Paying Homage to the Legendary Popstar George Michael: RIP

80’s pop sensation and the Grammy Award winning legendary singer George Michael is no more. Yes, that came as a shock to all his fans this Christmas. He bid adieu to this world, to the pop fanatics and left a void in the pop world at the age of 53.

george michael

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He was found lifeless by his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz, and was declared dead by the paramedics on Sunday afternoon at his Goring home in Oxfordshire. While his publicist declared his peaceful demise at home on the Christmas night at 11pm, the police say the reason of death is unknown but nothing suspecting.

george michael

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If you are a pop lover, you would know how he ruled the stage with his buttery smooth voice and his moves. The Last Christmas singer, who also “inspired” our Bollywood musicians with the “Akele Hum Akele Tum” number, was a sensation for more than just decades. Whether it was his “careless whisper” number from Wham!, “One more Try” from Faith, or The “Freedom” “90”, his songs indeed “say something for the power of music” as he said. Play them up and you would still love those 90s amazing strumming songs.

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The reigning star of the 80s and the 90s, Michael was teen-pop icon who was known for his dashing looks and that innocent smile. He slowly matured as a pop sex symbol with his album “Faith” in 1987 and then there was no looking back. However, he preferred staying away from the promotional strategies of the 1980s that tried to give him the pop stardom that he never wanted. He started avoiding the live shows and the video clips, but continued with his essence of love and desire in his songs.

Then came the Grammy Award for “I knew you were waiting (for me)” in 1988 which was a duet with Aretha Franklin. He also won the Grammy for the year for his album “Faith”. Felicitations from Britain and recognition as the most-played performer on British Radio between 1984 and 2004 were next to come. This followed with controversies when Michael’s sexuality was unveiled in 1998 after he was arrested on charges of lewd conduct in a men’s cloak room in Beverly Hills. He had been known to support gay rights and AIDS prevention.

george michael

Image Courtesy – Mirror

His fame slowed down in the 2000s and the last studio album that he recorded was “Patience” in 2004. He later started offering his individual numbers as free downloads in the bid to encourage pop fans to donate for charity. However, he returned to stage in 2005 with a Live & Benefit concert performed a world tour in 2006 with “Twenty Five”, another collection of hits.

In an interview to GQ, Michael had said “I never minded being thought of as a pop star, people have always thought I wanted to be seen as a serious musician, but I didn’t, I just wanted people to know that I was absolutely serious about pop music.”

While we pray that his soul rest in peace, his songs will still be fresh in our memories for years to come.

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