Is Britney Spears dating Her 'Slumber party" Music Video Co star?

Britney Spears is back again in the news and this time for all the right reasons. The hot pop sensation has apparently got herself an equally hot boyfriend. The pop princess was spotted with her recent music video (Slumber Party) co-star Sam Asghari on a dinner date, and we must say that the camaraderie between the two was unmistakable.

While the handsome Asghari has grabbed quite an attention with his sizzling appearance in a tuxedo in the Slumber Party music video, Britney Spears seems to have struck up a romantic affair with the model. Asghari has also been seen in the latest music video “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony.

Britney Spears

Image Courtesy – Dailymail

The personal trainer and model, Asghari took to Instagram to post the pictures of their snug dinner date. Well, the duo seems to have planned it out as they are seen sporting a similar theme, plain black tee! The 34 year old American singer, dancer, and actress seems to be pretty cozy in the muscular arms of her companion.

Britney Spears

Image Courtesy – Dailymail

While Britney Spears appears to be in an upbeat mood by sticking her tongue out, and cozying up with Asghari, the rumor mills were abuzz in no time. The fans took a cue from this and the social platform was already filled with conclusions on a budding romance and suggestive comments. With the comments getting a little too much, the Persian model later deleted the Instagram post.

Britney Spears

The Sushi dinner date they say is a second one in the past two weeks. We must admit though, that the duo looks so adorable together, just as they sizzled in Britney’s music video for her latest single Slumber Party. While her single is already a smash hit, the music video came out even better with the steaming chemistry between the two. While Asghari, the personal trainer looked a dapper in the tuxedo and his perfect bod, Britney killed it with her sassy moves.

Amber Heard Yet to Donate Her Alimony Money

Amber Heard Vowed to Pay 7$ Million of Alimony Amount Entirely to the Charity

Actress Amber Heard who is a staunch supporter of American Civil Liberties Union, promised to donate her entire alimony to the cause of protecting women from atrocities. Infact she wants to divide the alimony amount, splitting half to ACLU and the other half to the sick children of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

There are strong reasons for not being able to donate money as of now. Amber Heard’s attorney O’ Donnell said the divorce with her husband Johnny Depp has not been finalised yet. Her attorney added that Amber strongly believes in protesting against the violence against women. She wants to protect the women of America. She also has an emotional corner for the sick children. So if Amber has pledged to pay her alimony sum to ACLU and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles then nothing will make her budge from her words.

Last week Amber Heard recorded and emotional PSA along with GIRLGAZE Project. She picked up the topic of her experience of abuse in her marriage. Mental and physical torture behind closed doors is tough to bear but when the same comes from a stranger it is typically unacceptable.

With her divorce waiting to get finalised this week, her attorney said Jonny Depp is obligated to pay Amber a sum of $7 million. Even though the promised amount is pending, ACLU confirmed to e news that the first installment cheque is received in the month of August. Even Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles confirmed that a cheque from Heard’s name has been received as initial installment.

Amber Heard has decided to speak up against violence on women. It is a shame to get the abused tag. Protecting is not enough. We have to stand up and voice against the atrocities. At this stage if i feel lucky about something, then it is for few women in my life, who has been with me through thick and thin.

Selena Gomez Teaming Up With Lady Gaga

Selena Gomez is back in action after three months. Giving her health priority, she has fought back lupus in a rehab. Spotlight made her more stressed. So Selena says the hiding was necessary. Three months haven’t been easy for her. Specially what she has made of herself as a singer and performer, taking a break at a crucial stage needs courage.

But now that she is back in action, she is taking careful steps to take her career forward. Selena broke her social media silence on 24th November this year on Instagram. She uploaded her pic with a caption, ” I have lot to be thankful for this year’. I have fought the battle of not being enough. I only want to reflect the love you guys have given me for years and show that how important it is to take care of YOU”.


Selena Gomez

The Spring Breaker actress also stole everyone’s heart at the red carpet recently at American Music Awards. It was a brave attempt of her to speak publicly about her lupus at the awards. That took people by amazement. Since then she has been praised and appreciated million times by the celebrity family. Even her ex boyfriend, Niall Horan praised Selena’s brave speech.

