Rihanna Scorches with her Stylish Choices!

Rihanna Makes Her Own Style Statement Everytime She Steps Out!

Whether it’s celebrating the opening of the Fenty Puma pop-up shop at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC or just chilling out casually in NYC with her Margiela pants, Rihanna makes a style statement every time she steps out. She is chic, smart & extremely classy with her choice of dressing.Whether she is one on her way to a rehearsal,an award function,a night club or shopping she defies all fashion rules and the paparazzi can’t stop clicking her!!! She is undoubtedly an era defining artist who’s personality is as infectious as her songs.

gettyimages-615467730  gettyimages-610493076  gallery-1481405784-rihanna

Rihanna Knows How To Experiment

Rihanna understands where and how to make a style statement. Whether it’s a Raf Simon’s puffer coat, double denim from Balenciaga, a casual pajama with an off shoulder tee or an asymmetrical dress complimented with a ‘Malono Blahnik’ boots, she carries every dress with poise & elan.



The Girl Has Come a Long Way


Rihanna surely ranks high on the celebrity style guide. Her style is equally talked about as her chart busters. Her style is one that we could only dream of emulating. The girl can make anything look good. From cropped tops to that famous cropped ‘do, we chart the good girl gone bad’s style’ evolution. She has surely come a long way. When she was 17, she oozed a funky, urban style in tow.


A 17 year Old Rihanna

In the pre-Umbrella days, it was a wholesome, Island-girl image Rihanna was working on. White jeans, hoop earrings and a tube top were her choice for 2005’s MTV Awards. She’s an intrepid fashion force now, but back in 2005 Rihanna used to play it safe with her simple ponytails, nude make-up and oh-so over, boho-inspired dresses. 2006 saw Rihanna release album ‘Girl Like Me and single SOS,’ which really catapulted her to a big celebrity with her name reckoning with fashion. A new album meant a new look: she began championing a more sophisticated, polished image.


She had her moments of blips too but today she has definitely stolen our hearts with not only her unique voice and demeanour but her chic style statements all the way! We wish to see Rihanna in more chart busting albums complemented with her ‘oh so’ inspiring style!


Fresher's Night – 6 ways to glaze it up!

Create that lasting impression on your first Fresher’s night!

The first phase at university is the baby step to new experiences in an unfamiliar environment- The Fresher’s Week. doesn’t it sound exciting?? This phase of life is equally exciting as a transitional phase which makes one slightly nervous with the hope of a new beginning and of a future yet to be explored. Dont worry! It’s just a phase.Thus the question is; How do you create that lasting impression on your first Fresher’s night?

Bring on that cheer on your face with a bling on your steps and get set for that special night…

1.Be open minded and mingle with no guilt!

It’s important to make friends without any apprehension. So go and bring on the fun side of you and the ‘real you’!

Be 'Bindaas'

Image courtesy: Pinterest.com

2.Make most of the opportunities, count!

It indeed means that don’t let loose for everything coming your way but engage in interesting conversations and make the most of your ‘social’ talent. Talk about anything that catches the attention of others. Make every ‘moment’ count!

Image Courtesy :Giphy.com

Image courtesy :Giphy.com

3. Dont feel pressurized…

Honestly, you don’t have to perform. So just be yourself and keep an open mind. If you are asked to dance, dance.! If you are to sing, sing (even if that’s with a croaking voice).No one judges you here!

Image courtesy: Mg Gill University Blogs

Image courtesy: Mg Gill University(Blogs)

4.Make up minimally and always wear a smile on your face!

Wearing a smile on your face at all times makes you feel less nervous and approachable. If you want others to feel comfortable in your company, smiling makes it easier to attract attention and is a good start to a blossoming friendship!

Also don’t spend much time on makeup. Focus on the night and go light on makeup. It helps you to focus on other things and not the nail paint or the lipstick shade which needs to be retouched at all points of timeJ

Image Courtesy: SGH.com

Image courtesy: SGH.com

5.Wear something which makes you feel good about yourself!

