1970s Fashion : Groove Away With the 70's Fashion!

All the fashion books in the world will tell you the same thing: the inception of wardrobe freedom and creativity in India was the most prominent in the 70’s fashion! It was the era when the women, who were earlier confined just to dupattas and sarees, walked out in minis and over-sized sunglasses in style. It was also the phase which witnessed a huge surge in the hippie and Bohemian culture in our country.
retro bollywood - 1970s fashion

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Most of the trends in the 70’s fashion industry were greatly affected by Bollywood movies. Because the celebrities then were quite literally worshiped by the youngsters (did you know women actually slit their wrists on hearing about Rajesh Khanna’s wedding?), they would pick up any style donned by their favorite actor in their movies. One of the first things that come to a person’s mind when they think of the retro fashion are gaudy and over-sized clothing, voluptuous actresses, kick-ass eye wear and a fair share of both lovely and quirky and boho hairstyles that never failed to make jaw drops! But do you know why the fashion-lovers are so fond of this age’s culture? Because no matter what they wore, the women then were popular for their dollops of confidence, serving a great lesson for all the times to come that a radiant smile and confidence are a woman’s best accessory!

Let’s take a walk down the retro lane and look at some of the biggest trendsetters in the 70’s India:

Polka Dots, The 1970’s Fashion Staple

retro fashion, bollywood, 70s fashion - 1970s fashion

Courtesy Bobby and Dimple Kapadia’s knotted top and skirt, the 70’s fashion in India will be most remembered for ushering in the polka dot trend! Although a lot of other actresses tried wearing it eventually, no one came as close as the ravishing Kapadia’s oomph factor. Right from shirts, pants, skirts and even ribbons, polka dots became extremely widespread, proving to be a wardrobe essential for the ladies then! Here is the modern rendition of the ever-green pattern

retro bollywood polka dots - 1970s fashion


1970’s Hippie and Bohemian Fashion

Bollywood owes Zeenat Aman big time for introducing Indians to the laid-back hippie and Bohemian fashion! Some of the most common outfits under this category were the gaudy sleeveless maxis, bell bottom pants and elaborate accessories.

hippie bohemian, fashion retro - 1970s fashion

bollywood retro - 1970s fashion

And here is how the current Bollywood embraced the fashion:

kareena hippie - 1970s fashion


bohemian bollywood - 1970s fashion


The 1970’s Disco Attires

bollywood disco fashion - 1970s fashion

It was also the age when the promiscuous vamps were easily differentiated from the coy protagonists with the former’s skimpy and tight clothing and loads of eye makeup! Even today our Bollywood cannot completely get over this trend

disco bollywood actress - 1970s fashion


The 1970’s Sarees

No great fashion list is complete without some stellar sarees mentioned in it! The actresses of the 70’s were known for swaying their hips in navel revealing sarees. Right from the simple Shabani Azmi to the glam Mumtaz ones, sarees in the 70’s epitomized grace and femininity!

1970s fashion

And our current ladies also know how to rock the retro saree look very well!

1970s fashion

70's fashion


The 70’s Churidaars

70s fashion churidar - 1970s fashion

70s fashion churidar - 1970s fashion

70's fashion - 1970s fashion


The now almost endangered fashion trend, churidar, was a complete rage in the 70’s! Deep neck, sleeveless top, tight churidar pants with a colorful headband tied on top is the staple ensemble to nail the classic retro look!


Nostalgic much? Quench it by buying your favorite pick from a wide range of designer products only on VioletStreet! Embrace it soon and note, 70’s fashion is a huge trend this year and has been predicted by India’s Top Bloggers. Read our blog on 2016’s Fashion Trends by India’s Top Fashion Bloggers to know more!

Alia Bhatt Hairstyles : Mane Dazzlers!

‘Girl with spunk’, in a short span, she rose to become a muse for the youth- OUR YOUTH ICON, A POPULAR ONE indeed! Success has made her humble and when so many people pin on you, you have to constantly work hard to stay on the top and not get carried away. Always experimenting, likeable Alia Bhatt is our current favorite with her sartorial choices and we love her more for her hairstyles than for her clothes. Thinking of getting a makeover, without chopping your long locks? Follow our easy breezy Alia Bhatt who has probably zillions of ways to make you have fun with your hair. The best thing about Alia Bhatt’s fashion statement is the fact that any young girl can relate to them easily. She gives us the season’s best-tressed styles which project an air of insouciance and are a breeze to pull off. Squeeze another day out of your wavy style with these updated buns, ponytails or braids. Here are the best of Alia Bhatt Hairstyle Looks :


BALLERINA BUNS or FORMAL BUNS, Alia Bhatt knows how to pull them off. Totally chic and easy to pull off! Having a bad hair day? This cute bun is your savior.

