Sneakers are like Raymond. Everybody loves them. Period. They are practical, ultra comfortable and look stylish without torturing the poor feet. And they are so omnipresent that a world without sneakers is simply unimaginable!

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One of the prime reasons why people adore them so much is due to their perennial evolution and the umpteen fashion milestones made in order to surprise their lovers with every new range.

And yes, they continue to evolve in more than just their appearance. Apart from the well known uses of sneakers, like running, brisk walking and so on, the recent installation of shock absorbents designed to limit harmful impacts of physical activity on the joints has just creamed the already heaping layer of their health benefits.

But why is all of this being told now? Because the runway experts agree with us, too! And their thoughts could not get better resonated than the spectacle that transpired at the New York Fashion Week 2015. The super models stunned the spectators by sporting classy sneakers instead of their usual fiery heels.

So continuing the practice of bringing the latest fashion trends on the frontier, summarized below are the five most sought after types of sneakers in the contemporary fashion market:


Sneakers with Platform Heels


They are a very smart choice for women who want to appear tall without giving away the obvious. You could wear it on a casual short dress or on ripped jeans. Some of the best platform heels hail from Vans Sk8-hi Sneakers range.


Metallic Sneakers

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Metallic sneakers are guaranteed to add a fun finish to your ensemble. Coming in iridescent shades of shimmer and glam, these glistening kicks will get you party ready for crazy nights at the snap of the fingers! And when you pair them up with the good old jeans, they spring you up with attitude. Michael Kors has some of the best metallic sneakers ever!


Low Cut Sneakers


These sneakers are very basic and do not cover your ankles.They make you look proportionate because of their low cut design. You need to make sure that your socks are not visible. Also, You can roll up the ends of your pants a little for a more laid back appearance. Low cut sneakers can be worn on semi formal outfits or yoga pants before you head to the gym. Find the best low cut sneakers at Nike!


The Classic White Sneakers



The past two years have seen a fevering invasion of the white sneakers trend. And because minimalism is the new sexy, these will make you look sophisticated and abreast with fashion. You can wear anything with this and the white color will draw all the flattering attention to your outfit. Reebok stocks up the shiniest white sneakers in their collection.


Slip-on Sneakers


These sneakers are mainly trending because: first, they are ridiculously comfortable and second, as the name suggests, they just slip onto your feet gracefully without having to bend down and deal with the laces.

You can in fact even wear them while commuting to your office so that you are both fashion forward and at peace with your tired feet. Pair them up with boyfriend jeans and accessorize your look with a scarf around the neck. Celine provides the best comfort wear slip-on sneakers.

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