Lady Gaga Touched With Selena Gomez’s Speech

Now The Exciting News is Selena Gomez might be collaborating with Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga was so moved with Selena’s inspirational speech in ‘AMA’ that since that day the two are often keeping in touch. They are in talks to produce an empowering music for the youth.

Selena Gomez

Selena wants to be in the company of super positive people ever since she returned from hiding. Same goes for Gaga. She wants to team up with Selena to produce an epic and powerful song. After Selena’s speech in AMA award, lady Gaga hugged her backstage. In a very short period of time, the two singers have buddied up strong.

So now that the news is already out, we can hardly wait for the music to appear.



Ranbir And Ranveer : A wildfire in Koffee With Karan Season 5

Whether it’s the rocking entry of Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh after the shoe stealing act (the glittery men’s shoes if must say!), Ranveer’s try on the new word “enfant terrible” or asking Karan to behave like Ranbir that’s with “grace” and dignity, it was simply a boisterous episode of Koffee with Karan Season 5 to watch out for. The dynamic duo with “all guns blazing” as Karan says, was simply at their best of humor, and must say, we loved it! So, let’s take a look at some of the brilliant, impish and downright wacky responses by the duo that made the show a hit instantly.

Koffee with karan Season 5

It was Karan’s time to get the “elephant out in the room” when he smartly put the question of Deepika to both asking if things are ever uneasy between them considering that they both have had a history with Deepika. That’s the time we see the duo sober up with Ranbir even clearing the air saying that it’s been seven long years, they are over it, and that it’s high time that even KWK moves on! Oh! How we loved Karan’s changing expression to that and Ranbir, shouldn’t we say you were damn good at that?

koffee with karan: Season 5

They move on to victimize Karan when Ranveer calls him a lusty guy, a kent dog and imagines him in white hot pants! You simply could not miss Karan’s face turning red on those cheesy comments, and that “where-do-I-hide” kinda look.

The conversation moves on when Karan unveils that he sleeps in boxers, and Ranbir in t-shirt and pajamas. Ranveer, our man, seems to sleep naked and oh boy, could you miss that “I believe that” comment from Ranbir almost instantly? Deepika are you listening?

Ah! And why would Ranveer not answer that question where he’s asked if he’s single or in relationship? We are surely curious on that, aren’t we? It was simply funny the way Karan asks Ranbir to sit nicely “with his hands anywhere else!” While Ranbir expects love in his relationships, Ranveer says he’s a “giver”.

Koffee with karan Season 5

We go “Aww” on that when Ranveer says that he’s the best boyfriend in the world and he’s proud of the fact that he’s an extremist in love. He’s the kind of man he says who wants nothing more than finish a fulfilling day of work and go back to his woman. You lucky girl Deepika!

With Karan vouching for Ranbir’s no women companionship for the last one year or so, we are bound to believe it. Is that the Katrina hangover we must say? And, how could we miss that discussion over “porn”? While RK says that “porn is bad”, Ranveer says not to diss it”.  Now, that was some naughty discussion guys!

Most important Ranveer’s answer to SRK ‘padded underwear’ in the rapid fire round. He fumbled for a second but then he said it was freezing cold in the room in Bangkok. So to save post production cost on VFX on his ‘red chilly’ he thought to pad it up. That was a killer answer which got him the hamper.

Did you miss out on the number of kisses Arjun Kapoor was victimized to in the show. That was hilarious. Karan popped up questions like ‘making out in dressing room’, ‘getting hooked with an older woman’. Apparently both had experiences on those so they planted kisses on Arjun.

Koffee with karan season 5Koffee with karan Season 5

Well, there’s so much more to this crazy episode that if you missed it for some reason, make it a point to catch up on the repeat telecast or on the web for the full madness with the two superstars.

Fresher's Night – 6 ways to glaze it up!

Create that lasting impression on your first Fresher’s night!

