After Break Up Katrina Kaif Finds Solace In Salman Khan

Katrina Kaif is nervous to promote Jagga Jasoos with Ranbir kapoor after their break up. Salman Khan steps in to give her guidance in Personal Life and Professional Front.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have always maintained a dignified privacy about their relationship. Though media did enough talking about their apparent romance, neither Katrina nor Salman owned up and said , ‘yes, we are in a relationship.’ But after their alleged break up the case with Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were very different. They had no qualms in being together in parties or being spotted together elsewhere. But when a leading daily flashed pictures of bikini clad Katrina enjoying holiday with beau Ranbir and friend Ayan Mukherjee, Katrina was boiling with anger. She wrote an open letter to the media to respect her privacy, but she did not deny a relationship with Ranbir as it was very obvious.




katrina kaif

But while shooting for Jagga Jasoos, Ranbir and Katrina moved apart. In Koffee With Karan, Katrina said she hates ‘lieing’ in a relationship. Ranbir in KWK, said ‘being single’ is boring. But whatever be the reason ‘Ranbir and Katrina’ have splitted. Though Katrina seems to be a very strong minded girl, she somewhere needs a good friend to fall back on and who better a friend, than Salman Khan. The Ek Tha Tiger actress is reportedly chilling out with Salman Khan, more than often. The buzz is they both are attending workshops for Tiger Zinda Hain together. Salman Khan is even sorting out scripts for Katrina. He has become career counseller for Katrina and advising her as which projects she should be picking.

Katrina kaif

Apparently Katrina dropped in film set of Tubelight in Film City. She is also very close to Kabir Khan and three had a very good time together while wrapping up.


But the best part is Slaman has also become her relationship guide. Jagga Jasoos promotion will start soon. Insiders say Katrina has no idea as how to face Ranbir infront of the media. As Ranbir nor Katrina haven’t spoken about their break up in open, Katrina fears media probe on it very forcefully.

We all know Katrina has privacy issues. She hates paparazzi, especially about her relationship. But she is surely finding solace in Salman Khan. A veteren in this industry, Salman Khan can surely guide her on how to keep professional and personal separate. Salman’s fondness for Katrina was very evident in the recent Koffee with Karan show, where he rated  Katrina from 1 to 5, leaving out any other option.

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katrina kaifkatrina kaif

Nevertheless fans are awaiting the promotions of Jagga Jasoos to see how good a studenet Katrina has been of Salman Khan.


Mira Rajput Answers Karan's Inappropriate Questions With Grace

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor Made Karan Johar Jealous With Their PDA of Oh So Perfect Marriage!

Karan Johar had to exclaim that they can keep their romance weekend for later.  Shahid Kapoor’s female fans must have had a bad Sunday evening. It seemed Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput took to Koffee With Karan to display their affection for each other. For a moment we thought, they are about to drool over each other. They projected that falling in love after marriage can be so damn romantic. It looked Shahid was the ambassador of ‘arranged marriage’ in the show. He said the process of  falling in love with your wife after marriage is beautiful.

mira rajputmira rajput

But the appropriately cunning Karan Johar welcomed Shahid and Mira in a politically incorrect way. He welcomed Shahid saying this is the first time Shahid is appearing with his wife. Previously Shahid appeared in the show with all his alleged girlfriend like Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha. Mira Rajput was surprisingly calm and said that she knows everything about Shahid, about the girlfriends in koffee with Karan and outside too.

mira rajputmira rajput

Shahid in return says that he is still trying to dig out the exact number of boyfriends Mira had prior to their marriage.

Karan cannot just let the show be typically romantic. He chose to be subtly vulgur or inappropriate in the most appropriate manner.

Some Questions Which Demanded to Be Answered, No Matter How Embarassing

Karan asks Mira,

‘What is the last thing you tell Shahid before going to bed.”

Mira answers, ‘kuch kuch hota hain’ looking right into Shahid’s eye. Karan Johar couldn’t help but tag this episode as Valentine’s day Special.

Karan played a fill in the blanks game with the duo. It came as.

‘when my wife wakes up in the morning she is likely to find my dash over her dash. Perplexed with the question, Mira told karan. ‘you better change the questions’. But Shahid went on answer it depends with each morning.

