Five Jet Setting Hair Tricks to Flaunt it in Style

As rightly said by someone, ladies hair is her crowning glory and we could not agree more to that. Having the right hairstyle makes a lot of difference. It can even make or break your entire look. While we are all evidently green with envy of those who manage to look still all perfect after a long day, the rest of us seem to be just out of the hell. So, how do these damsels manage it each time, while we look just back from war? Before, you give up on that and try to shake hands with a hairstyle tragedy; we have some jet setting hair tricks just for you. Read on..

Go Layers

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While some of us may be tired off those layers, it is still a high in demand hairstyle. Experts suggest that long layers that fall between the jawline and the shoulder blades is a perfect look that goes at all occasions. You can max up your look with a great blow dry or air dried. It’s manageable and requires less visits to salon for maintenance than any other haircut. So, get going with layers this season.

Manage frizz

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Keeping a pocket sized bottle of your favorite serum or hair spray can be your savior just at the right time. Get that frizz free hair in minutes by using a serum that can transform your otherwise static and wild hair into a smooth and shiny mane. Spray or dab some on and there you go!

Cut Down on your Blow Dry Session

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Too much of blow dry not only strips off your hair of that added moisture, but it can also make it look too smooth that’s unable hold any style. So, save on that added effort,  simply flip the wet hair upside down, and dry it off with a hair drier. You can then either style your hair your way from the top layer, or leave it as it is for a natural look.

Don’t Overdo on Products or Dry Shampoo

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Dry Shampoo is the need of the moment, and even that styling hair spray. So, if you go OD on that styling product it can attract all the grime from the air and make it appear dull faster. Using too much of dry shampoo can only make your hair brittle and clog the hair follicles. Go slow on them and flaunt healthy hair.

Basic Hair Care

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Maintaining good hair is no rocket science, but it just needs some TLC to get that perfect healthy hair. Wash your hair less often to avoid drying out your hair, make sure it’s completely dry before you step out, use an SPF protection spray to protect it from UV rays, keep it moist with something like, Argan oil, and splurge on a professional blow out at regular intervals, for a low maintenance hair.

So, put these 5 jet-setting hair tricks to test and we bet you won’t complain of that bad hair day any more.

8 Beauty Products To Always Keep In Your Car/Bag

You are almost done with your office and just then your husband/boyfriend asks you out for dinner. That sounds familiar, isn’t it? You definitely don’t want to miss the date, but are you all-prepared for that quick touchup? Sounds alien? Well, we don’t blame you as many of us are still confused on what beauty products to stack up in the car or carry in the bag while on the go. So, would just a lipstick, a hairbrush and a compact do the job, or do you need more? Let’s break through your quandary today and tell you which beauty products to always keep in your car/bag.

Sun Protection/Sun Block


Image Courtesy – Amazon; Daily Mail

Dates, dinners, events or parties are not always arranged in the evenings, and so, if it’s a day time out then a sun-protection is a must in your kitty. Keep those mini versions with a minimum SPF of 30 and based on your skin texture. A good quality and reputed brand also makes for a great base for the rest of the make-up.

Compact Powder/Foundation Compact


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Get even-toned skin in minutes with a compact makeup that offers a creamy base with a powdery finish. You can even skip a concealer with the best brands. Grab the ones with the SPF 15 and you are all set to attend events day or night!

Eye Liner


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Even if you’ve got the one that claims to last for 8 hours to 12 hours, you would still need a touch up at the end of the day. But, if it’s not yet wiped out for some reason, you can simply add to it for a more dramatic look. Keeping one in the form of a pen or a pencil is the best way to avoid staining your bag.

Lip Gloss/Lip Balm/Lip & Cheek Tint


Image Courtesy – All She Needs

With those heavenly lip balms and lip glosses being launched every alternate month, it’s simply impossible to hold back our desires. You can either throw a crayon pencil stuff, or the usual lip balms with a tint. What’s beautiful about these cuties is that they even double up as a cheek tint.

Dry Shampoo


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Although, this is still a not so common habit in India, the fact is we already over a dozen brands selling dry shampoo. Well, you may not really get hold of a mini size; the one that’s available is good to fit in your desk or car. So, stack one up today and get the volumizing effect in no time.

Makeup Removing Sheets/Facial Wipes


Image Courtesy – Indian Fashion Blog

No matter how much make-up products you stuff in your car or bag, not removing makeup is not a good practice. So, keep the facial wipes that can clear your face of makeup in minutes and lets it breathe.

Hair Bands


Image Courtesy – Today

Okay, now missing a hair band in your bag is not so smart, especially if you have mid to full length hair. So, if you want that clean look store them in your bag in different colors and sport one based on the requirement.

