Okay! So have Karan Johar Really Harassed Anoushka Sharma

The recent episode of Koffee with Karan did mange to spark off a somewhat heated controversy. Karan Johar invited Anoushka Sharma, the supposed ex of Ranveer Singh. In the same episode Karan invited Katrina Kaif, ex of Ranbir Kapoor.

karan johar

The interesting part is Deepika Padukone is Ranbir’s ex and Ranveer’s current girlfriend. Ha ha, what a whirlwind of exes, isn’t it!! What Karan and the audience might have thought was some hush hush secrets of the girls getting exposed in the public. Some diplomatic back biting and bitching. But what got forwarded was totally unexpected.

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Anoushka Sharma accused Karan Johar of sexual harrasment. Whoosh now where did that come from?

Karan Johar

The statement sparked off when Karan shyly admitted that he had a crush on Anoushka, right through the making of Ae Dil Hain Mushkil. Anoushka fumbled and frowned. Then she turned towards Katrina and said, ‘I am sorry but i was about to file a sexual harrassment case against him. He used to sometimes touch me very inappropriately.”

Karan was dumbstruck. He was brushed against the wall in his own show. Katrina wanted to pacify the flaming moment. The quick witted Katrina immediately said, ‘ may be it was to ignite a fire inside you.’ But knowing Anoushka, she wouldn’t stop just there.

karan joharkaran johar

She mockingly retorted that Jaqueline Fernandez had the same complaint against Karan. Karan who was already in splits after ‘Harrassment’ statement, laughed and asked, ‘That i was touching her inappropriately.’

Anoushka confirmed , ‘yes’. Katrina seemed to be the only sane person in the couch. She said, ‘We should postpone this ‘legal’ matter for another day. It’s because i love you two and i do not want anything bad to happen to you.’


Well Koffee With Karan show is known to blast explosives that turns into great TRPs. If Anoushka was actually harassed, she shouldn’t have been sitting accross Karan on the couch. But why on earth, a joke be created on a matter like sexual harrassment.?That’s not funny. Anoushka and Karan are lucky that the matter did not reach to the moral police. The show would have been banned by now.

But we all love the show and wait for each of it’s episode. VioletStreet thinks Karan should get himself interviewed  in KWK. He should get a chance to explain the gross allegations against him by two girls, “Anoushka and Jaqueline.” You seriously should sleep over it Karan.

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