What Do You Think About The Rehashed Humma Humma?

I am sure all the Bollywood Music Lovers, have danced to the tune of the peppy ‘humma humma’ song. It is one of the most popular Bollywood Number of Remo Fernandez, from the film Bombay. More than Sonali Bendre and Nagesh Prasad in the song, it was Remo’s voice which made the dance number top the charts. After 16 years, we see a comeback of the song ‘humma humma’ but ofcourse with its remixed version.

humma hummahumma humma

The new humma humma has Aditya kapoor and Shraddha kapoor soaring the tempo. The bedroom scene is recreated with some steaming close ups of Shraddha and Aditya Roy Kapur.

humma humma

But it seems not everyone is going ga ga over the rehashed version. Though some found the version too cute, (credit goes to Aditya Roy Kapur), some have denounced the recreated piece. Aditya Kapoor’s expressions are a special attraction to the song. Infact fans are saying the sizzling quotient of Shraddha Kapoor was clouded with Aditya’s cool, sexy and cute expressions.

humma humma

But there are some who just can’t get over the original version of the song. Twitter had mixed reviews for the recreated humma humma. While some are drooling over the new peppy version, some denounce the new and uphold the nineties version.

Remo The Original Voice of Humma Humma

When the original singer Remo Fernandez was asked how he feels about the reprised piece his reaction do not surprise us.

humma humma

He said there is nothing wrong in reprising an old song. But the remastered piece should add value to the song. It should contain something more from the original song. What does the new humma humma song add on to? It is not even anything different. It is pale and insipid version of the original. It looks like a hurry down vocally, instrumentally and arrangement wise.

Tanishk and the Rapper Badshah

Tanishk composed the reversed music and Badshah gave his voice. Tanishk adds the new version is a tribute to A.R Rahman Sir. Though some people are mad at Badshah for trying to remaster the song, Tanishk said some section liked the song.

Humma Humma


What we think is, if reprising some old hit numbers is a trend, then ‘OK Jaanu’ has just followed the trend with a ’90’s hit’. If we compare it with the original, it surely might not level. Arvind Swammy and Manisha Koirala had a special charm in the original humma humma. So let’s just enjoy the number as just another reprised peppy version. What do you think?





The Missing: Season 2 – A Depressing Plot; Promising Resolution Awaited

If you were missing your favorite, The Missing series from 2014, then Season 2 is back just for you. The Season 1 was spirited and an emotional thriller suspense drama that involved the parents time-trip in the hunt for their missing little boy. What sets itself apart from the other similar shows is the concept of two different timelines. The first timeline focuses on the current time involving the disappearance of their kid son Ollie, while the other timeline dealt with the re-opening of the investigation after some eight years.

The Missing

Image Courtesy – Tv.com

It’s a kind of television series that reveals the dark side (sad truth) of human psychology. So, this is worth a watch for those who take interest in human psychology and can spend a good eight hours hence.

The Missing, Season 1 which was a simple open and shut series, starred James Nesbitt and Frances O’Connor as the main protagonists. But, during the end of the series we already knew that there will be a sequel with the same concept, but with a new child and a new pair of troubled parents. And, don’t we already have the details?


Image Courtesy – TV.com

“The Missing 2” is already on air since October and seems to take you on a rather depressing journey than we thought. Although, we appreciate the sincere efforts of the two of the first-rate British actors David Morrissey and Keeley Hawes as the parents amidst the tumult with the return of their long-lost child. The child does go missing but, what’s equally missing is the emotion related to losing a child and the story shifts towards more of finding their daughter. Not that we are complaining, as the finding does include some gripping moments if not those on the edge points like its predecessor.

The Missing

Image Courtesy – The Telegraph

You could even get the feel of “The Returned” (French zombie fiction) especially, the dismal snowbound atmosphere. But, if you are expecting a happy reunion then this plot is far off from it. Although “The Missing” Series 1 captivated the interests of all the thriller seeking audience all throughout, the ultimate resolution was indeed a bit disappointing. The several timelines and frequent surprising twists and turns made it rather confusing.

The Missing

Image Courtesy – The Guardian

For the series 2, it’s definitely well-produced drama that’s constructed and presented pretty stylishly, but it’s yet to see how it reaches the resolution and if it’s able to make a difference this time.