Again it’s good to remember to feel comfortable in your own body. Wear something which suits you not something which only looks flashy on a magazine cover but may not be your ‘style quotient’. Dazzle up with a dress which boosts your confidence level!

Image Courtesy:

Image courtesy: SGH.com

6. Remember to hang out alone,sometimes!

If you are always with the same group of college friends, you may end up not making new friends & expanding your circle. So make headway, spread out your wings and mingle!!!

Keep worries at the door and enjoy that first Fresher’s night with all your heart!

Image courtesy:Independent.co.uk

Image courtesy:Independent.co.uk


The 10 Most Enchanting and Desirable Honeymoon Destinations

Exotic and Enchanting Honeymoon destinations in the world!

Getting married anytime soon? Planning a perfect romantic & a luxurious honeymoon and lost in confusion?? Well, that’s the most natural thing which can happen to as you are bound to get spoilt for choices with exotic destinations galore. No worries! We have done our homework keeping in mind the places which could be your story!

To enjoy the bliss of your marriage and that perfect celebration of joy and togetherness, we the bring you the 10 most desirable Honeymoon destinations…Take your pick!!!

1.Stunning Greece

santorini-island-greeceHoneymoon detinations images

Clear waters, sandy beaches, romantic resorts and pleasant climate make Greece a perfect honeymoon getaway. Honeymooners, watch out for Santorini & Athens.

2.Intimidating Morocco

Honeymoon DestiantionsHoneymoon Destiantions

Image Courtesy: Dailymail

Pristine in every way, Morocco must be on your list as one of the more typical Mediterranean destinations in Europe. The old city of Fez has one overwhelming and awe-inspiring attraction, the behemoth medina. If you wear your cultural love on your sleeves, the opulence of this Heritage Site is surely going to leave you asking for more. Watch out for M’Hamid, Asilah, El Jadida, Safi, M’Goung!

3.Charismatic Turkey

best-honeymoon-destinations-athens-786x340honeymoon Destinations

ImageCourtesy: Blondietravelblog

A surprising Turkey invites you to its vibrant nightlife, wonderful resorts & spoils you with its enormous shopping centres. The scenic beauties, charismatic harbours are worth your time and money. Watch out for Istanbul & Konakli!

4.A Night in France

Honeymoon DestinationsHoneymoon Destinations

Honeymoon Destinations

Image coutesy: France.com

Spend the most awaited first honeymoon of your life soaking in the French wine, cuisines and the intimidating landscape of the city of France. Other than the Eiffel Tower, the opulence of the city, its culture and vibrancy is going to leave you gasping for more…

5.Blissful Venice

Honeymoon DestinationsHoneymoon Destinations

Image Courtesy: Goparoo.com

Venice deserves a mention right after we talk about France. I am sure this is any couple’s dream destination and has been a favorite with couples who celebrate love amidst the canals, gondolas and Italian cuisine.


6.Luxurious Bali, Indonesia

Honeymoon ChangesHoneymoon Destinations

Image Coutesy: Ontravelr.com

Bali undoubtedly is one of the major attractions for a lot of honeymoon couples for its fantastic landscape. Sandy shores, turquoise blue waters, oceanfront resorts and its luxurious spa treatments never disappoints.

6.Pristine India

A list is never complete without talking of pristine destinations like Goa, Kashmir and the northern landscape of India with names like Shimla and Manali.Kashmir is undoubtedly ‘Paradise on Earth’ while you can have the time of your life at a fun place like Goa.


Honeymoon Destinations

7.Tranquil Bhutan

Honeymoon DestinationsHoneyMoon Destinations

If you are a couple looking for peace and tranquility amidst your romantic getaways, Bhutan is for you. It’s a wonderful respite from the buzz and the nature covets your senses here!

9.Enthralling Maldives

If you have plentiful cash and you are looking for that orange sunset and a peaceful stay along the crystal blue waters of the coral islands, venture into Maldives! You might want to come back here again!