In the rapid fire session, Karan asks Mira, if she ever decides to leave Shahid, it’l be for

a) Bad sex, b) Intefering inlaws and c) Cheating on.

Mira replied, ‘my inlaws aren’t intefering, neither do we have bad sex. So it’l be if he is cheating on me.

Shahid who’s always taken the Koffee hamper home, had a very interesting question from Karan.

Karan asked, ‘if you were in an elevator stuck with Priyanka, Kareena and Mira, how would you describe the moment.’

Shahid replied, ‘Back To The Future.

The audience can conclude their own cessation from the statement. Till then enjoy more of Koffee With Karan.

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Virat and Anoushka Getting Engaged In Dehradun?

New Year Eve, Virat and Anoushka Getting Engaged in Dehradun? One More Day and The Truth Will Be Out.

Celebrity enagagement and marriages have always been peeved about on an inflated scale. Some couples want to keep it a private affair, but some float their engagement pics all over social media. The new celebrity couple on marriage card is Virat Kohli and Anoushka Sharma. Their relationship was talk of the tinsel town right from the beginning. When media camera caught Virat coming out of Anoushka’s apartment early in the morning, news circulated that Virat Kohli has changed apartment and apparently staying with Anoushka. Virat Kohli’s flying kiss to Anoushka from the Cricket field confirmed the alleged affair between the two.

Vuirat and anoushkaAnoushka and Virat

But when the entire nation’s eye balls are on their relationship, the journey might not always be smooth. In ICC world Cup, 2015 when Virat Kohli lost his wicket after just a single run, Anoushka was trolled very badly on social media as she was present in the stadium. She was even considered unlucky for Virat. Though Virat came forward to her rescue, after couple of months news of their break up surfaced. Reason was lack of time for each other. Anoushka particularly refused to comment much to the media. But secretly the couple got back into the romantic fold with each other. They maintained a silence when anyone wanted to probe more on their relationship. But off late the couple confidently walk hand in hand in parties and do not shy away from posing together.

virat and kohlivirat and anoushka

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Couple Enjoying a Romantic Christmas Holiday In Uttarakhand

But the news of their secret engagement on the new years’ eve has come by as a surprise because neither Anoushka nor Virat has given any prior hint. Both of their career graph is on the prime high. Anoushka did say in an interview that marriage is on the cards, but so early?? The couple is enjoying a nice romantic holiday in a luxurious hotel in Uttarakhand. The news is that the couple will get engaged on 31st December in Dehradun. Reportedly Amitabh Bacchan and family, Anil Ambani and wife Tina have been invited for the ceremony. The news have its own ground of confirmation as few of the hotel employees talked about the grand arrangement for the big day.

virat and anoushka

It is a big day for Virat and Anoushka’s fans too. They all are waiting to watch if the reports of engagement are in actuals. Why is it such a hush hush affair? Will they tie the knot also soon? What are the arrangements for the engagement? So many questions going on in mind for their fans. So just a day more, till we get the confirmation of this big event.

Okay! So have Karan Johar Really Harassed Anoushka Sharma

The recent episode of Koffee with Karan did mange to spark off a somewhat heated controversy. Karan Johar invited Anoushka Sharma, the supposed ex of Ranveer Singh. In the same episode Karan invited Katrina Kaif, ex of Ranbir Kapoor.

karan johar

The interesting part is Deepika Padukone is Ranbir’s ex and Ranveer’s current girlfriend. Ha ha, what a whirlwind of exes, isn’t it!! What Karan and the audience might have thought was some hush hush secrets of the girls getting exposed in the public. Some diplomatic back biting and bitching. But what got forwarded was totally unexpected.

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Anoushka Sharma accused Karan Johar of sexual harrasment. Whoosh now where did that come from?

Karan Johar

The statement sparked off when Karan shyly admitted that he had a crush on Anoushka, right through the making of Ae Dil Hain Mushkil. Anoushka fumbled and frowned. Then she turned towards Katrina and said, ‘I am sorry but i was about to file a sexual harrassment case against him. He used to sometimes touch me very inappropriately.”

Karan was dumbstruck. He was brushed against the wall in his own show. Katrina wanted to pacify the flaming moment. The quick witted Katrina immediately said, ‘ may be it was to ignite a fire inside you.’ But knowing Anoushka, she wouldn’t stop just there.

karan joharkaran johar

She mockingly retorted that Jaqueline Fernandez had the same complaint against Karan. Karan who was already in splits after ‘Harrassment’ statement, laughed and asked, ‘That i was touching her inappropriately.’