Mini Perfume


Image Courtesy – Indian Fashion Blog

This one’s a no brainer. Whether you are man or a woman, a perfume is a must-have for all those on the go. Keep the mini version of your favorite fragrance or brand and simply spray it on for quick fresh appearance.

So, get these 8 beauty products for your car or bag today and never miss a date or an event because you were not all decked up.

Say Bye Bye To Your Tired and Lifeless Skin

Help Your Skin Make A Radical Comeback With These Easy Tips

Bright and revitalized skin is a beautiful mirror of your personality. But, some of us tend to take it for granted and neglect it to the extent that we do not realize the slow damage leading to dull skin. All those night parties, regular intake of alcohol, increased stress and pollution finally starts showing off in form of dull and lifeless skin. But, fret not, as we have some cool skin care tips today to help your skin make a radical comeback.

  1. Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to kick-start your day. Drink at least 2 liters of water in the entire day to keep yourself well-hydrated and resulting in fresh and radiant skin.


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2) Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated products that dehydrate your skin, or food with high level of sugar that can damage the collagen and elasticity causing dull skin tone. Lots of water and fresh vegetables should be your go to mantra for a brighter skin.


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3) Even skin texture reflects light better and makes it look brighter, they say. So, to get a smooth and even complexion, remove those piled up dead skin cells by exfoliating them at night (as opposed to daytime) and feel the difference in the morning.


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4) Washing your face with plain water twice a day (minimum) instantly perks up your skin and helps your dull skin make a radical comeback in minutes.


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5) Regular skin messages, possibly twice a month can help enhance your skin texture, and impart and even skin tone, while it looks healthy, fresh and glowing.


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6) Do not forget the skin on the other parts of the body that is arms, legs or feet. Use a specialized body lotion for dry skin and complement your glowing face with a smooth body.


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7) Use skin products like, moisturizers with Ceramides for to hydrate your skin, Retinoids to stimulate the production of collagen and Vitamin C that induces antioxidant properties to revive your skin, help fade dark spots, and is a perfect dull skin treatment.


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When it’s about your skin, there’s a lot that it takes to keep it perfect. So, follow these simple tips to help your skin make a radical comeback, and feel at the top of the world.

6 Skin DIY you should never try at home

We admit! DIY skin care is a rage these days. From homemade skin care recipes to natural skin care tips , there are hundreds of blogs and articles spread all over the Internet. All we do is Google the skin care hacks based on the skin type and apply it on our skin. But, what we tend to overlook is, if the ingredients suit our skin and are actually safe. According to experts, not all of them are healthy or work the way they claim. In fact, some can cause more harm than good. So, let’s see which are skin DIY you should never try!

Lemons for a lighter skin tone

lemonsImage Courtesy –

Did you know that lemons have a pH level of 2 and can unsettle the skin’ natural pH balance which is 4 to 5? Moreover, they are also highly acidic that can destroy the protective barrier of your skin. So, drink that lemon water early morning for overall wellness, but stay away from using it in your skin DIY care regime.

Egg whites for skin tightening


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It’s proven that egg whites contain protein and hence, leave a remarkable impact on your skin tone and improve elasticity. But, if the egg white contains salmonella (a type of bacteria that can cause serious food poisoning) and you ingest it accidentally, there’s no stopping from that stomach ailment.

Homemade scrubs with nut


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Crushing all the nut varieties like, walnuts, almonds and pistachio shells for a homemade face scrub is definitely not a good idea. It can literally tear the skin cells and cause your skin to bleed, so beware!

DIY acne treatment with Toothpaste


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While the baking soda in the toothpaste can help dry out your acne and pimples, the additional ingredients such as, menthol, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can be severely harmful for your skin.

Mayonnaise for skin


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Remember that it’s your skin and not a mayo sandwich! This thick, creamy stuff contains more of fat and oil that can only clog your pores and make a perfect base for skin bacteria to grow and fill your face with acne!

Witch Hazel as homemade astringent


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If you do not want to rip off the hydrating layer of your skin, then next time do not think of this skin DIY homemade astringent. Witch Hazel is generally distilled by alcohol or dipped in it as a sterilizer that can leave the skin severely dry and flaky.

5 Steps to Say Hello to Bright Skin!

Who wouldn’t want a glowing and bright skin? The main point of investing thousands of our money into skin care regime is usually because we want to achieve a porcelain and clear skin. But do those expensive and over-rated products work for a long time? Most of them stop their magic once you discontinue using them. Bright complexion is fairly easy to get if you are ready to make certain changes to your lifestyle and adopt a more natural skin care routine. If you are still in pursuit of steering clear of dull face despite trying everything under the sun, then lovely ladies, look no further! We are curating some of the best tips across the world, so you don’t have to scurry around and waste time experimenting with ineffective commercial “wonders”! Here are 5 steps to get rid of lifeless skin forever and bag a radiant and bright one!