Honeymoon DestinationsHoneymoon Destinations

ImageCourtesy: Ontravelr.com

10.Intimidating Egyptluxury-honeymoon-vacations-in-egypt

If you bear an adventurous streak and up for history, Egypt might seduce you!For the love of pyramids,visit Cairo. Do I need to say any more?

Select,plan and get ready for a lot of romance!!!

HoneyMoon Destinations


4 Engagement Stage Decoration Ideas to Inspire You

Engagement ceremonies are looked upon as the dawn of a beautiful journey between two individuals and the coming together of their dreams. The bride and the groom would want everything to be going pitch perfect on that day, right from engagement stage decoration to the cuisine. Interiors and decoration of the hall plays a crucial role in setting an impression on your guests. The stage where the couple sits upon their thrones a la chairs is the first thing anyone would notice right when they enter. Gone are the days when the stage brimmed with gaudy and over-sized flowers in an unimaginative arrangement. Couples nowadays prefer more classy and simple embellishment. Here are some gorgeous Indian engagement decoration ideas to make your love story a fairy tale affair!

1. Go White!


reception6.jpg (800×367)

The color white signifies purity and peace. It is also gaining immense inclination for people opting for classy decorations. You could also add elements of different colors to add a brilliant contrast with the white background. To add focus to engagement stage decoration, implant yellow or neon orange bulbs on the stage.

2. Get the Right Flowers

797.jpg (500×334)

Flowers play a really major role in setting up the theme of your hall decoration for engagement. You could either go for bouquets or garlands to adorn your stage. Use exotic flowers to make a cut above the rest and choose unique colors. Some great examples would be Hydrangea and Blossoming Oregano!

3. Set Correct Engagement Decorations Lights

There is no point in choosing ravishing wedding dresses or spending hours in makeup if your lightings fail to accentuate your high points. Depending upon the climate, height of the stage and theme of your engagement, set your lightings. Even a bad contour day can be saved by getting the right engagement stage decoration lightings!

4. Sit like a Queen

concepts2.jpg (500×375)

It’s important that on the day of your engagement you feel and sit like a queen! Choose either a sofa, throne, chair or a low-lying stool depending upon your taste and culture. Make sure it not only looks appealing but is comfortable too while sitting on it for hours. Ornate the seat or leave as it is if you want simple stage decoration for engagement.

We hope these engagement decoration ideas help you live a dream-like celebration with your loved ones!

5 Balcony Designs to make your Home Balcony Beautiful!

The Indian realty in domestic residential projects is more concerned on the looks of the property they build. These are happening with the use of modern construction materials. When comes to balcony designs, any builders are not in any compromise on the balcony side. Since, they market their residential projects as seafront flats, high-rise apartment, lake view apartment and independent vila with large balcony. Here the little open space is having more priority and this is what a home buyer is looking for free flow of air, day light intensity, city view, lake view and sea view from their balcony, where their property is located. The below are five balcony designs that may suit your home balconies :

1. Armature Observatory Balcony

If you are residing in high-rise apartments in top floors, it is advisable to design the home balcony as observatory. Since, the armature telescopes are cheaper and you can use them as terrestrial and astronomical viewing purpose from your top floor.

Por07s.jpg (1024×768)

2. Balcony Designs with Hanging Garden

When comes to Flora Indian balcony designs, you can go for hanging garden designs on your home balcony. You can d it with natural flowers and artificial floor too. However, to look natural you can by few Earth friendly flower pots and make a colourful hanging garden on your home balcony.

hanging-pots-balcony-garden-ideas.jpg (500×375)

3. Balcony Designs as Storage Space

When you have a large home balcony, you can use them as storage space too by customs balcony designs. Either, you can design all those chairs and table such that you can use them as storage space, by making them hidden on the furniture and set them in your home balcony.

a0166be44e20e1a3308186c68568bbe4.jpg (236×332)