Anoushka confirmed , ‘yes’. Katrina seemed to be the only sane person in the couch. She said, ‘We should postpone this ‘legal’ matter for another day. It’s because i love you two and i do not want anything bad to happen to you.’


Well Koffee With Karan show is known to blast explosives that turns into great TRPs. If Anoushka was actually harassed, she shouldn’t have been sitting accross Karan on the couch. But why on earth, a joke be created on a matter like sexual harrassment.?That’s not funny. Anoushka and Karan are lucky that the matter did not reach to the moral police. The show would have been banned by now.

But we all love the show and wait for each of it’s episode. VioletStreet thinks Karan should get himself interviewed  in KWK. He should get a chance to explain the gross allegations against him by two girls, “Anoushka and Jaqueline.” You seriously should sleep over it Karan.

Salman Khan Turns 51 and What a Birthday Bash!!

Let’s Catch Up With Some Inside Pics From Salman Khan’s 51st Birthday Bash

So the Most Eligible Bachelor Of India turned 51. Salman Khan is a darling of many, inside and outside the film industry. So when it comes to such a special occasion like birthday, Salman Khan and his family will leave no stone unturned to make it a grand affair to remember. So as fans we only get to see some inside pics of the birthday bash. Still good, atlaest we can get our share of fun.

salman khan

The Birthday Bash took place in Panvel, Khan farmhouse. The family got a huge Being Human Birthday Cake. The best part was all the guests received Being Human mementos as return gifts. I so wanted to be in the party just for the return gifts.


salman khan

Close friend Remo D’ Souza and his wife posed with Salman for photograph. The circle around the cake cutting ceremony seems to be a closed group but an enjoyable one.


salmanbirthday2salman khan

Bipasha seemed to have enjoyed the most. She looked cheery in a black jacket over a black inner. She posted a pic in her instagram flaunting the Being Human locket she recieved as a gift. She tweeted, “it’s your birthday and i got a gift.Yayyy”



Himesh Reshamiya was spotted arriving to the party in his car. Who is sharing the backseat with him. Any guesses? It’s his rumoured girlfriend Sonia kapoor.

Take a close look at the beautifully lit up Panvel Farmhouse and the huge Being Human cake.

salman khansalmanbirthdaycake3

The Birthday Boy Salman Khan poses for a pic with his favorite onscreen mother bina aka.

salman khan

Rumoured girlfriend Lulia Vantur seemed to be in a full swing party mood. It’s said that she even performed at Salman Khan’s birthday bash. Can we hope for a video of that pretty soon on Youutbe?

salman khan


salman khan

A special attraction to the party was Sangeeta Bijlani, former girl friend of Salman Khan who was spotted budding up with Daisy Shah. She looked pleasingly happy to be a part of the celebration.

Lucky are the friends who could enjoy Salman’s Birthday Celebration. Reportedly Ajay Devgan and Shahrukh Khan were also invited but they could not make it to the party.





Nothing Can Fear Away The Sherni, Twinkle Khanna

Mrs FunnyBones aka Twinkle Khanna Gives it Back Left and Right to all The Salman Fans

It’s a free country and everyone has their freedom of speech, ‘terms and conditions’ applied though. But Salman fans have their own world of terms. Even a mild jibe at their Bhai can make them go crazy. But Twitterati note, when you are up against Twinkle Khanna, you will just have to shut up at the end.

Being the satirical columnist, Twinkle Khanna took Salman Khan to her column this time. It was a very funny classified though. No names mentioned, Twinkle wrote, ‘Alliance Invited For The Oldest yet the Most Eligible Bachelor of India. Dashing, Muscular, Non Vegetarian and Successful Khandani Boy. Excellent in Dance, Drama and Art. Girl must be pretty, slim and enjoy long drives off the beaten path. Bride must not be very talkative as the Groom cannot tolerate buck, buck. Caste No Bar. Contact Sultan”

Ofcourse the column was written in good humour taking into account the friendly relation Salman has with Akshay. But what do you do with crazy fans of Salman? The post not only went down well with the Bhai fans, it inivited wrath of many and it all reflected in Twitter.