She even gave Saadhu Bun a try during her promotions for Shaandar. Eclectic and inspiring!

alia bhatt hairstyle

Image Source: pinterest

  1. Ravishing CURLS

Curls suit everyone and that is why we adore them the most. Alia Bhatt looks nothing less than a diva in her curls. You could totally emulate this style to bring out a diva in yourself.

alia bhatt hairstyle

alia bhatt hairstyle

Image Source: pinterest


Hairstyles of Alia Bhatt take us to her dreamy wonderland where she invents and presents wonderful creations with her best of the hairstyles. Here we have another- French tail at the top and fishtail at the bottom and the two tails make for one helluva hairstyle 😀

alia bhatt hairstyle

Image Source: bollywoodlife.com


In a hurry? Grab your bobby pins and make a puff with half of your hair and you’re cool to go.

alia bhatt hairstyle

Image Source: wiseshe.com

  1. PONY-licious

PLAITS+PONY- Alia gave us PLONY!!! Create a side part and take sections on either side of your parting that aren’t too thick but not too thin either. Twist each section before pulling them back across to the other side and using bobby pins to secure them. This will give you all the drama you’ll ever need 😉

alia bhatt hairstyle

Image Source: bollywoodlife.com

alia bhatt hairstyle


Single braids, multiple braided updos- Alia can do it all.

alia bhatt hairstyle

Image Source: vogue.in

alia bhatt hairstyle


This one’s easy and this one’s super-awesome for college-goers or for your brunch date!

alia bhatt hairstyle

Image Source: http://grabhouse.com/


When anything looks forced, it feels wrong! The relaxed waves have populated the runways and many of Alia’s looks.

While showing you some pics of our cutie in this style, let’s hand over some alia bhatt hairstyle tips- this style works best on freshly shampooed, all-dried strands with a natural part (and the help of a volumising product). Create loose, polished waves by wrapping small-sections around a one-inch curling iron starting at your temples.

alia bhatt hairstyle

Image Source: fashionmuses.com

alia bhatt hairstyle

Image Source: http://fashionconnection.in


#WeddingGoals #PerfectHairGoals #CutestStyle

alia bhatt hairstyle

Image Source: http://fashionconnection.in


Hairbands from Student of the year or floral accessories from 2 States, Alia gives us some serious goals for our next occasion. So, bow clips and ribbons aren’t just for school girls!!!

Alia Bhatt hairstyle humpty sharma ki dulhania and Alia Bhatt hairstyle 2 states, we see her pulling off poles apart roles with tons of amazing hairstyles.

alia bhatt hairstyles

Image Source: vogue.in

She has sampled it for you, earned rave reviews and has offered you enough reason to get creative, grab some bobby pins, and start switching up your mane. Ms. Shaandar girl is all the inspiration you will ever need for the next dramatic makeover! Do not forget to lend elegance to nonchalant hair with a super-funky accessory.


Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear

As we head towards the summer of 2016, we can expect a season of contrasts where less will most definitely be more. With a move towards tribal, graphic prints and rainbow stripes a certain singularity is coming to the fore. There shall be a concentration of styles, from emerging trends to established looks, as we fast forward to spring 2016. So we bring you the drool-worthy list of Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear that have started vagabonding through the labyrinths of the fashion world, trying to lead their way in your wardrobes.

  1. X-factor of Tribal Prints for Spring Summer 2016

Tribal motifs were lately omnipresent on runway shows which is magnificently exhibiting folklore style and graphic efficiency. Its mash-up of ethnic prints and mineral colors was also a hit on runways.

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear - Quirky Prints

Image Source: pinterest

  1. Intense Love for Rainbows

The rainbow stripes will be the graphic sensation this season. With these summer 2016 fashion trends, summer collection shall be in the most correct summery hues.

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear

Image Source: pinterest

  1. Amazing Grace with High Shine Fabrics

The incarnations are cooler and more experimental this time with embellished classic ensembles with broken mirror pieces. Stars and shining, reflecting work will be the big trend grabbing everyone’s eyes.

