Rendezvous With Designer Shravya Varma


Shravya Varma was just 17 when she embarked on her journey in the world of fashion; definitely one of the youngest designers the industry can boast off Shravya, is creative, fun and designs the most gorgeous clothes. Even though she tasted success at a young age of 22, she doesn’t let it get to her.

With a classy boutique in the most happening part of Hyderabad with an elite clientele, this is one designer we need to l With no formal training in as a designer, she has managed to carve a niche for herself.

In conversation with the lovely Shravya

  1. How would you describe your style?

As funny as it sounds, I’m not a very elaborate dresser, I absolutely love Indian wear, and the traditional Churidaar Suits suit me the best. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts and anything flowy yet feminine is my everyday style statement.

  1. What do you think makes your designs unique?

I draw inspiration for my designs from pure art. It might be a unique print or a distintive fabric, anything royal appeals to me the most. I like everything about colours, be it a subtle blend or mix n match. I am usually termed by my friends as a Miss Mix & Match queen.

My designs are simple with a unique element in them. A pastel dress with bright buttons, mix and match lehengas. I don’t stick to a season, I design wearable clothing. I don’t follow rules when it comes to fashion. I design clothes which I would wear myself!


  1. What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

My motto is simple – ‘Dress to stand out’! I love to make people look elegant. I think every person has a different personality trait and it is my job is to make women look fabulous, yet classy.

  1. A favourite celebrity, you have designed for, so far.

Female: It has to be Raveena Tandon, she is one the celebs I can boast about. But on a serious note, she was very sweet, an absolute sweetheart with no tantrums. Also, there was a lot of creativity involved while designing for her. It was a great challenge!

Male: It has to be Rana Daggubati, I started styling him four years ago and I had a great time working with him.

At present I am taking care of Ram Gopal Varma’s personal wardrobe. Although he is unconventional, creatively is not much of a challenge, RGV is a super cool genius!


  1. A celebrity, who you want to design for.

Bollywood: Deepika Padukone is a very good muse. Her height, the way she carries Indian clothes, especially the quintessential Saree, is inspiring!

Tollywood:  It has got to be Amla, I personally a huge fan of hers.  My dream is to design a collection inspired by her personality. She is ethereal. She is like an evergreen beauty, very subtle, soft and elegant.

  1. One fashion faux pas you cannot forgive?

I am totally against over accessorizing. A heavy neck piece with huge ear rings along with jazzy clothes is a big turn off.

  1. Please pick a favourite design of yours.

I love sarees. I love half sarees. They are so sensuous. If worn gracefully, any woman would look super sexy in a saree. I recently came across one of my old designs, which Charmee wore. It is my all- time favorite!

  1. Indian/Casual/Formal: Your pick for a work day.

I would generally wear a maxi dress with a jacket. I think a maxi dress with a broad belt also looks equally good.  I hate pants as much as I love skirts.

  1. What is your monsoon style tip?

Gumboots in bright colors, is a must-have, along with short floral dresses and a quintessential umbrella! Gloomy dull colours are an absolute no-no. The brighter your outfit, the better it is! A white smart dress with bright gumboots and transparent umbrella, is an awesome look for a rainy day.

  1. Pick a colour for the following:
  • Gloomy day: Yellow
  • Breakup: Grey and pink together.
  • Cocktail Party: Black
  • Day Wedding: Peach
  • Beach: White with denim shorts
  1. A fashion advice you would want to give our readers?

Always remember it doesn’t depend on a brand or a designer label to make you stand out. All it takes is your confidence and a strong personality to stand out. Even a rice bag paired with a great pair of heels can make you look sexy.

If you think, you can carry off chunky jewelry with bright red lips then go ahead! Be your own stylist. Set a new trend. Don’t be a follower. A Dior dress looks amazing on Victoria Beckham, because she is Victoria Beckham. Don’t let a brand define you. Be you!

  1. What do you think about VioletStreet?

VS is one of the fastest growing websites currently and is beeing vigorously marketed. VioletStreet has a strong team who puts it out there. It has become a known site in a very short time. I am very excited to be a part of them. The audience reached has grown a lot. I am looking forward to the records u guys would be breaking.


  1. Shravya Varma in one word would be?

Traditionally Modern.

  1. What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

A saree I designed for myself, for a photo-shoot. The photos just went viral. I still get orders for the same saree.

  1. What made you choose designing?

Not many know that I have a degree in Architecture & Designing. Although since I was a young girl I have always been interested in shopping and fashion. Who isn’t, right? So, every time I went shopping, I used to end up buying a lot of stuff and not liking most of it. I started to tweaking them here and there, and before long I started making outfits for my family, friends and Voila! I am here! I think instead of me choosing fashion, fashion chose me. I never made a conscious effort to be a fashion designer.

I took up all offers that came my way!

From setting up the store, everything was luck by chance. I haven’t worked with any fashion designer. Last couple of years, it was more or less trial and error. Now i am happy that I am a part of the fraternity.

Also, at present NIFT graduates have been interning with me and it is such a huge boost. I have learnt so much from everyone, from my tailors, clients, interns. I have learnt from my mistakes and now I am where I am! 🙂


  1. An ideal day of relaxation would be? 

Home, store, gym and back home. I think I grew up too fast. So, once in a while, I love to slow down. A whole day at home, glued to the couch, is my ideal day of relaxation. I love going on trips alone. I love to travel!

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