The first phase at university is the baby step to new experiences in an unfamiliar environment- The Fresher’s Week. doesn’t it sound exciting?? This phase of life is equally exciting as a transitional phase which makes one slightly nervous with the hope of a new beginning and of a future yet to be explored. Dont worry! It’s just a phase.Thus the question is; How do you create that lasting impression on your first Fresher’s night?

Bring on that cheer on your face with a bling on your steps and get set for that special night…

1.Be open minded and mingle with no guilt!

It’s important to make friends without any apprehension. So go and bring on the fun side of you and the ‘real you’!

Be 'Bindaas'

Image courtesy:

2.Make most of the opportunities, count!

It indeed means that don’t let loose for everything coming your way but engage in interesting conversations and make the most of your ‘social’ talent. Talk about anything that catches the attention of others. Make every ‘moment’ count!

Image Courtesy

Image courtesy

3. Dont feel pressurized…

Honestly, you don’t have to perform. So just be yourself and keep an open mind. If you are asked to dance, dance.! If you are to sing, sing (even if that’s with a croaking voice).No one judges you here!

Image courtesy: Mg Gill University Blogs

Image courtesy: Mg Gill University(Blogs)

4.Make up minimally and always wear a smile on your face!

Wearing a smile on your face at all times makes you feel less nervous and approachable. If you want others to feel comfortable in your company, smiling makes it easier to attract attention and is a good start to a blossoming friendship!

Also don’t spend much time on makeup. Focus on the night and go light on makeup. It helps you to focus on other things and not the nail paint or the lipstick shade which needs to be retouched at all points of timeJ

Image Courtesy:

Image courtesy:

5.Wear something which makes you feel good about yourself!

Again it’s good to remember to feel comfortable in your own body. Wear something which suits you not something which only looks flashy on a magazine cover but may not be your ‘style quotient’. Dazzle up with a dress which boosts your confidence level!

Image Courtesy:

Image courtesy:

6. Remember to hang out alone,sometimes!

If you are always with the same group of college friends, you may end up not making new friends & expanding your circle. So make headway, spread out your wings and mingle!!!

Keep worries at the door and enjoy that first Fresher’s night with all your heart!




Recreate The Magic With Your Lehenga Choli This Wedding Season

Want to be a Stunner this wedding Season. Catch the video, to see few of our Bollywood divas looking exceptionally gorgeous in Lehenga choli. You can also bring out the divine Indian in you. Watch them to see the ethereal picture of Indian beauty.

This wedding season drape in a nicely fitted lehenga and walk in with poise. You can make heads turn to catch a glimpse of yours. The beauty lies within you. Unleash your divinity this season and recreate the magic.

The video has some glimpses of celebrities posing in lehengas. There is no one way rule for lehenga. Checkout the video to see the amalgamation of formulas to make ‘ghagra choli’ look appealingly hot, stylish and delightful.

So There you are! All Poise and Glam to steal the show!

Ear Makeup is the Latest Crazy Thing to Learn

Whoever thought that even your ear lobes could steal the show? Well, from the runway to the Instagram, Ear Makeup is the latest beauty trend that’s creating quite a buzz. With ear makeup trend in the limelight we also realized that eyeliner isn’t just for the eyes, but now works as an ear paint too! You can call it innovative or simply crazy, but we quite like this trend that’s paying the long due credit to the ear just as the rest of the face. Given that your ears are a part of your face too, having them aesthetically painted will only complement the rest of your look. So, let’s see why ear make-up is the latest crazy thing to learn?

Glitter All Over

Ear make up

Image Courtesy – Look & Bustle

There could be no better temptation than adding glitter to your makeup, what say? While shimmery eyes make for a perfect party makeup, adding sparkle to your ears could be straight from the runway look. Get some eye shimmer and start from the top of the ear. Use lot of it to get the golden sheen.

If you have colored your hair blonde, you can also use a contrast hue like silver glitter to balance the look. If you do not want people to conclude that you have built up some ear wax, refrain from using gold or yellow tones from the inside of your ear. Finish the look with chunks of gel glitter using a firm eye-shadow brush that helps your fingers from being colored up. This ear makeup look is just perfect for those formal events and concerts.

