Hrithik Roshan and Lisa Haydon Vogue Cover Shoot

Hrithik Roshan and Lisa Haydon In One Frame: Too Hot to Handle

It’s December but Vogue decided to make the season Scorching Hot! It has brought Hrithik Roshan and Lisa Haydon together for it’s latest photoshoot. Some believe it’s an unofficial crime to make the temperature so hot while some find it too difficult to take their eyes off the two. It’s almost one against another. Hrithik Roshan is the Greek God of India. His height, his physique, his eyes, his muscles, his smiles and his looks. He is too perfect to be true and when he is infront of the camera at his hottest best, it’s difficult for us to control the savor.

In the same frame we see Lisa Hyadon. Lisa Haydon has taken sexuality to a different level. Her body oozes sensuality. Perfect curves, buttery dusky physique. long black hair, her big brown eyes and her curvaceous lips. She is another God of Sensuality.

All Images courtesy: Vogue

hrithik roshan

When they get into the same frame, the chilled weather automatically boils down to sizzling hot. VioletSteet brings to you some exclusive images from the recent photoshoot by Vogue. The photoshoot is for Vougue’s first cover of 2017. Hrithik Roshan and Lisa Haydon is styled by Anaita Shroff Adjania. The two looks too hot as it is, but the job of shooting them together was done by Errikos Andrew. Before taking a look at the pics, keep some ice handy in case you might just require them.

hrithik roshan

Hrithik Roshan has worked with Anaita Shroff before, for his cover photoshoot for Dhoom 2. He thanked Anaita for styling them but wrote a very interesting line about the photoshoot addressing Anaita. He wrote, ‘Going to style you, she said. Going to make you look hot, she said. Will barely let you wear clothes, she did not say. s’ok, i still love you.” (sic)

hrithik roshan

The cover of Hrithik’s bare body and Lisa’s body shaped swim suit has created a lot of buzz. Not to mention their closeness is doing a lot of talking, other than just the styling. Vogue’s purpose to bring Lisa beside Hrithik has served the purpose bang on.

hrithik roshan

Hrithik Roshan’s striped trouser and red shoes has captured the major highlight in this image. Ofcourse Lisa’s buxom body on Hritikh muscular body is another story.

Vogue has described it’s cover in the two’s name. Hrithik as the ‘Greek God with a Mission’ and Lisa Haydon as ‘Beauty on the Go’.


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