist takes a look at it and wish that she is styled a little differently the next time!

Alia in Bigg Boss : Alia wore a red A.W.A.K.E dress to promote her movie on the sets of Bigg Boss. She shoes are great, but the dress, not so great.




Alia Bhatt on the sets of JDJ : To promote her movie in Jhalak DIkhla Jaa, Alia Bhatt wore an ice-cream print ASOS mini dress. The dress looks a little ill-fitted and the hair too sleek and gelled for a quirky(gone wrong?) outfit!


Alia Bhatt in Kanika Goyal : We have absolutely no complaints about what she is wearing knee up! It’s only the shoes which I didn’t quite get! Why the strappy heels? Why???




Alia in H&M and Topshop : And Forever21 shoes! All of my fav brands and I love what she is wearing, only individually! When put together with the pink lips, it looks very disconnected! Is it just me??


Also, we really wish that Alia changes her stance! In all the pics, she tends to bend one leg at the knee, like always! Just scroll up again, in case you missed 😉

We are sorry Alia, but we expect you to kill it everytime you step out. Being a fashionista is not easy afterall.

Spoiler Alert : Shaandaar isn’t as good as we thought it would be! WTH! right???!!!!

Here’s hoping that Alia’s next would be her best! Till then, happy reading and happy shopping!

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