Abstract Contouring

Ear Make up

Image Courtesy – Marie Claire & Bustle

Trace the outlines of the outer and inner ear either with black eye-liner or silver paint to get that interstellar look. Make sure that you keep it minimal and not go overboard with the contouring nor add any jewelry piece. The highlight is enough to grab those eyeballs and your ear makeup looks like jewelry from a distance.

Graphic Painted Lobes

Ear make up

Image Courtesy – Marie Claire

Painting your lobes with graphic yellow or white is the hottest trend, especially if you are wearing that heavy piece of ear accessory. The oversized geometric danglers look perfect with the mix of color and water and are oh so hot for the season.

Earlobe Cuff

Ear Makeup

Image Courtesy – Marie Claire & Bustle

One of our favorite looks of all, as this ear makeup does away with any possibility of earrings, but still gives a cool casual look. What we more love about this look is the minimal feel and the time that it takes. This can easily make for an everyday look. For the casual events, you can simply highlight the lobe with sparkling gold and pair it with tiny gold hoops or simply paint it black and get that cool chic look instantly.

So, whether you want to be the fashionista in the events or want that go to look, do up your ears with these latest crazy trends and you are sure to grab some eyeballs.

Celebs Are All Praises for Dear Zindegi

Shahrukh Khan, The Therapist and Alia Bhatt resorts to him to reconcile with her life. Gauri Shinde belts out her second directorial venture, Dear Zindegi. A film on life, failure, heartbreak and then finding life all over again. The film  released in India today but Bollywood celebs had the cake two days back. They got a slice of the preview and guess what? The film won many hearts.

Dia Mirza tweeted, “every girl will want to get to therapy just in the hope that she may discover your Jehangir. Love You Dear Zindegi.

Alia Bhatt’s character Kaira goes through a series of heartbreaks. The film stars Kunal Kapoor, Ali Zafar and Angad Bedi. All the three people come into Alia’s life only to leave her alone, empty and frustrated. Life gives her another chance and brings her to Jehangir, “Jug” who is a therapist, played by Shahrukh Khan.

Dear Zindegi

SRK gives her beautiful life lessons to love her life back. The film shows how they end up teaching each other something.

Sushant Singh Rajput is so smitten with the film that he tweeted, ‘What an amazing experience i had last night watching #Dear Zindegi. I am still thinking about it. Its’s all heart and so pure. @gauris..Thank You.

Sophie Chaudhury tweeted, “Untill now every girl has wanted you in her life. After watching #DearZindegi every girl will need you in her life.  You are just wonderful @iamsrk

Dear Zindegi

Director Homi Adjania was superbly impressed by the film. “Dear @Aliaa08, you are effortless and brilliant. @iamsrk  shine on you like a crazy diamond. @gauris….. Love the way you tell them. Kudos cast and crew #Dear Zindegi.

Anchor actor Mini Mathur tweeted. “What a lovely film #DearZindegi is! All hats off @gauris! @Aliaa08 is stunningly gifted. Go girls go fall in love with him  @iamsrk Again.

Stylist Anaita Shroff Adjania was also impressed with Dear Zindegi. Anaita Shroff tweeted @Gauris has made a beautiful coming of age movie. #Dear Zindegi. Must Watch. Dream Team @Dharma Movies.

Well. quite a number of praises. I can’t wait to get my slice of Dear Zindegi, can you?

Dear zindegi




Birthday Tribute To Saroj Khan: Checkout Her Epic Moves

Saroj Khan celebrated her birthday yesterday. Violetstreet gives her small tribute by taking a tour at some of her best remembered dance numbers. Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi, owes a part of  their stupendous stardom to Saroj Khan, as without her there wouldn’t have been ek, do teen or ‘kate nahin kathti’

Epic Dance Moves of Saroj Khan which has her Signature written on them in bold

Madhuri Dixit in ‘ek, do , teen’.

She soared to fame after this song. All thanks to Saroj Khan who made the dance so popular that even now people tap their feet when this number is on.