4. Home Balcony as Reading Room

If your home balcony is in corner portion or you have a silent atmosphere, then you can go for Indian balcony designs to use them as reading room. This is best you your kids too and entire family to read or study in a peaceful atmosphere with good airflow.

bdab4312525c942ab727283c631f44d5.jpg (442×640)

5. Home Balcony as Sit Out

If you have good airflow on your home balcony, you can make balcony designs to use them as sit out. You can by beanbags or plush sofa set and arranges them properly to sit and enjoy the neighboring places with fresh air.
53-Mindblowingly-Beautiful-Balcony-Decorating-Ideas-to-Start-Right-Away-homesthetics.net-decor-ideas-32-633x950.jpg (633×950)

It is advisable to see that, when you buy a modern home in any types of building, high-rise flats and multistory apartments you have to check with the builders for the possibility of balcony renovation woks is permissible. However, you can do Indian balcony designs on your dream home, when you buy a standard home. There are many professional balcony decors to do as per your requirement. They are affordable and may complete your balcony décor works on the same day you hire them after free balcony décor consultation.

6 Unique and Innovative Ideas for Mandap Decoration

If you abide by the diction “marriages are a one-time thing” then you must be one of those people going hysteric about every minute detail of your wedding day. And it is only wise, since you have decided to tie the final knot with full conviction. The setting and the layout of your wedding location must be stealing your night’s sleep for a long time now! A unique reception must have a unique wedding mandap decoration. If you are a creative person then you probably will not be satisfied with the usual run on the mill layout for the sacred ritual.

Taking into consideration the richness of your taste and the grandeur of your choice, we have come up with some one of kind themes for wedding mandaps. The beauty of all receptions lies primarily with the aesthetic appeal of the setting. Contrary to popular belief, an out of the box theme can be easily pulled off within a tight budget. Some innovative ways to glam up your reception designing may be somewhat like the following:

1. By The Beach

Mandap Decoration Ideas

Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Imagine the most anticipated moments of your life in this ambience! If you are a sea person, this could be your paradise. Having the sea and it’s waves as witnesses to your auspicious occasion will be an experience too overwhelming to articulate in words. There will be no exhaustion with the mundane chant of the mantra, because the sea winds shall keep your energy and spirit invigorated. Make sure you ask your decorator to choose a colour contrasting the one of the sea and sky. That will capture the best snaps.

2. Wine Glass Themed Mandap

Mandap Decoration Ideas

Source: jessideas

Since we are on the topic of aesthetic mandap designing, we simply cannot do away without this exceptional glass shaped theme, where the illusion is one of a stylish wine glass turned upside down. This is quiet groundbreaking in terms of traditional Indian wedding reception designs and is sure to turn heads of the passersby. The flowers embroidered around body are simply charming and looks ethereal with the twinkling lights all around. A fire extinguished amidst this halo of a design will be breathtaking to say the least.

3. Crystal Mandap Decoration

Mandap Decoration Ideas

Source: 2.wlimg

If you and your partner are willing to loosen the purse strings a bit, then there are more than one reason why you should consider crystal mandap decoration for your special day. The setting of a crystal mandap is simply something out of a fairytale and looks heavenly in the pictures as the one you can see! Crystal is considered sacred to inviolable bonds are commonly used in many auspicious events in Indian households. It may be a bit expensive but it is totally worth. That will manifest itself wonderfully through the gaped eyed stare of your guests and their subsequent appreciation of the decoration.

4. On the Roof with Hues of Yellow

Mandap Decoration Ideas

Source: shaadishopblog

If you don’t know already, white is the color of elegance along with piety. There is hardly a more suitable color than white for your wedding. The Christians have white weddings for a reason. If the hall you have booked has a roof overlooking the entire city then you ought to take full advantage of it. Get hitched with the entire city and the sunset as your witnesses and everything else might just fall back into place. Another advantage of having a white based theme for your mandap is that almost every color goes with white and hence you do not need to make a fuss about the flowers. The given picture has yellow daisies and tulips for mandap decoration and it imparts an overall feeling of warmth and beauty into the setting.

