Virat and Anoushka Getting Engaged In Dehradun?

New Year Eve, Virat and Anoushka Getting Engaged in Dehradun? One More Day and The Truth Will Be Out.

Celebrity enagagement and marriages have always been peeved about on an inflated scale. Some couples want to keep it a private affair, but some float their engagement pics all over social media. The new celebrity couple on marriage card is Virat Kohli and Anoushka Sharma. Their relationship was talk of the tinsel town right from the beginning. When media camera caught Virat coming out of Anoushka’s apartment early in the morning, news circulated that Virat Kohli has changed apartment and apparently staying with Anoushka. Virat Kohli’s flying kiss to Anoushka from the Cricket field confirmed the alleged affair between the two.

Vuirat and anoushkaAnoushka and Virat

But when the entire nation’s eye balls are on their relationship, the journey might not always be smooth. In ICC world Cup, 2015 when Virat Kohli lost his wicket after just a single run, Anoushka was trolled very badly on social media as she was present in the stadium. She was even considered unlucky for Virat. Though Virat came forward to her rescue, after couple of months news of their break up surfaced. Reason was lack of time for each other. Anoushka particularly refused to comment much to the media. But secretly the couple got back into the romantic fold with each other. They maintained a silence when anyone wanted to probe more on their relationship. But off late the couple confidently walk hand in hand in parties and do not shy away from posing together.

virat and kohlivirat and anoushka

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Couple Enjoying a Romantic Christmas Holiday In Uttarakhand

But the news of their secret engagement on the new years’ eve has come by as a surprise because neither Anoushka nor Virat has given any prior hint. Both of their career graph is on the prime high. Anoushka did say in an interview that marriage is on the cards, but so early?? The couple is enjoying a nice romantic holiday in a luxurious hotel in Uttarakhand. The news is that the couple will get engaged on 31st December in Dehradun. Reportedly Amitabh Bacchan and family, Anil Ambani and wife Tina have been invited for the ceremony. The news have its own ground of confirmation as few of the hotel employees talked about the grand arrangement for the big day.

virat and anoushka

It is a big day for Virat and Anoushka’s fans too. They all are waiting to watch if the reports of engagement are in actuals. Why is it such a hush hush affair? Will they tie the knot also soon? What are the arrangements for the engagement? So many questions going on in mind for their fans. So just a day more, till we get the confirmation of this big event.

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