When your editor wants you to round up a convoluted year and all your brain wants to do is go HoHoHo:)

ℋazra ツ @h_hazra

What is worse? @mrsfunnybones Being single (like Salman Khan) or betraying your then Best Friend Shilpa Shetty and married her boyfriend 😅


What Do You Think About The Rehashed Humma Humma?

I am sure all the Bollywood Music Lovers, have danced to the tune of the peppy ‘humma humma’ song. It is one of the most popular Bollywood Number of Remo Fernandez, from the film Bombay. More than Sonali Bendre and Nagesh Prasad in the song, it was Remo’s voice which made the dance number top the charts. After 16 years, we see a comeback of the song ‘humma humma’ but ofcourse with its remixed version.

humma hummahumma humma

The new humma humma has Aditya kapoor and Shraddha kapoor soaring the tempo. The bedroom scene is recreated with some steaming close ups of Shraddha and Aditya Roy Kapur.

humma humma

But it seems not everyone is going ga ga over the rehashed version. Though some found the version too cute, (credit goes to Aditya Roy Kapur), some have denounced the recreated piece. Aditya Kapoor’s expressions are a special attraction to the song. Infact fans are saying the sizzling quotient of Shraddha Kapoor was clouded with Aditya’s cool, sexy and cute expressions.

humma humma

But there are some who just can’t get over the original version of the song. Twitter had mixed reviews for the recreated humma humma. While some are drooling over the new peppy version, some denounce the new and uphold the nineties version.

Remo The Original Voice of Humma Humma

When the original singer Remo Fernandez was asked how he feels about the reprised piece his reaction do not surprise us.

humma humma

He said there is nothing wrong in reprising an old song. But the remastered piece should add value to the song. It should contain something more from the original song. What does the new humma humma song add on to? It is not even anything different. It is pale and insipid version of the original. It looks like a hurry down vocally, instrumentally and arrangement wise.

Tanishk and the Rapper Badshah

Tanishk composed the reversed music and Badshah gave his voice. Tanishk adds the new version is a tribute to A.R Rahman Sir. Though some people are mad at Badshah for trying to remaster the song, Tanishk said some section liked the song.

Humma Humma


What we think is, if reprising some old hit numbers is a trend, then ‘OK Jaanu’ has just followed the trend with a ’90’s hit’. If we compare it with the original, it surely might not level. Arvind Swammy and Manisha Koirala had a special charm in the original humma humma. So let’s just enjoy the number as just another reprised peppy version. What do you think?





Jimmy Kimmel Reveals His Pay To Host Oscars!!!

For some Socialites and Celebrities it is ‘so inappropriate’ to reveal their pay for their work. But Jimmy Kimmel seems completely unfazed about it.

James Christian, popularly known as Jimmy Kimmel, is an American TV Host, Comedian, Voice Actor and Producer. He is the host and executive producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live which premiered on ABC 2003. He hosted the PrimeTime Emmy Awards in the year 2013 and 2016. The late night host appeared in the KROQ’s ‘Kevin and Bean’ show of Wednesday morning.

Jimmy Kimmel

In the show Jimmy Kimmel candidly shared his payout for hosting the Oscars Ceremony. He revealed, he will be paid $15,000 for hosting the Academy Awards Night. He did not stop here. His playful mockery continued while he said, he seems to be underpaid than normally what he earns from his shows. He quoted, ‘I think it is illegal to pay nothing.’

Normally it is still decent if someone proclaims the pay, after the show is over. But for Jimmy Kimmel, it is definitely too much to care.

He said. “I am not sure i was supposed to reveal this. But nobody told me not to, so i consider it is their fault.”

This 49 year old comedian, hosted his personal Oscar aftershows for few years.

As for hosting the Oscars for the first time, his amusement did not stay contained only with payouts.

He said, “They asked 14 people, they all said no and then there was me.” “I was absolutely surprised.”

Jimmy KimmelJimmy Kimmel

As for him hosting the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel revealed it the funny way in his show, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’. ‘The producers of the Academy Awards went through a long list of names. In the end they decided, that since I live right across the street from where they do the show, I might host it. I was the closest person to host the show.”

His comic gigs are always a welcome but we hope the official revelation of his payout for Oscars, should not jeopardize things officially.