5. Amidst Nature and Tranquility

Mandap Decoration Ideas

Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Not everyone like the pompousness and flamboyance of a grand wedding. Some take joys in the simplicity of natural and candid things. The picture above is a concrete representation of a simple yet magnificent wedding mandap idea! There could not be a better location than amidst the serenity of a garden. It is cost efficient, unique and marvelous. This idea will lay off the pressure from your relatives to constantly attend to and entertain the guests because practically no one needs extra attention in a garden. You can be rest assured your guests will never be bored in the entire course of your wedding.

6. Sacred Red in a Sacred Place

Mandap Decoration Ideas

Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

For traditional or religious couples this is the best suggestion. You are most likely to opt for mandaps which are close by the temple, or better, attached to it. Make good use of the season of flowers and brighten up the spirit of the event with their alluring appeal and tantalizing fragrance. Ask your decorator to match the clothing with the flowers to give the perfect touch. Add alternative types of green as depicted in the given picture. And if possible, make it an outdoor ritual to seal the final deal.

5 Popular Pooja Room Door Designs

Pooja room is a very peaceful place inside every home and has lot of beliefs and feelings attached to it. It is a place where you look for peace and comfort for a few moments daily. They are a sacred space where many rituals are done to praise and please the God, and also to strengthen our faith in him. While building a house and working on its interiors special attention is given to the Pooja room and its décor. There are several designs in which a beautiful Pooja room can be made.

The first thing which is important for a Pooja room is the door. Some people prefer Pooja room door designs with bells as the bells are considered essential for Pooja room and are available in intricate designs as per the interiors of the house. Usually Pooja door designs India are meant to give a traditional feel with those wooden carvings on the gate and the written sculptures of some religious sayings. And these all are enhanced by the lighting arrangements in the area. If the area is well lit, it uplifts the spiritual mood of the place. Bells are usually placed at the top like in Pooja room door designs in Kerala.

1. Pooja Room Door Designs with Carvings on Wood

Pooja room doors with the carvings of various designs on the wood are also quite popular. Patterns like flowers, images of any particular God are carved on the doors are usually carved out in wood. These types of doors are more ethnic in look.

Pooja Room Door Designs

Image Source : Pinterest


2. Double Door Designs for Pooja Rooms

Usually the Pooja room double door designs are double door pattern but sometimes single door designs also good in cases when you don’t have a spacious flat.  With a compact look and bells for attraction, single doors are also a good choice.

Indian Pooja Room Door DesignsImage Source : myinterio.in

3. Glass Door Designs for Pooja Rooms

Pooja room doors with glass give a beautiful and divine look to your place. They offer unmatched elegance and grace to your home. With several designs and textures available in glass doors like frosted glass, beveled glass, etched glass etc. any design which suits your space can be chosen.


Image Source- slvdesignglass.in


4. Metal Work Pooja Room Door Designs

If your home has a well designed interior with heavy looking artifacts then Pooja room door designs with a metal caricature of Gods is an ideal type for you. Such door as in the image below give an elite look to your Pooja room and certainly match up with the interiors of the house.


Image Courtesy- Stylesatlife.com


5. Bell Design Pooja Room Doors

Nothing beats a traditional door with bells. Bells are considered to be sacred hence they make a perfect choice to be used for pooja room designs.


Image courtesy- St.hzcdn.com

So, which one would you pick for your pooja room?

8 Pooja Room Designs for Indian Homes

Gratitude is uplifting and in order to express those regards and to seek strength in a catastrophic situation, one bows down in front of the almighty. Pooja room designs are created to make a sacred space in our homes where we can send our regards to the creator, the giver. Honor and reverence are deeply expressed through traditions and rituals in our Pooja rooms. An auspicious and positive space that creates a calm ambiance around the house thus, people prefer being alone in such places to use the powerful tool of communication effectively and also to introspect and have moments of reflection. Irrespective of what religion we belong to, each one of us loves to have such a sacred space in our homes that is pure and pious to the materialism around.

