Saif and Kareena's Baby Taimur Has Nursery all Decked Up

Pataudi Crest Ready Before His Arrival

Just 7 days old, Taimur has garnered fantabulous attention from media, social platforms and fans. Yes his royal lineage is a reason. Secondly mom, Kareena Kapoor has made her baby famous before he was born. Thanks to Kareena’s uber fashionable pregnant avatar. Read Kareena Sets New Pregnancy Trend.

The poor baby boy may not be aware of the ruckus his name, Taimur created in the social media world. Cousin Grand Dad, Rishi Kapoor even took to twitter to shut all the nonsense surrounding the baby’s name.


But as far as love is concerned, baby Taimur is getting it in all forms. Nana, nani, dadi, masi, daddy and mommy noone is leaving any space to shower their love on the little one. So the latest talk of the baby town is his nursery paradise.

Interior Desugner Ritakshi Arora was destined to create the ‘Pataudi Crest.’

Interior designer Ritakshi Arora, shared some pics of the baby nursery crest in her instagram account. Mini Nawab, taimur has a dedicated room for himself already. And My MY.  Royalty exihibits from all the corners of the nursery room.


Ritakshi Arora named the nursery room ‘ Pataudi Crest.” In a pic  Saif and the deisgner are togther. That proves that daddy dear was doing his duty when mother kareena was busy in her fashion shoots and hospital check ups.


Even father in law Randhir Kapoor was also all praises for Saif Ali Khan as  how single handedly Saif is handelling things and that too brilliantly.

Kareena has recieved a warm welcome to the mommy club by sister Karisma Kapoor already. The entire family and love is so picture perfect. TouchWood to their Happiness.


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