1. Sesame Oil for Bright Skin Complexion

bright skin, sesame oil

Image Courtesy: Food.ndtv

If you knew the benefits of sesame oil, you’d simply toss out your high-end brands of serums! It is rich in linoleic acid which possesses anti-inflammatory properties to reduce cysts and curb potential pimples. The acid also aids in evening out your skin tone. High levels of anti-oxidants ensure that your skin is glowing inside-out and is baby soft to touch! It is indeed the best solution to your dull skin issues. Simply take 5-7 drops of sesame oil and massage gently into your skin before bed (OR) add 2-3 drops of the oil to your moisturizer. You’ll wake up to a gorgeous and bright skin just within a week!

2. Grapes

grapes, bright skin

Image Courtesy: Larry Stockstill

We love the sweet and tangy taste of grapes. But did you know you could use them to make a brightening skin mask too? High-end brands tend to over-price their skin brightening and whitening products in the name of rich vitamin C they apparently contain. However, that’s plain gimmick as the potency of vitamin C cannot be contained for more than a month or two. Also, if you pay heed to the ingredients list, you’d be appalled to see the products advertised in the name of a certain vitamin is somewhere at the bottom. To avoid getting looted by fake claims, resort to the natural powerhouse of vitamin C, i.e., grapes. They help in building collagen, thereby improving your skin’s elasticity. This makes your face look polished and sparkly.


  • Crush 6-8 Grapes along with the seeds
  • Add 3 drops of Lavender essential oil

This is an amazing dual-functionary mask as the seeds of the grapes work as a scrub too, exfoliating away all your dead cells. Use this mask thrice a week.


3. Aloe Vera

aloe vera, bright skin

Image Courtesy: Netra Agro

Aloe Vera is also known as the ‘plant of immortality‘! Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s used to achieve perennial beauty by women around the world. Anthraquinone in aloe vera helps ooze glow from your face, while α-Arbutin reduces dark spots and tan. So stop wondering how to get brighter skin and use this mask now!


  • Take 2 aloe leaves and extract the gel
  • Mix the gel with half a lemon
  • Add a few drops of fresh orange juice (optional)
  • Let the mask seep into your skin for 15 mins
  • Repeat twice a week


4. Take Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex Supplements for Face Brightening


Image Courtesy: DBRev

The vital combination of Vitamin C and B complex is an absolute must if you want to shed away your dull and lifeless skin! Start taking them today and thank us later! We assure you’d never have to worry about how to make your skin bright again.

5. Sunflower Seeds


Image Courtesy: Healthy Beauty Blogs

Sunflower seeds or chironji are found in most of the Indian households. They are stocked up with Vitamin E and B complex to help repair and enhance your skin’s luster. You can easily find them in the market. Use the seeds regularly to bid adieu to your tired skin.


  • Soak a few chironji seeds overnight in milk
  • Grind them and apply along with milk
  • Keep it on for 15 mins or use as scrub if you’re in short of time
  • Repeat daily or atleast thrice a week for an extremely bright skin


We hope these tips help you with your skin insecurities and pull out the real you that’s stifled under layers of dull and tired skin!

6 Best Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home You Must Definitely Try!

What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone? Their smile, probably? A person tends to smile radiantly and more confidently when they are endowed with a set of bright and white teeth. However, because of the increase in coffee consumption and lack of oral hygiene due to tight schedules, our teeth tend to lose its shine. Teeth whitening becomes necessary to face daily social situations. It’s extremely imperative that we get rid of the yellowness/dullness in our teeth as soon as possible with some white teeth home remedies, other wise it can get difficult to revert to our natural color. It’s a psychological fact that people with whiter teeth are more friendly and approachable than the ones with stained or yellow teeth. Even while going for a job interview or on your first date, whiter teeth will always act as a major trump card for you. So if you feel like your dull or yellow teeth are bogging you down, then you must read these tips to finally take control of your life and get your confidence back! Here are the 6 best ways to whiten teeth at home you must definitely try:

1. Lemon + Baking Soda for Best Home Teeth Whitening

baking soda, lemon, teeth whitening, Best Way to Whiten Teeth at Home

Image Courtesy: Fast Teeth White

Lemon contains natural bleaching properties and baking soda’s abrasiveness aids in eliminating any stains from your teeth. This is the best at home teeth whitening trick. Make a mixture of the two and use a toothbrush to apply it on your teeth. Brush in circular motion for about a minute. Use it once in two weeks as baking soda and lemon can erode your enamel if used excessively. This is also an instant white teeth home remedy.