1. Woodwork Designs for Pooja Room

Wooden designs for your Pooja room spells humble yet elegant. This is the simplest way of decorating the living of almighty in your homes. In essence, the use of wood in the Pooja room design seems to speak about staying grounded in spirituality.

Pooja Room Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

2. Open Pooja Room Designs

Open Pooja room designs are well-lit and well-ventilated which uplifts the spiritual mood of the place. A vibrant space for your Pooja room brings in positivity in the house and cheers you up just by having a glance at it. Open designs are perfect to make your Pooja rooms look spacious and lively.

Pooja Room Designs

Image Source: ghar360.com

3. Traditional Pooja Room Designs

Imagine a little temple that you visited recently, there’s a bright doorway to enter from, then a gigantic bell to embark your path to the God. Traditional Pooja room designs replicate the similar vibes, but only to suit the interiors of your home to appear regal.

Pooja Room Designs

Image Source: homemakeover.in

4. Wall Mounted Pooja Room Designs

Gone are the days when people used to decorate their Pooja rooms with the same vigor and detail as the rest of the home, ‘coz as the dwelling spaces became smaller, prayer rooms became prayer corners and even wall mountings. Nevertheless, even these compact, small, stylish and hanging room designs occupy a sacred space in our dwellings.

Pooja Room Designs

Image Source: ghar360.com

5. Pooja Mandapam Designs

Porch-like structure that is quite famous in weddings and traditional ritual ceremonies. Even today, many people prefer to have a mandap design for their Pooja rooms in teakwood or sandalwood. The divine smell and design are great in divine transformation of your home.

Pooja Room Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

6. Small Pooja Room Designs- Simplicity at best!

Simple designs will be adorned by the deities placed. These are highlighted by an elegant background panel and soft lighting. The overall design and lighting give this Pooja room a spiritual glow that radiates the perfect frequency to tune your homes into.

Pooja Room Designs

Image Source: ghar360.com

7. Modern Pooja room Designs in Apartments

With smaller apartments and nuclear family structures, minimalistic version of Pooja rooms occupy just the right amount of space and clear away the clutter of homes. Soft lighting, background music of meditative chants will create an island of calm that is just perfect for spiritual reflection.

Pooja Room Designs

Image Source: homemakeover.in

8. Cabinet Designs for Pooja Room

Cabinet designs in marble are getting popular as the ‘white’ works well in creating the pious and tranquil environment. Radiations of such an intriguing Pooja room will definitely put you into a deep meditative trance.

Pooja Room Designs

Image Source: homemakeover.in

To invoke feelings of sanctity, adoration and love for the almighty, choosing the right Pooja room for your home is essential. Pooja rooms are placed in homes to seek constant blessings of deities and to flourish with peace, joy and good health.

5 Most Expensive Earrings in the World!

Fashion is never complete without the right accessorizing and when it comes to picking the best accessories, a woman knows to bedazzle with the perfect jewelry picks. from the classiest neckpieces to statement cocktails rings—the world of jewelry has so  much variety and dazzle that you could simply must put on glares to  avoid all the bling! However, one jewelry pick that women are especially hooked onto since ages is the earring. The going gets tough if you are addicted to flaunting luxury earrings or the most expensive earrings. There are thousands of expensive diamond earrings that you may come across from jewelry makers around the globe but let us raise a toast to the most expensive earrings in the world.


1. Most Expensive Earrings in the World – Golconda Diamond Earrings

Most Expensive Earrings In The World

Image Source: Pinterest.com

This ranks at the top of all most expensive earring list since a long long time. Priced at 9.3 million dollars, these uncut diamond earrings weigh about 23.11 carats. A piece of poetry for onlookers, this pair of diamond earrings was last on sale in Hong Kong at Christie’s. An anonymous bidder bagged the world’s most expensive diamond earrings for the price we mentioned.


