Beyonce Celebrates Christmas With Her Special Lemonade Theme

Beyonce Does a Reindeer And a Lemonade Themed Christmas Tree

We know Beyonce the singer who tries exotic stuffs and is always at the edge with her voice, style and perception. Festivities is just something that Beyonce cannot miss out. She has never been “The Christmas Lady or Christmas Queen” as per se. But that does not mean Beyonce will not come up with her own themes.


Last Sunday she posted pics and videos in her Instagram account showing her fabulous treat to herself for Christmas. Beyonce was seen getting herself up as a reindeer and dancing around her Christmas decorations.

Her New Holiday theme is ‘I Sleigh’ and it’s perfectly aligned with her Christmas theme. Her video is a a merry rendition to her own, ‘Sleigh Balls.’


One of her Christmas Tree had a special Bey touch. It’s decorated with a Lemonade theme indulgence. That is a homage to her record breaking album of 2016.

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The Christmas Tree has lemon ornaments. It has varied sized yellow fruits dispersed across the branches. That signifies her colorful festive holiday collage. There is still a larger tree with green mirrored ball embedded. There is also a small Christmas tree, that has the IVY themed finery as it has ballerina ornaments and shiny orbs aplenty.

I wonder if her fans too want to don up a lemononade theme Christmas bash, as it looks fun and exotic.


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