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear

Image Source: fashionconnection.in

  1. Sinful Temptation of a Boho Dress

Romantic pleats, long dresses, sheerness ‘n’ lightness will take over our wardrobes as we stylishly dance in the breeze. With this latest summer wear, hot summers are just gonna get cooler 😀 It evokes a free, gentle spirit that is in sync with fashion’s mood for all things ‘90s. Dresses trimmed with lace fall straight and graze the body in a manner we adore.

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear

Image Source: stylecastor.com

  1. The Hunky Dory Ruffles

Add ruffles for a fresh take on modern romance. Never underestimate this classic. Shirt dressing has once again reinvented itself, and this time it comes bearing ruffles.

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear

Image Source: stylecastor.com

  1. Take it Easy with New Bottoms

The new rage is palazzos, shararas, maxi sirts and dhoti pants. They’ll amp up you ethnic wear in no time.

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear

Image Source: pinterest

  1. Fabulously Fresh Breezy New Silhouettes

What’s a style from the ‘40s that is back in the spotlight? Hint: Think grandmother’s tablecloth. However, the gingham check no longer resembles table linen, nor is it just black and white. Modern versions of the weave come in navy blue, pink, and brown. Pair with floral accessories for finish.

Soft gingham dresses and loose blanket trousers will reinvent the fashion favorite patterns. Dresses with pleats and floral ones have always been and will continue to be our favorite.

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear

Image Source: pinterest

  1. It’s Good they Don’t Match

Move over statement necklaces and bangles. This sartorial cycle demands the oversized earring. Long earrings are objects to desire- in a mismatched pair. Or even the shoes in mismatched style can be your new update, check out Alia! Don’t wait any longer, buy two new pairs that clash or pick your favorites from the old ones. And while we are on mismatch, Indian wear with western wear is trending exponentially. This fusion wear trend is just getting hotter with summers approaching. The jacket sets with saree and anarkali are a new rage!

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear

Image Source: fashionisers.com

  1. Modern Vintage of Spring/Summer 2016

Designer wear ain’t going anywhere. The latest trends spell bohemian and catches your eye for their bold prints, motifs, unique usage of colors and magnificent Indian artistic taste. Contemporary lehengas, draped kurtas, and pre-draped sarees must be opted to update your wardrobe on Indian ethnic wear.

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends in Ethnic Wear

Image Source: rediff.com

  1. Shine on with the Updated Accessories this Season

Chandelier earrings bring in some bohemian free-spirited touches to your outfit. At Gucci we saw beaded ones with some ornamental structure, while at Kenzo chandelier earrings are flower inspired, adorned with a whole lot of stones and bead and pearls. Scarves in different styles can be really inspiring, tie them into a bow or a flower, we bet you’ll look uber-trendy.


Image Source: fashionisers.com

Happy Spring/Summer 2016 🙂 For more tips on this year’s Fashion, read our blog on 2016’s Predictions by India’s Top Fashion Bloggers.

Sunny Leone in Sheer Gown by Anjana Misra : Yay or Nay?

Now, Sunny Leone is a very pretty woman. There’s no denying that, isn’t it? But she doesn’t get it right all the time. After all she is a human! Sunny Leone was recently spotted in a strapless, princessy gown, with sheer flare. Now the gown was very very pretty. It’s designed by Anjana Misra and fits her like a glove. The only issue I have is with the styling. Now this gown was a grand affair and styling it with just nothing, wasn’t a good choice at all. Also, Sunny’s arms look heavy and the face looks some what cakey. The make-up isn’t subtle and the lip color just doesn’t gel well with the gown. I hope her stylist reads this and pays major attention to the styling from now on. Even her hair wasn’t looking so great, given that the gown was so stunning!

Sunny Leone in Anjana Misra

Sunny Leone in Anjana Misra

Sunny Leone in Anjana Misra

Sunny Leone in Anjana Misra

6 Most Popular Saree Draping Styles from Different Indian States

You call it the traditional Indian fashion or the symbol of feminism, Saree is the quintessential attire that transforms a woman into her sensuous best in matter of minutes. While certain draping style depends on the occasion and requires a certain length or type, most of the Indian states have their way of wearing the six-yards.  So, if you are raring to go traditional get inspired from one of the 5 most popular Saree draping styles from different Indian states and you are sure to make a statement..