2. Banana Peel for Home Remedy White Teeth

banana peel, teeth whitening, Best Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

Image Courtesy: BarefootBlonde

We all love bananas, don’t we? It’s sweet, easy to eat and contains serotonin, which helps in improving moods. You think you don’t need any more reasons to buy this delicious fruit? Let us give you some more! A ripe banana peel is full of potassium, magnesium, and manganese, that is found in a lot of expensive teeth whitening brands. Certainly among the best natural ways to whiten teeth. Brush your teeth as usual and rub a small portion of the peel on your teeth. You can do this on alternate days.


3. Strawberry and Salt Combo as Best Home Remedy for Teeth Whitening

strawberry and salt, teeth whitening, Best Way to Whiten Teeth at Home

Image Courtesy: Greeniacs

Strawberries are simply sublime to the sight! Its bright color and fresh fragrance will compel you to buy them anyway. But did you know that this gorgeous fruit is also the one the popular natural remedies for white teeth? And if you have watched those annoying “Kya aapke toothpaste mei namak hai?” ads, then you most likely also know the importance of salt for your teeth too! Salt also helps in removing irritants from your mouth, making your teeth much cleaner! Crush a strawberry and mix half a tsp of salt. Use a brush to apply and swirl it on your teeth for about 2 mins. Repeat once a week.


4. Activated Charcoal

charcoal activated. teeth whitening, Best Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

Image Courtesy: Vinevera Cosmetics

Remember balking at your grandparents using a black powder called manjan to brush their teeth? Well, it’s nothing but the amazing activated charcoal which is widely used in every beauty product nowadays; from skin care to oral hygiene. It’s one of the excellent home remedies for whiter teeth. You can pick about a tsp of charcoal either with your brush or finger and rub it on your teeth. Rinse your mouth thoroughly post application. You may use this daily.


5. Oil Pulling

oil pulling, teeth whitening, Best Way to Whiten Teeth at Home

Image Courtesy: Live Science

Oil pulling is an exceptionally effective remedy for white teeth. It is one of the best ways to whiten teeth. It is an Ayrurvedic technique that has benefits beyond the teeth. Indians have been using this procedure for really long as it helps with throat dryness, acne and strengthen gums and jaws too.

To use it the most optimal way:

  • You must oil pull even before you brush your teeth or have a glass of water.
  • Swish about 2 tbsp of sesame (most popular), coconut or olive oil, depending upon your convenience between 10-15 mins, without swallowing any of the oil!
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water so that all the smell goes away
  • Repeat this thrice a week for best results


6. Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide, teeth whitening, Best Way to Whiten Teeth at Home

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Hydrogen Peroxide is also among the best home whitening teeth hacks. But note that you purchase a food standard one only for this purpose.

  • Buy a hydrogen peroxide bottle of 2% concentration.
  • Mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio
  • Swish it in your mouth for about 30 secs
  • Rinse with lukewarm water
  • Caution: Do not consume tea or coffee immediately after using this
  • Use once a week


Let us know if any of these ideas helped you and share with us your own home remedy for white teeth fast!

7 Ways on How to Lighten Lips and Make Them Look Lush

Pink and flushed lips are desired by all. After all, they enhance your beauty and make you less conscious about stepping out of your home without an artificial lip color. If you wonder how to lighten lips without splurging on a deluge of ineffective commercial lightening lips treatments, then you have reached your destination! There is a reason why Bollywood dedicated an entire song to Pink Lips. They have an ability to perk up your face effortlessly and make you more feminine. Pigmented lips can be contributed by a lot of factors, such as: too much coffee, smoking, and poor body and skin hydration. One of the prime ways to lighten lips is to scrub them lightly on a daily basis. Yes, it’s true that one shouldn’t exfoliate your facial skin more than twice a week, but the skin on your lips is different. They shed more dead cells and tend to get stained from our eating activities. However, you have to ensure to be extremely gentle yet firm while scrubbing the dead skin off your lips as being aggressive can cause them injury. The best tips on how to lighten lips boils down to these 7 DIY treatments :

Note: Before trying out any of these lips lightening treatments, you must exfoliate your skin with the help of a toothbrush. Coat a thin layer of petroleum jelly or a lip balm of your choice, and swirl the toothbrush gently yet firmly on your lips.