Sunny Leone Thanked Shahrukh Khan For Changing Her Life

Sunny Leone is so Grateful To Shahrukh Khan and Sharukh Too Couldn’t Stop Gushing about Her.

Sunny Leone, the porn star turned actress continues to be one of the most searched celebrities in the internet. The news that Sunny Leone is part of Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film Raees, has spread like a wildfire when Sunny Leone tweeted Shahrukh Khan, thanking him for giving her an opportunity to star in one of his film.

sunny leone

Ever since Sunny Leone entered Big Boss, she created ripples as the interntional porn star trying her luck inside Big Boss House.There were reports of inmates who belittled her as she was the part of adult film industry. She was reportedly quoted saying, “Just because I am Porn Star, does not mean that I am a Prostitute.”

Sunny Leone

It was Mahesh Bhatt who offered her, her first break in Bollywood. Mahesh Bhatt entered the Big Boss house to offer her the film Jism 2. Since then there was no looking back. She was flooded with offers from films as well as item numbers. Ragini MMS 2, an errotic horror thriller was a huge success and the dance number song, ‘Baby Doll’ continues to be a super favorite in the party zones.

The latest news that are doing the rounds is, Sunny Leone shares screen space with none other than Shahrukh Khan,  in his forthcoming film Raees.

If you follow Sunny Leone’s interviews, then you can remember couple of months back Sunny was subjected to derogatory and sexist remark by a journalist. Sunny Leone has always maintained her gracious calm in interviews. She manged to finish the interview unscathed and protected her self respect. People were quite confident, that no matter how much the former porn star make herself of an artist, Big Banners and the Khans would never cast her in their films.

Well, the trailer where we see Sunny Leone shaking legs with King Khan is a big snap to all the people who could not think big about her.

Sunny leoneSunny leone

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Sunny Leone took to Twitter to thank SRK in a very special way.

There are certain people who can change ur life in entertainment and Mr.@iamsrk can!! Thank you. @rahuldholakia Sir ,thanku4 giving me a chance.

SRK was equally courteous to tweet her back. “You are too gracious. Thank You for adding so much to Raees. Keep Smiling.

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This is the first time, the Item song queen and the King of Bollywood come together. They are reprising the Zeenat Aaman classic, ‘Laila O laila.’ We expect a lot from this item number because Sunny Lone will contribute her sizzling quotient to this superhit classic dance number. What adds to the excitemnent is King Khan shakes legs with her.

So will Laila O laila Of Raees change Sunny Leone’s life in the entertainment world? We just have to wait few more days to witness the result.


Ranveer Singh Has a Pet Name For His Lady Deepika Padukone

Can you guess the Pet Name Ranveer might love calling Deepika?

The onscreen chemistry of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone was mindblowing in RamLeela. Affairs about their linkup were quite in hype while the launch of the film. Their sizzling chemistry in the song, ‘Aang laga De’ in Ramleela was an eye brow raiser. The bold scenes in the song only added fuel to the much hyped rumour about their budding affair. After that Ranveer and Deepika have been spotted together at number of places.

Ranveer Singh

The duo have never spoken up openly about their relationship, neither they have denied the rumours downright. In an interview, Deepika spoke about the emotional side of Ranveer Singh. She said she likes the bond Ranveer shares with his family and the emotions for his near and dear ones. She said she is much like that in her personal life and that is where Ranveer and she shares a common thread.

ranveer singh

But knowing how mushy Ranveer is, it is exciting to think how he adores his lady love. In Koffee with Karan, Ranveer confessed that ‘I am the best boyfriend’. ‘I have everything a woman desires in a man’. Immediately our thought process goes into imagining how lucky his present girlfriend might feel in the company of Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singhranveer Singh

Image Credit: Indiatimes

Buddy Arjun Kapoor opens up about his friendship with Ranveer Singh. Reportedly Arjun Kapoor was asked, whom would he pick if given a choice between Ranveer and his lady love. He promptly said, ‘Ranveer’. Next instant he said, Ranveer won’t do the same I know. He would definitely pick his lady Booboo. That’s how we came to know that Ranveer calls Deepika, Booboo. Cute isn’t it?


Fans of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh address the romantic duo as DeepVeer. Now the sole right over ‘Booboo’ remains with Ranveer we guess.