Classic Style

The classic style is the most common form of draping the Saree which is being followed by woman across the world. This way of tying the Saree is inspired from Nivi form that belongs to Andhra Pradesh. All you need to do is to tuck one end of the Saree (to your front right) inside the petticoat and then wrap it around your waist once.

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1Tzo0Gq

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1oHKBW5

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1S1FLhF

Now pleat the pallu, slip it under your left hand and make it fall on the left shoulder. Form neat pleats of the center portion of the Saree and tuck it in your waist baring the midriff and completing the style. Find a perfectly-fitted blouse, some matching accessories and there’s no stopping you to look stylish whether in a formal do or a casual event.

Gujarati Style

Perhaps the second most popular form of tying a Saree is the Gujarati Style that came into the limelight all the more, courtesy our daily “Saas Bahu” TV serials. It’s quite similar to the classic style, however, the only difference is that you have to start draping the Saree from your left instead.

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/24pCtcV
saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1VEO1mD

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1mY53QA

Now follow the same process as the Nivi form and let the pallu fall over your right shoulder from the back. You can then choose to leave it hanging or tuck the left end of your saree on your left covering your chest. So, go Gujarati this wedding season and flaunt the elaborate work on your “seedha” pallu.

Bengali Style

One of the sweetest Saree draping forms in India is undoubtedly the Bengali style. Remember Aishwarya’s look in Devdas and Vidya Balan’s in Parineeta? While they looked stunning in the beautifully draped Saree in Bengali style, we tell you how it goes. In this the pleats around the waist are few, only two big ones while the pallu is wrapped twice around the body.

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1S1yApG

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/21gEFV9

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1p4WyF2

If you want to flaunt the Bengali style the traditional way, grab one elegant piece in handloom, cotton or benarasi. And yes, don’t miss that big red bindi on your forehead.

Maharashtrian Style

The Maharashtrians call it the Nau Vari style. This style came into existence due to the Lavani dancers and mostly seen this on the silver screen. Well, it may look really difficult to drape that 9-yard long Saree, once mastered creates a super stylish look. You may be amazed with the fact that it does not require a petticoat beneath, and can be simple worn over just the shorts.

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1LcNsjA

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1T7mOeZ

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1oHGdGA

The additional length of the Saree is used to slip it between the legs, lifted and tucked at the waist, just like a dhoti. The pallu goes the classic way where it is draped over the left shoulder or used to cover the head. So, master this style and pair them with the conventional accessories like, the nose ring, gold jewelry or those fresh flowers to finish the look.

Kerala Style

Kerala style or the Mundu Neriyathum style, reminds us of those white Saree with gold or zari border that looks so serene yet stylish. While “Neriyathum” describes the upper portion draped over the left shoulder just like in classic style, “Mundu” on the other hand is the lower half of the Saree wrapped around the body and tucked at the back. Complement the sophisticated look with golden kadas, a simple necklace, fresh flowers and bindi, and you are all set to enter the Kerala bandwagon.

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1VEKqoG

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1XN5dbb

Tamilian Style

Love how Tamilians wear their Saree or for that matter Sridevi? Well, even this form requires a nine yard Saree just like the Maharashtrians and is carried without a petticoat. You simply need to drape it around your waist and place pleats towards your left leg. Now, take the rest of the Saree over your left shoulder, drape it once more around your waist and tuck it at the left side of your waist. Braid your hair into simple plaits, deck it up with fresh flowers, add some golden accessories and there you go!

saree draping styles

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1RnSt89


5 Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree

A footwear defines your class and your taste altogether. I think you all will agree with me that ‘Saree’ is one of the best Indian attires, which can give you a traditional, sensual, gorgeous and elegant look. Saree has versatility and uniqueness. You can find many designer sarees for every occasion. A properly draped saree, beautiful combination of accessories, good hairdo and makeup together helps to get a sensational look at any occasion. One may think that it is easy to get away with any pair of footwear with a saree because the footwear is not visible. So read on girls, I am going to give some great footwear options that can easily go with saree. Yes! It is the footwear for saree stuff… Read on to know the best types of Footwear to Wear with Saree:

5 Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree - High Heels for traditional sarees


1. THE STUNNING PEEP TOE HEELS: Peep-toe heels are very feminine, cute and the way your toes peep out from them, looks very sweet. Make sure you get pedicure done and put on nice nail paint. Choose a 5 to 6 inch heel and a color that matches with your saree. Exemplified the same below:

5 Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree


2. THE RAVISHING STILETTOS: Stiletto heels are the most versatile type of footwear and the indian saree shoes, they can go with any apparel. Some women are not comfortable with stiletto heels but, for those who are, this is a great option for you. You can buy stilettos matching with your saree or you can get some shimmery golden and silver stilettos, which you can pair with any type of saree.

Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree

Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree

Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree


3. THE MESMERISING MOJRI: Apart from Kolhapuri heels, you can also choose embroidered or studded mojris that has a slight heel. Choose the one that has some extra bling with crystal and stones. So when you want to keep it unique, you know exactly what shoes to wear with a saree rather what footwear to wear with saree.

Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree


4. THE SEXY STRAPPY BLOCKS: These type of sandals are strappy in nature. You can find numerous designs and colors in the market. You can buy the one that has glitter work in golden or silver hue. You can also find some sandals, which have crystal and sequined worked. These shimmery sandals can glam up your whole look, instantly. Make sure the heel is of right height. It should not exceed 2-4 inches. Yes these are the indian saree shoes of today!!

Best Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree


5. THE BOUNCY PUMPS: How about these sexy Pumps ?? Breathtaking isn’t it!!! Indeed it is. I am sure I need not explain much about these shoes to wear with saree.

Types of Footwear to Wear with Saree



  • Avoid wearing flats with saree as there is always a chance that you might trip over on the heavy pleats.
  • Do not wear sports shoes, wedges heels, boots, flip-flop and floaters with your saree under any circumstances as they can disturb your look totally.

Therefore now you know the perfect sari shoes and footwear with saree. Go for it girl, kill it girl! Look awesome and simply amazing by choosing from the entire arrangement and gallery that I have presented above.

Muaaahhh Muaahhh Muahhhhh!! 😉 :*

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Worn by Bollywood Celebrities

Have you ever watched a celebrity function on your TV and wondered how much that particular dress that the actress is wearing, might have cost actually? Do you secretly dream of owning the wedding wardrobe of a particular actor or actress? Well, Bollywood has always been known for its splendour and extravaganza. Starting from the shows, award functions to the private parties and ceremonies, Bollywood never fails to surprise us or in fact impress us with its great grandeur and pomp. And such has been the case ever since the very beginning of the industry when the stars used to be larger than life personas. This is more so when it comes to the celebrity parties, especially the weddings where the whole occasion comes down to a grand celebration of expensive designer dresses and latest couture and fashion trends. Be it the top names and the big shots or the second rate stars, a wedding ceremony is no less than a star studded occasion where the whole industry almost descends to flaunt their clothing treasures, be it in terms of the latest fashion, the international brands or the price. In fact, the more the brand value of the celebrity or the star, the more expensive and amazing the dresses get. Naturally, a marriage or wedding ceremony in the industry is no doubt a rather huge issue. Here we talk about Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Worn by Bollywood Celebrities:

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

The lavish grandeur of a bollywood wedding

Apart from the lavish accommodations in the seven star hotels, the most exotic and wide range of cuisines and the jaw dropping venues, the most attractive and exciting of all becomes the dresses and the jewelleries where every single celebrity is out there to outdo the other. The top heroes and heroines of the Bollywood industry, who are known for their keen fashion senses and their knack for dressing up, are on a spree to indulge in their passions. In fact, such is the craze that a number of fashion trends and styles have been known to have born from such occasions and events. The star couples never shy away from spending crores on these gala events and the expensive dresses are very much a part of the whole show. These superstar couples indeed leave no stone unturned to make their union a memorable one, not just for themselves or their friends and family but for the whole industry and for the public, in general.

The Famous and Expensive Weddings

It has been seen time and again, that when it comes to their wedding, very few super star celebrities prefer a small and quite party. Most look to throw a grand one with all their friends and family, including the media and the press.

Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty


Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Worn by Bollywood CelebritiesThe trend of such lavish weddings started long before but was set in motion with the Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra wedding, who spent about Rs 4 crore back then. Her wedding saree with red swarovsky crystals embedded on it, and other ceremonial sarees were all designed by the famous designer Tarun Tahiliani while the groom’s dresses were all done by the designer duo Shantanu and Nikhil. It is rumoured that her wedding saree itself cost her around 50 lakhs! She even went for uncut diamonds and emeralds for her wedding. Her kundan sets and jewelleries were no less eye catching and expensive.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor
Untitled-11Again, the Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor wedding was a star studded and lavish affair in every sense of the term. A truly royal ceremony, the Pataudi marriage cost them around a big fat Rs 10 crore. The Bolly heroine Kareena Kapoor wore the beautiful and amazing wedding sharara of her mother in law Sharmila Tagore, the former Bollywood leading lady. The five day long nuptial saw an array of fabulous dresses by various internationally acclaimed designers.

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai
Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Worn by Bollywood CelebritiesThe wedding ceremony of the Junior Mr. B, Abhishek Bachchan and the former Miss world and Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai, was no less royal with a whooping Rs 6 crore as the total cost and that too quite a few years back. The grand affair was indeed a larger than life event with all the big shots of the country assembling to bless the gorgeous couple. While Aishwarya wore a stunning red and gold zari work saree by designer Neeta Lulla and Sandeep Khosla, Abhishek wore dresses by Kolkata based designer Sharbari Dutta and Mumbai based designers of international fame, kay Sons. The fabric of his golden sherwani was specially woven by traditional weavers from Benaras.

Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Worn by Bollywood CelebritiesAgain, among the most recent weddings, was the one between Arpita Khan, superstar Salman Khan’s sister and Delhi based Businessman, Ayush Sharma where a fantastic amount of Rs 5 crore was spent. The bride chose a vibrant red and gold designer lehenga for her wedding by the designer duo Abu and Sandeep. She even had a series of separate dresses by the designer duo and also by the Kolkata based designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee for the different marriage rituals and the ceremonies. Apart from the exensive dresses, the awesome jewelleries were no less special and costly.

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik
www.vebidoo1Then there is also the very recent wedding between the current Bollywood heartthrob Imran Khan and his childhood sweetheart Avantika Malik. It was a wonderfully glitzy affair with the total wedding cost amounting to a large Rs. 5.2 crore and Karan Johar being the unofficial wedding planner. Apart from the grand invitation card and the lavish venue, the main focus was on the dresses that the bride and the groom wore which were especially designed by the famous Bollywood designer Manish Malhotra.

The five days of the wedding that include the mehendi ceremony, the sangeet dance performance, the haldi rasm and finally the wedding and the reception, all come with specialised and pre ordered dresses not just for the celebrity couple but also the bridesmaids and the families. The sparkling images and the personas of the star couple and the celebrity guests are rightly contrasted with the expensive diamond and Swarovski gifts they exchange and the expensive designer wears they splurge in. While the top designers like Manish Malhotra, Wendell Rodricks, Tarun Tahiliani etc are hired for the expensive lehengas and sarees, professional photographers of the B town are no less in demand. Reportedly some of the A list actors of Bollywood have been said to spend above 40 to 50 lakhs on a particular wedding saree or lehenga and the average range varies between 10 to 20 lakhs, no less.


Manish Malhotra's Latest 2016 Collection : The Maestro is Back!

Manish Malhotra is back to styling Kareena Kapoor and we are more than happy! Manish’s new collection, Regal Threads, has already surprised us! We loved Katrina’s lehenga when she walked the ramp as the show stopper for the collection. The new campaign in vogue, which covers the checkered print pieces of the collection is outstanding! It looks vibrant, colorful and stylish! If you are still wondering about why most Bollywood beauties prefer to get married in Manish Malhotra, keep reading.

Manish Malhotra's regal threads collection

Manish Malhotra’s regal threads collection

Manish Malhotra’s Regal Threads Collection 2016 : 

Manish Malhotra is a trend setter when it comes to contemporary and modern lehengas. He was the person to take crop tops to the next level and pair them with flared lehengas. Not only that, the shirt with a lehenga trend was also started by Manish. Here are some outstanding outfits from the collection :

Manish Malhotra Regal Threads Collection 2016 Manish Malhotra Regal Threads Collection 2016 Manish Malhotra Regal Threads Collection 2016 Manish Malhotra Regal Threads Collection 2016Not only us, there is a bevy of celebrities who fell in love with the collection, the moment they saw it. Take a look at the divas!

Kanika Kapoor in Manish Malhotra : 

Kanika Kapoor seems to have fallen in love with the magician’s latest collection. She was spotted wearing two grand outfits from the collection. The off shouldered style lehenga is something which every girl dreams of owning!

