After Break Up Katrina Kaif Finds Solace In Salman Khan

Katrina Kaif is nervous to promote Jagga Jasoos with Ranbir kapoor after their break up. Salman Khan steps in to give her guidance in Personal Life and Professional Front.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have always maintained a dignified privacy about their relationship. Though media did enough talking about their apparent romance, neither Katrina nor Salman owned up and said , ‘yes, we are in a relationship.’ But after their alleged break up the case with Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were very different. They had no qualms in being together in parties or being spotted together elsewhere. But when a leading daily flashed pictures of bikini clad Katrina enjoying holiday with beau Ranbir and friend Ayan Mukherjee, Katrina was boiling with anger. She wrote an open letter to the media to respect her privacy, but she did not deny a relationship with Ranbir as it was very obvious.




katrina kaif

But while shooting for Jagga Jasoos, Ranbir and Katrina moved apart. In Koffee With Karan, Katrina said she hates ‘lieing’ in a relationship. Ranbir in KWK, said ‘being single’ is boring. But whatever be the reason ‘Ranbir and Katrina’ have splitted. Though Katrina seems to be a very strong minded girl, she somewhere needs a good friend to fall back on and who better a friend, than Salman Khan. The Ek Tha Tiger actress is reportedly chilling out with Salman Khan, more than often. The buzz is they both are attending workshops for Tiger Zinda Hain together. Salman Khan is even sorting out scripts for Katrina. He has become career counseller for Katrina and advising her as which projects she should be picking.

Katrina kaif

Apparently Katrina dropped in film set of Tubelight in Film City. She is also very close to Kabir Khan and three had a very good time together while wrapping up.


But the best part is Slaman has also become her relationship guide. Jagga Jasoos promotion will start soon. Insiders say Katrina has no idea as how to face Ranbir infront of the media. As Ranbir nor Katrina haven’t spoken about their break up in open, Katrina fears media probe on it very forcefully.

We all know Katrina has privacy issues. She hates paparazzi, especially about her relationship. But she is surely finding solace in Salman Khan. A veteren in this industry, Salman Khan can surely guide her on how to keep professional and personal separate. Salman’s fondness for Katrina was very evident in the recent Koffee with Karan show, where he rated  Katrina from 1 to 5, leaving out any other option.

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katrina kaifkatrina kaif

Nevertheless fans are awaiting the promotions of Jagga Jasoos to see how good a studenet Katrina has been of Salman Khan.


Priyanka or Deepika. Who Rocked The Recent ‘Airport Avatars’ This Time?

Who Scores More With Their Recent Airport Avatars?

It is not fair to compare the leading Bollywood ladies Fashion fiesta but how can we help when they both are present at the same venue? No we are not talking about an Award Show or a Socialite Party. We are talking about Mumbai Airport. Deepika and Priyanka seemingly bond well unlike many contemporary actresses who do not share a very friendly relation. Deepika Padukone and Piggy Chops appeared in Koffee With Karan together. They worked in the film Baji Rao Mastani together. They both are riding high on their career graph and wait! They both are debuting in their first Hollywood Flick. Deepika’s xXx; The Return of Xander Cage is awaiting release in  January and PeeCee’s  Baywatch will release in March.

Images Courtesy: BollyWoodLife

airport avatars

Now when both these hot ladies are captured in their casual but catchy airport avatars, a friendly comparison does no harm. Both of them were in Mumbai Airport but were they clicked together? No, the actresses were not together. Priyanka was returning from her new year party in Goa. Deepika Padukone is exponentially promoting her upcoming Hollywood Movie.

airport looksairport avatarsairport looks

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Depeeka Padukone, model turned actress has lot of fashion accolades in her kitty. She may not be an airport queen, but nevertheless her airport avatars have been in the fashion headlines few times. Here we see her in skin tight pair of blue jeans, a cute white tunic over it. She accentuated the look with an oversized coat. By any chance is she following Kim Kardashian’s long coat looks. We dare not ask her the question as we can guess the answer. If you look at her ankle high yellow boots you will know what I am talking about. But all in all she rocked the look hands down.

airport avatarspriyanka-chopra-4


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Priyanka Chopra also sported a very cheeky casual look. She was returning from a party therefore the hangover looks were slightly visible on her face. She sported a tithery body tight jeans with an ash grey tank top over it. She jazzed it up slightly with a black threaded medium sized jacket. Her black and white smart sneakers were eye catching.

They both have made fashion blunders in the past but who doesn’t? It’s fair and square. If they look best, media talks about it and if they spoil it, media criticizes them too.

But for now ,can you just make up your mind as who’s looking more rocking in this casual airport avatar? Though Deepika is my personal favourite when it comes to fashion, but Priyanka takes ahead the casual looks with her swag. So for this time, it’s Priyanka for me.


Mira Rajput Answers Karan's Inappropriate Questions With Grace

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor Made Karan Johar Jealous With Their PDA of Oh So Perfect Marriage!

Karan Johar had to exclaim that they can keep their romance weekend for later.  Shahid Kapoor’s female fans must have had a bad Sunday evening. It seemed Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput took to Koffee With Karan to display their affection for each other. For a moment we thought, they are about to drool over each other. They projected that falling in love after marriage can be so damn romantic. It looked Shahid was the ambassador of ‘arranged marriage’ in the show. He said the process of  falling in love with your wife after marriage is beautiful.

mira rajputmira rajput

But the appropriately cunning Karan Johar welcomed Shahid and Mira in a politically incorrect way. He welcomed Shahid saying this is the first time Shahid is appearing with his wife. Previously Shahid appeared in the show with all his alleged girlfriend like Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha. Mira Rajput was surprisingly calm and said that she knows everything about Shahid, about the girlfriends in koffee with Karan and outside too.

mira rajputmira rajput

Shahid in return says that he is still trying to dig out the exact number of boyfriends Mira had prior to their marriage.

Karan cannot just let the show be typically romantic. He chose to be subtly vulgur or inappropriate in the most appropriate manner.

Some Questions Which Demanded to Be Answered, No Matter How Embarassing

Karan asks Mira,

‘What is the last thing you tell Shahid before going to bed.”

Mira answers, ‘kuch kuch hota hain’ looking right into Shahid’s eye. Karan Johar couldn’t help but tag this episode as Valentine’s day Special.

Karan played a fill in the blanks game with the duo. It came as.

‘when my wife wakes up in the morning she is likely to find my dash over her dash. Perplexed with the question, Mira told karan. ‘you better change the questions’. But Shahid went on answer it depends with each morning.

In the rapid fire session, Karan asks Mira, if she ever decides to leave Shahid, it’l be for

a) Bad sex, b) Intefering inlaws and c) Cheating on.

Mira replied, ‘my inlaws aren’t intefering, neither do we have bad sex. So it’l be if he is cheating on me.

Shahid who’s always taken the Koffee hamper home, had a very interesting question from Karan.

Karan asked, ‘if you were in an elevator stuck with Priyanka, Kareena and Mira, how would you describe the moment.’

Shahid replied, ‘Back To The Future.

The audience can conclude their own cessation from the statement. Till then enjoy more of Koffee With Karan.

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