1. Beetroot to Lighten Lip Color

beetroot for light lips, lighten lips, at home, diy

Image Courtesy: Style Whack

Beetroot is an excellent veggie to lighten pigmented lips. A lot of high-end brands have taken inspiration of its rich color to create their shades (Bite Beauty, Smash Box, Revlon etc). You can store this beetroot stain in a pot and use it daily to combat dark lips. What’s more? You don’t even have to shell out money on lip balms as it infuses your lips with its natural and deep shade.

What you need:

  • Half Beetroot
  • 1 tsp Glycerin
  • A empty lip balm Pot

Chop the beetroot and grind. Add glycerin and store in an empty pot. Use it daily as a stain to lighten lips and make them pink.

Why it works:

Beetroot: Contains rich antioxidants and bleaching properties to lighten up the lips.

Glycerin: Natural moisture binder that helps in rejuvenating your lip cells.


2. Lip Scrub to Lighten Lips

lighten lips at home, lip scrub, olive oil, lemon, sugar

Image Courtesy: Zuri

Use this excellent and popular lip lightening scrub so you don’t have to hide behind layers of drying and harmful lippies.

Lighten lips with lemon and sugar scrub as it not only brushes off the dead cells, but also helps in moisturizing and making your lips look baby pink!

What you need:

  • 1 tbsp Sugar
  • Half Lemon
  • 1 tsp Olive Oil

Scrub your lips gently with the given ingredients for about 2 mins. Wash and apply a heavy duty lip balm. Use this lightening lip scrub twice a week.

Why it works:

Sugar: The granule texture is amazing in scrubbing off all the dead cells

Lemon: Possesses natural bleaching properties. Use lemon to lighten lips in a few days. However, you must follow up with a sunscreen while going out as lemons tend to make your skin photosensitive.

Olive Oil: Rich source of Vitamin E


3. Butter as a Lip Lightener

lighten lips, butter

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you are tired of googling how to lighten upper lip, which is more stubborn than the lower one, then you have to-have to use the humble and amazing butter.

What you need:

  • 1 tsp Butter

Massage butter generously all over your lips. Let it stay till it dries completely. Repeat.

Why it works:

Butter: Contains a lot of rich fats that lighten your lips and makes them look fresh


4. Turmeric to Lighten Lips


Image Courtesy: Style Craze

Use this amazing concoction to achieve not just pinker, but also fuller and radiant lips.

What you need:

  • One pinch Turmeric Powder
  • Half tsp Cinnamon Powder
  • 1 tbsp Milk

Apply this mixture on your lips for 3-5 mins. Wash it off in gentle circular manner and follow with a lip balm. You may experience some tingling a few seconds after putting it on, but don’t worry it’s the cinnamon working its magic! Use this once a week.

Why it works:

Turmeric: Natural turmeric helps cut melanin production, thereby making lips lighter

Cinnamon: Encourages instant blood flow under the lips’ skin making it plumper instantly

Milk: Moisturizes and lightens lips


5. Rose Petals to Lighten Lips


Image Courtesy: Loud Read

Rose signifies beauty and elegance. You must have heard of phrases like, “Lips as soft as rose petals..”, so it is of no surprise that to attain lighter and gorgeous lips, rose petals come to our rescue.

What you need:

  • 5 Rose petals
  • Half tsp Ghee

Make a paste and apply to lips. Keep it on for 15-20 mins. Repeat on alternate days.

Why it works:

Rose Petals: Inflammatory in nature and imparts pink lips

Ghee: Moisturizes your lips and wards off flakiness


6. Pomegranate + Carrot to Lighten up Lips

carrot, pomegranate, lighten lips

Image Courtesy: Unamericancucina

No, no, we aren’t talking weight loss here. Pomegranate and carrot juice have benefits beyond accelerating your metabolism! It helps in lightening your lips in a healthy way very quickly.

What you need:

  • 10 seeds Pomegranate
  • Quarter Carrot

Make a juice of the two and apply on lips. Let it stay till it tries. Use it everyday for glowing and pink lips.

Why it works:

Pomegranate: Seeps into the epidermis to give pink lips

Carrot: Rich in Vitamin A and Carotene that helps in fighting melanin production.


7. Ice Cubes to Lighten Lip Colour

lighten lips, ice cubes, ethnic daily

Image Courtesy: Fashion Foot

Ice cubes have many beauty uses! Right from reducing the redness to aiding in clearing your acne scars. But did you know you could also use this super easily available ingredient to get healthy and pink lips too?

What you need:

  • 1 Ice Cube
  • Handkerchief/ Paper towel

Wrap the cube in cloth or paper towel and massage it on your lips for 3-5 mins. Do this daily.

Why it works:

Ice improves blood circulation and lends you a dewy and fresh look


Try out these home treatments and let us know how it worked for you!