Madhuri Dixit In Sailaab

The film wasn’t a major hit  but the song ‘humko aajkal hain, intezaar’ can beat any sizzling item number today. Madhuri looked ravishing and her moves in the song made fans drool over. The subtle yet sweltering moves of Madhuri choregraphed by Saroj Khan makes it iconic.


The ‘Dhak Dhak” song from the film Beta.

After this song, Madhuri is often called as the ‘dhak dhak’ girl. Noone could ever do the dhak dhak moves like Madhuri, but who created the moves? Our very own Saroj Khan.


Then we had the bombblast with the song ‘choli ke peeche kya hain from the film Khalnayak. Lots of controversy over the lyrics and the song but when Madhuri enters the frame with her moves, her fans stay gaped as if a spell has been cast. Again it is Saroj Khan who showered the magical moves in the song

Sridevi In Naa Jaane kahan se aayi hain

That playful song in Chalbaaz became so popular that it scored more than the film. Sridevi stole the show in this song. None other than Saroj ji choreographed this peppy number.


Sridevi in kate nahin kathti

Do you remember burning hot Sridevi in saree, in this song from Mr. India? The grooves by Saroj Khan are classy hot.

Saroj KhanSaroj Khan

Saroj Khan

saroj Khan




Compliment your Wrist with Branded Watches

Fashion accessories have become crucial these days. Wearing cool and funky embellishments help women jazz up their entire look. Many fashion critics and designers say that a woman’s look is incomplete without accessories, may it be a casual look for a college, a casual look for a shopping day or a formal look for a business meeting.

Accessories are not just to complete the look but also look good and give a push to your personality. Bags, sunglasses, watches, earrings, bracelets, hats and many more items are now being added to the list of accessories.

But, have you ever seen a woman without a watch? Finding a woman without a wristwatch is tough these days, as a wrist watch is one of the most beautiful and formal accessories for her. But, most ladies complain about not being aware of the top brands of designer wrist watches. Everybody loves to wear a branded wristwatch, but finding one is a real challenge.

Here is a list of top brands of designer women watches to bring clarity to your mind:


Complimentary Wrist Watches

One of the most popular and wide selling Indian brands is Titan. People love to own a watch from this brand as it is pocket-friendly as well as durable. Titan has always been showcasing the best wrist watches for women at affordable prices. No matter if you are looking for a designer watch or a work watch or a casual watch, Titan brings everything for you without any hassle.


Complimentary Wrist Watches

This is a brand that speaks for itself. Rolex is a brand people dream of and wearing a Rolex is something to be proud of. Rolex is like Apple in the Watches category; people worship the brand. The brand offers the best range of wrist watches for men and women; watches are not only good in design but also the quality, price, standard, raw material, etc. are unmatchable. Well, when the pocket is friendly, go for a Rolex watch and let it speak for your personality.


Complimentary Wrist watches

Every girl in the whole world is aware of this name. The dresses and accessories of this brand are famous worldwide, and when you are looking for a designer wristwatch, you know where to check out. FCUK is known for its unique touch and super high-quality items, so why not spend a little extra and make an investment for life. When it comes to gifting a watch to your girlfriend or loved ones, you cannot get better option than this.


Complimentary Wrist Watcheses

Well, no collection is complete without a Cartier watch in the closet. This brand is known for its embellishing touch and bringing something that is very classy and royal. Most women love to buy a Cartier watch at least once in a lifetime especially for very special occasions. So, if you are planning to update your collection, this is the brand to go for.


Complimentary wrist watches

The brand every woman in the whole world loves to own. May it be dresses or sunglasses or watches, Versace has been leading the industry from ages with its amazing collection and breathtaking style. The brand is not only famous for its Italian masterpiece in clothing but also the watches Versace offers are incredibly classy, beautiful and a must in the women’s jewellery box. If you are looking for a Versace wrist watch, it is advisable to check women watches online and grab the opportunity to flaunt and shower yourself with compliments.

So, if you are planning to gift a wrist watch to your lady love, have an insight to the above brands and opt for the best and her favorite one to bring satisfaction and smile to her face.