Nothing Can Fear Away The Sherni, Twinkle Khanna

Mrs FunnyBones aka Twinkle Khanna Gives it Back Left and Right to all The Salman Fans

It’s a free country and everyone has their freedom of speech, ‘terms and conditions’ applied though. But Salman fans have their own world of terms. Even a mild jibe at their Bhai can make them go crazy. But Twitterati note, when you are up against Twinkle Khanna, you will just have to shut up at the end.

Being the satirical columnist, Twinkle Khanna took Salman Khan to her column this time. It was a very funny classified though. No names mentioned, Twinkle wrote, ‘Alliance Invited For The Oldest yet the Most Eligible Bachelor of India. Dashing, Muscular, Non Vegetarian and Successful Khandani Boy. Excellent in Dance, Drama and Art. Girl must be pretty, slim and enjoy long drives off the beaten path. Bride must not be very talkative as the Groom cannot tolerate buck, buck. Caste No Bar. Contact Sultan”

Ofcourse the column was written in good humour taking into account the friendly relation Salman has with Akshay. But what do you do with crazy fans of Salman? The post not only went down well with the Bhai fans, it inivited wrath of many and it all reflected in Twitter.

When your editor wants you to round up a convoluted year and all your brain wants to do is go HoHoHo:)

ℋazra ツ @h_hazra

What is worse? @mrsfunnybones Being single (like Salman Khan) or betraying your then Best Friend Shilpa Shetty and married her boyfriend 😅


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