5 Guaranteed Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss is probably one the most stressful issues for a woman. Once upon a time, hair fall was linked to aging. However, with frantic lifestyles rampant with convenient foods and little time for hair care, these problems are faced by many young folks too. But worry not for there are several effective hair loss home remedies that can help you rejuvenate your tresses and make you sway to Dilip Kumar’s tunes *50 points if you got the reference*. And all this without burning holes in your wallet! Sounds awesome? Let’s get started! Here are 5 Guaranteed Home Remedies for Hair Loss

1. Gooseberry to Cure Hair Loss

hair loss, gooseberry, amla, remedies

Image Courtesy: Only My Health

Gooseberry (Amla) is regarded as one of the potent ancient remedies for hair loss. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which helps absorb Iron and reduce hair fall along the way.

Here’s what you need to use to get a grip on your hair problems:

  • 3-5 tbsp Gooseberry Powder or Amla Powder
  • Half Lemon
  • 2 tbsp Basil Leaves (Tulsi) Powder

Make a fine paste of all the ingredients. Keep it on for 30 mins and rinse with lukewarm water.

The antioxidants in Basil leaves will replenish your hair growth and lemon will unclog all the blocked pores on your scalp.


2. Onions  to Stop Hair Loss

hair loss, onion juice, onions, india

Image Courtesy: Home Remedies Shop

The sulfur in onions improves blood circulation in the scalp region and accelerates hair growth.

To get the best of onions for home remedies hair loss, you need:

Grate the onion to extract the juice. Add 2 tsp Coconut oil and massage well into the hair. Keep it on till the mixture dries.

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids which facilitates in healthy and thick hair growth, whilst also strengthening hair follicles.


3. Henna to Prevent Hair Loss

hair loss, henna, india, ethnic blog

Image Courtesy: Detoxinista

It is a well-known fact that henna was used by Indian kings and queens to beautify their natural hair. A lot of women still use it for a myriad of issues: right from dandruff to grey hair and to hair loss.

Henna is useful as it helps in moisturizing your hair and making it less vulnerable to pollution and other factors that causes hair loss.

You can improve your hair growth by getting:

  • 4 tbsp Henna Powder
  • 1 Egg White
  • Half Lemon

Mix them all and apply on hair from roots to tips. Let it stay for an hour and rinse with warm water. Repeat twice a week.

Egg white helps in building collagen which is beneficial to reduce hair fall and lemon unclogs your scalp pores and provides shine to your locks.


4. Fenugreek to Fix Hair Loss

hair loss, fenugreek seeds, india

Image Courtesy: Telegraph

Fenugreek seeds (methi seeds) are a splendid home remedy to fix the heavy hair loss. It brims with protein and nicotinic acid that basically work all the magic.

For this awesome-blossom Ayurveda seeds to work, you need:

  • 3-5 tbsp Fenugreek Powder
  • 1 tbsp Honey

Keep this mixture for 30 mins. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Honey can help revive the hair follicles and promote steady hair growth.


5. Hair Mask for Hair Loss

hair loss, hair mask, avocado

Image Courtesy: Green Yatra Blog

There are numerous hair masks out in the market that are filed with chemicals. Although they may give you instant results, they are very detrimental for your hair beauty in the long run. We give you an easy, cheap and fruitful alternative so you can turn your back to expensive market gimmicks. All you need are:

  • 1 Avocado
  • 2 tsp Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil

Make a paste and keep it on your hair for an hour. Wash it off with cold water and follow with a conditioner.

Avocado is packed with Vitamin E and healthy fats, Aloe Vera possesses polysaccharides and glycoproteins to stimulate new hair and Olive Oil contains essential nutrients and vitamins. These characteristics together make this Avocado hair mask truly worth your time and expectations!


Have your own remedies? Do not hesitate to share current or even Ayurveda India hair loss tips with us too!

All About White Henna

White henna is a body paint, cosmetic adhesive, an adhesive glitter powder, a water based gel or a tattoo paint which has been specifically adapted for henna body art. It can be applied with a cone, and sealed with glitter or gilding powder. Red henna leaves red or brown tints or stains on a person’s skin, hair or nails. But white henna does not. Most commonly, it is made up of face paint or body paint that usually washes off within a few hours. You can also choose a waterproof body paint that can stay on your skin for as many as 7 days or go for a non-waterproof one that lasts between 1 to 3 days. Here we answer some of the basic questions or queries that might crop up in your mind when you hear about white henna. We then go on to giving you ideas on designs. Read on 🙂

1. How to use white henna?

How to apply white henna

Image Source : Pinterest

  • Apply white henna to skin as you would apply henna
  • When the sticky paste becomes firm, apply gilding powder or glitter generously on the white henna
  • The powder and glitter will stick to the white henna paste and seal it
  • Brush away the excess powder or glitter
  • The paste will no longer be sticky
  • It will stay on the skin from three to ten days

2. How long will white henna last?

White henna

Image Source : Pinterest

It can resist water and can be peeled off after a week . If you use a water-based gel, then it can get washed off with water easily. Tattoo paints also last longer, for about a week to ten days and can be removed by rubbing alcohol.

