Jewelries hold an extremely esteemed position in the life of a woman, all the more so for an Indian woman. A mother’s chain, a husband’s ring, a daughter’s anklet. These are just some of the instances where jewelry has an important role to play. They are considered auspicious for women, especially during the wedding seasons.

While the importance of ornaments will probably go unobstructed for years to come, their trends are gradually evolving. The old and taken-for-granted ones are making revamped appearances and others are debuting with an embracing response, owing to their modern designs and convenience. Below are some of the trends that are a hit in the fashion industry:

Baal tika



Originating in Pakistan, Baal tikas have been around since decades. But this year we see them making an exuberant comeback. Often arranged a little askew, they are mostly worn alone or paired up with a maang tika (which is worn on the mid hair partition). A lot of models are now wearing them at traditional fashion shows and dazzling everyone with the glittery poise they lend the wearers.

Peacock Motifs


Peacocks epitomize grace and grandeur, so it is of no surprise that a lot of their motifs are being used to craft wedding and heavy traditional ornaments. You can make just about any outfit look rich and sophisticated by wearing peacock jewelries. And the fact that their wings are in multitude of colors gives an extensive scope for imbibing a legion of hues and tones in the designs.

Chains/Neck pieces as head gear

il_fullxfull.93991398 (2)

Who said chains and necklaces can be confined just to your necks? Who said you should just do away or let your ornaments rot in your vanity box once they break? Well, the creative minds certainly did not. You can simply wear a chain or delicate necklaces as headbands or in case of chunky pendants, tie them to a single beaded strand and wear it around your head. You can also combine two or more of your single stranded chains to lend a fresh look to your attire.

Pachchikam Jewelry

Pachchikam jewellery.jpg2


One thing most of the brides despise about jewelries are how they weigh them down on the day of their wedding. But modern women are gradually breaking away from that load by opting for Pachchikam Jewelry. They are hand made, encasing semi-precious stones and glasswork. Families in Kutch and Gujrat specialise in making them. They are lighter in weight compared to the traditional wedding ornaments and its crude-ish appearance is a relief for those women who aren’t really into “girly gold”. And guess what? They are much more affordable than gold!

Floral Designs


A lot of women nowadays are fascinated by floral designs and motifs for their ornaments. With countless shapes, sizes and colors, there really are no boundaries when it comes to choosing your pick. They make you look extremely elegant and dainty. Floral designs can be incorporated into fashion or even traditional regalia to add a feminine touch to your ensemble.

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