Rihanna Scorches with her Stylish Choices!

Rihanna Makes Her Own Style Statement Everytime She Steps Out!

Whether it’s celebrating the opening of the Fenty Puma pop-up shop at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC or just chilling out casually in NYC with her Margiela pants, Rihanna makes a style statement every time she steps out. She is chic, smart & extremely classy with her choice of dressing.Whether she is one on her way to a rehearsal,an award function,a night club or shopping she defies all fashion rules and the paparazzi can’t stop clicking her!!! She is undoubtedly an era defining artist who’s personality is as infectious as her songs.

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Rihanna Knows How To Experiment

Rihanna understands where and how to make a style statement. Whether it’s a Raf Simon’s puffer coat, double denim from Balenciaga, a casual pajama with an off shoulder tee or an asymmetrical dress complimented with a ‘Malono Blahnik’ boots, she carries every dress with poise & elan.



The Girl Has Come a Long Way


Rihanna surely ranks high on the celebrity style guide. Her style is equally talked about as her chart busters. Her style is one that we could only dream of emulating. The girl can make anything look good. From cropped tops to that famous cropped ‘do, we chart the good girl gone bad’s style’ evolution. She has surely come a long way. When she was 17, she oozed a funky, urban style in tow.


A 17 year Old Rihanna

In the pre-Umbrella days, it was a wholesome, Island-girl image Rihanna was working on. White jeans, hoop earrings and a tube top were her choice for 2005’s MTV Awards. She’s an intrepid fashion force now, but back in 2005 Rihanna used to play it safe with her simple ponytails, nude make-up and oh-so over, boho-inspired dresses. 2006 saw Rihanna release album ‘Girl Like Me and single SOS,’ which really catapulted her to a big celebrity with her name reckoning with fashion. A new album meant a new look: she began championing a more sophisticated, polished image.


She had her moments of blips too but today she has definitely stolen our hearts with not only her unique voice and demeanour but her chic style statements all the way! We wish to see Rihanna in more chart busting albums complemented with her ‘oh so’ inspiring style!


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