3. How to make white henna paste at home?

How to make white henna paste at home

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To make white-henna-gilding-paste, you’ll need very hard hold hair gel. You can additionally mix it with a little glue. Add white mica powder. Loose or crushed eye shadow will work fine if you don’t have access to pure mica powder. You can also add very fine body-safe or cosmetic-grade glitter if you’d like. Put it in a henna cone and use it. It can be easily scrubbed off unlike henna! Remember not to use any bleaching agent or acrylic paints to make white henna.

4. What’s the difference between white henna and henna?

White Henna or Henna

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Henna is a paste made from a henna leaves that stains the skin. This stain generally has good color 5-10 day but can last upto 1 to 3 weeks. Henna can not be washed off. White henna, on the other hand, is just a surface application of body paint that wears away in 1-5 days. White henna body art will not actually stain the skin like real henna. It contains no actual henna at all. Its is called white henna because the designs are often henna-like.

5. Is white henna safe?

White henna is safe as long it is not made of any bleaching agent or acrylic paints. However, do a patch test on the elbow in case your skin is particularly sensitive.

Now that we have answered most of your queries, let’s explore some white henna design ideas :

1. White Bridal Henna

According to Hindu tradition, the mehendi ceremony is is held on the eve of the marriage ceremony or few days before the marriage. The bride’s hands and feet are adorned with mehendi or henna. Try out the traditional motifs of peacocks, paisleys and flowers in white henna for your wedding ceremonies, this season. It will add a twist to the ceremony, if you wish to sway beyond the usual. remember, white henna looks amazing with mint shades or blush shades of your bridal outfits.

White Henna Bridal Designs

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White Henna Temporary Tattoo

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2. White Henna for Hands

Mehndi is one thing that all Indian women adore because of how beautiful the mehandi design looks when we are adorned with it. We are usually quite accustomed to seeing lavish and intricate designs during weddings. But there are also some very simple designs that look equally beautiful and can be done for any kind of occasion. These designs require very less time. For white henna designs, you can either opt for a simple design or an intricate design. We recommend simple because simple can be beautiful and sometimes less can be more. To go minimalist, opt for delicate designs that are elegant and beautiful. Here is a very beautiful yet very simple designs for the hands. The design is mainly done on the fingers. It is apt if you are attending an engagement ceremony or the sangeet of a friend’s friend!

White Henna Designs

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3. White Henna For Feet

Recently there has been a new trend of increased use of glitter and stones. Using glitter and stones looks great with white henna and when done on the feet, the results are simply awesome. Glitters and stones give you ample choice and you can easily settle for any colour of your choice! Glitter can be brushed over the white henna and the beads & stones can be placed according to the design. The colours used can be chosen according to your outfit. If you are a contemporary bride who is not shy to experiment, you can opt for this one.

White Henna for Feet

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4. Mix of Henna and White Henna

We women generally use mehndi for festive occasions, such as weddings, religious events and traditional ceremonies like Karva-Chauth or Diwali. Mehndi or Henna is a very important part of Indian customs and traditions and we Indians give a lot of emphasis is given on customs and rituals. In Indian weddings, the bride flaunts lovely mehndi designs on the hands and the feet. They say the darker the Mehndi color the more your husband loves you. If you’re a mix of a superstitious geek and a fun experimenter, then you can mix both henna and white henna on the D-Day so that neither do you miss out on the traditions nor on your experimental moods!

Henna and White Henna

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We hope we have managed to clear your doubts regarding white henna and we hope you love the designs we have compiled for you. Do try it out at the next wedding you attend!