2. Most Expensive Earrings in the World – Diamond Earrings From The House Of Harry Winston

Harry Winston Diamonds

Image Source: Pinterest.com

These diamond drop earrings are a beauty in gemstone. The diamonds are pear-shaped and weigh about 60.1 carats in total. Currently on display at the House of Winston in California, the price of one of the world’s most expensive diamond earrings stands at 8.5 million dollars.  The custom-made diamond earring pair was ordered in 2006. One trivia to amuse you is that while most connoisseurs refer to this diamond earring by the name of Harry Winston, this was made about three decades after his death.


3. Most Expensive Earrings in the World – Columbian Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings Colombia

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Weighing around 23.34 carats, these diamond earrings make it to the world’s most expensive diamond ear jewelry list. Pear-shaped Columbian diamonds form a perfect combination with emerald in this piece. The value is estimated to stand at 4.8 million dollars. Are you going gaga over this collection of expensive earring pieces? We are, for sure.


4. Most Expensive Earrings in the World – Schwartz Diamond Earrings

Most Expensive Earrings In The World - Schwartz Diamond Earrings

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Yet another top pick from the list of most expensive diamond earrings, this pair was made famous after the stunning Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie fluted the pair at the Academy Awards 2009 edition. Designed in a hoop pattern with a teardrop shape, the emerald was encrusted in a diamond border. No wonder the designer– Lorraine Schwartz– has turned out to be one of the most expensive earring brands in the world.


5. Most Expensive Earrings in the World – Christie’s Auction Diamond Earrings

Most Expensive Earrings In The World - Christie’s Auction Diamond Earrings

Image Source: bornrich.com

Say hello to yet another pick from the list of most expensive earrings in the world. This piece was auctioned at Christie’s New York. Pear-shaped diamonds with 9.94-carat weight—this dreamy pair of expensive diamond earrings was last sold off for 2.3 million dollars.

We understand how drool-worthy every earring from this lot of most expensive diamond earrings is! Well well, what you can do is go burn the midnight oil and earn enough moolah to go get you one of these. Someday. Perhaps. The case rests!

5 Hip Ways To Reuse Old Denim Jeans

It’s always saddening when our favourite pair of jeans wears out, isn’t it?
Rather than sending all of that good, durable fabric to the dustbin, you can use your crafty powers to turn that denim into lots of usable things! Given below are 5 hip and stylish ways in which you can reuse your denim jeans.




Image Source

If your denims are quite fine from the waist and upper section, cut them according to your suitable length and make booty shorts out of them. No one would be able to make out the transformation you gave them. Go ahead. Throw your creativity!




Image Source


Image Source

Have more than 2 old denims? Even better! Cut out patches in a regular shape, and stitch them together, to make a pillow cover, door mat, wall hanging, etc. Let your creativity flow.




Image Source

Ripped jeans are in high demand these days. Why go out and spend some random bucks on buying them, when you can rip your old denims just the way you like it, yourself!
yes! Take a pair of scissors, a blade or a knife and start cutting through your jeans giving it the pattern you want to. Walla!




wine bag

Image Source

If you can allow your imagination and creativity to wander a little more than usual, this is the perfect way to actually reuse the old denims. Cut apart the legs of the jeans, and make a wine bag out of them. Attach a ribbon or so, and you will have an excuse to not go empty hands the next time you visit a friend’s party



DIY denim bag_crochet details

Image Source

Give a cute rebirth to your denims, by making a bag out of them. Use the upper part, and cut the legs out. Add lace or whatever you wish to and convert it into a stylish accessory.


A good pair of jeans is like an old school friend. Sure, you can donate too-big or too-small jeans to the thrift store, but after years and years of wear and tear, some jeans are just not mendable anymore. All you need to do then is, let your creativity flow!