8 Tips on How to Get Thicker Hair Faster

There may be a gamut of fairy tales chronicling adventures of princesses fighting against all odds and finally living happily ever after. But do you know what’s common between Rapunzel, Ariel, Mulan or any other princess for that matter? They all possess lustrous, shiny and thick hair! Learning how to grow thicker hair requires some efforts, but hey, that’s the least we can do for our mane! Thin hair can be tackled just by tweaking your hair care regime according to the type of your locks. Sounds easy? Not yet. What makes hair thicker is really sticking religiously to your routine. After that, in no time will you be flaunting your bountiful and thick hair with utmost confidence! Here are 8 fantastic tips on How to Get Thicker Hair Faster:

1. Coconut Oil

thicker hair, coconut oil

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Your grandmother was totally right when she insisted on applying coconut oil on your hair every alternate day. Coconut oil is one of the stellar Indian home remedies for thicker hair growth, which is now being adopted worldwide too. It is rich in fatty acids and massaging your hair regularly with it is without doubt the best way to thicken hair. Just take our word for that.

To get the best of the oil, all you need are:

Heat this mixture in the microwave for about 30 secs. Gently massage it with your finger tips, covering your hair from roots to tips. Let it stay overnight for optimum results.

Tip: For added benefit, take 2-3 drops of coconut oil. After a shower, apply it only on the hair tips.


2. Fenugreek Seeds

thicker hair, fenugreek seeds

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Fenugreek Seeds are a one stop shop for quite literally every hair problem. It works among some of the sure-shot treatments for thicker hair. Use the below hair recipe and see the results within a month:

  • 2 tbsp Fenugreek Seeds
  • 12-15 Curry Leaves
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil

Grind the seeds and leaves together and mix with olive oil. Keep it on for 30 mins and repeat twice a week. This is one the tried and tested herbal remedies for thicker hair!

Fenugreek seeds contain nicotinic acid, which helps in strengthening the roots and thickening hair naturally.


3. Hair Mask

thicker hair, egg mask

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If you ever wondered how to get longer and thicker hair, then the answer is an effective and humble egg mask!

Egg and curd concoction has been used as homemade remedies for thicker hair since the time immemorial. Just follow these steps and let your hair flow gracefully in the wind!

  • 2 whole eggs (incase of dry hair, 2 yolks and 1 egg white)
  • 2 tbsp curd/yogurt
  • 1 tsp coconut/olive oil
  • 1 tbsp fenugreek seeds powder

Keep this mask on for approximately 40 mins. Wash the hair thoroughly. Repeat once a week.


4. Castor Oil for Thicker Hair for Women

thicker hair, castor oil

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Castor oil is hailed as an excellent treatment for thicker hair. It contains rich omega-9 fatty acids that retains moisture on hair and increases its volume. This oil also works as a remedy for dry and damaged tresses.

To use castor oil as thicker hair solution, take:

  • 3-6 tbsp Castor Oil
  • 2 drops of Lemongrass Oil (optional)

Keep it on your hair for about 30 mins. Wash and follow with a conditioner. If you are wondering how to thicken hair fast, look to your closest pharmacy and get this golden liquid ASAP!


5. Aloe Vera

thicker hair, aloe vera

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Wondering how to make hair both thicker and stronger is like asking for too much. But Aloe Vera is here to grant you more! Aloe vera contains myriad of benefits for your skin and hair because of the Vitamin E and amino acids present in it. This helps in nourishing and encouraging healthy locks.

Here is how you can use it as one of your regular thicker hair remedies:

  • Half (small) bowl fresh Aloe Vera gel
  • Half Lemon

Blend the mixture very well. Apply this well and keep it for 10 mins. Repeat twice a week.


6. Apple Cider Vinegar as Thicker Hair Solution

thicker hair, apple cider vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the relatively new thicker hair remedies in India. It’s easily available at any retail store and is affordable too.

To inculcate it in your natural ways to thicker hair, take:

  • 1 mug Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 cup Green Tea

Mix them in a jug and rinse your hair with it post shampoo. This mixture is one of the holy grail tips for thicker hair growth! You don’t even have to apply a conditioner as ACV is enough to make your hair silky and shiny!

A little heads-up though: ACV has a strong odor. But it’ll go away once your hair dries.


7. Take your Multivitamins!

thicker hair, multivitamins, ethnic

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Gone are the days when food alone sufficed in giving us all the nutrients. Unfortunately, the diet we consume is filled with chemicals. Running a deficiency in any of the essential nutrients will cause hair fall and thinning. To combat that issue, take a daily dose of multivitamin after consulting your doctor.

8. Tease your Hair

Tease your Hair to add Volume

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If you want an instant illusion of thick and voluminous hair, tease them. For that you need to:

  1. Part your hair in wide sections
  2. Take a long comb and gently backcomb them
  3. The trick is to stop 3 inches from the roots, pull up and repeat
  4. Spray the teased area with your favorite hair spray
  5. Take a wide-tooth comb and run through the sprayed sections VERY lightly.


We hope you enjoyed reading these tips on how to thicken hair naturally! Let us know if they worked for you!