Kanika Kapoor in Manish Malhotra

Kanika Kapoor in Manish Malhotra

Kanika Kapoor in Manish Malhotra

Kanika Kapoor in Manish Malhotra

Shilpa Shetty in Manish Malhotra:

Shilpa attened a recent event wearing Manish’s latest collection. She looked amazing as usual! We are not tired of repeating that we love Manish Malhotra’s creations, especially Manish Malhotra Sarees!

Shilpa Shetty in Manish Malhotra's Regal Threads collection

Shilpa Shetty in Manish Malhotra’s Regal Threads collection


Sophie Choudry in Manish Malhotra : 

Also, we know that Sophie is a die hard Manish Malhotra fan. So when she wore the high collared white, anarkali style lehenga to a recent event, we couldn’t take our eyes off her. She looks like a dream in this white lehenga from the designer’s Regal Threads Collection.

Sophie in Manish Malhotra

Sophie in Manish Malhotra’s Regal Threads outfit

Nataly Zakharova in Manish Malhotra :

Do you guys remember the dreamy green lehenga Nataly Zakharova, the wife of instagram celebrity, wore when she was in India. It was a Manish Malhotra too! If the back of the outfit is that stunning, then you can just imagine the front of the outfit!
Manish Malhotra

Brides of 2016 in Manish Malhotra :

From pastel to royal colors, Manish Malhotra’s collection covers a wide range of hues. Grey, white and royal blue and ofcourse red. Take a look at few brides who opted for Manish for their big day, and looked stunning!
Manish Malhotra Bridal Manish Malhotra BridalBe it red or blue, Manish believes in making every piece exquisite and extra ordinary. He also plays with a array of fabrics. Georgette, velvet, lace, raw silk and silk make his designs come to life.

Manish Malhotra Bridal Manish Malhotra Bridal

Manish Malhotra Designer for Fitoor and Ki and Ka Movies of 2016:

He has styled Tabu in Fitoor and Kareena in Ki and Ka! I am so glad that we get to see Kareena in a rather refreshing look in the movie!

Tabu in Fitoor - Manish Malhotra

Tabu in Fitoor

Kareena in Ki and Ka - Manish Malhotra

Kareena in Ki and Ka

Here’s hoping to see a lot of Manish Malhotra on red carpets and events, not only nationally but also Internationally. We love you Manish!

Latest Velvet Blouse Designs: What's trending!

STAND OUT GLORY! We see an array of tinsel-town ladies strut the occasions in stunning velvet blouse designs. So here we are, talking about the trending designs for velvet blouses.

Started from the golden era of Sharmila Tagore & Hema malini, designs for velvet blouse have evolved more than anything else. Today, they come in all hues of colors, patterns, designs and styles- adding glamour and splendor to every woman’s wardrobe! Desi to the core? Whether in sarees or flowing gypsy skirts… Here’s some food for your fashion. Chilly winter months are just too difficult ‘coz none would lie to stand out at the expense of warmth and comfort. Here’s when Velvet swoops in and sweeps us off our feet! With perfect balance between fashion and comfort, this material will wrap you up in warmth and style. Blending together the richness of Indian ethnicwear with softness and sophistication of velvet, seems to have created fantabulous effects. Flaunting deep and vibrant colors that are pleasing to the eye and in a variety of fresh velvet blouse designs for back, neck and sleeves- you wouldn’t wanna miss this trend in your wardrobe!

  • Velvet Blouses in shades of Red and Maroon :

These are the shades that pop up the best in velvet material. Opt for a matching saree or the contrasting one, you’d just look absolutely divine due to the versatility of these hues.

BeFunky Collage

Image Source: hubpages.com

  • Velvet Blouses in Shades of Navy Blue and Black 😀

Another hues that appear to be totally mesmerizing in velvet.

BeFunky Collage

Image Source: hubpages.com

  • Velvet Blouses in Simple Patterns : KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY!

Simple patterned or the embroidered ones, velvet blouses never lose their charm.

Plain patterned ones are with basic necklines and sober style, to give a much royal and formal look. Imagine if the plain patterns look so amazing, what wonder would happen if we add gold, silver, mirrors or some other form of shimmer to these blouses.

BeFunky Collage

Image Source: hubpages.com

  • Velvet Blouses with Intricate Embroidery Designs : A lil less simple!

Designer blouses are designed with modern design embellishments like resham work, embroidery, zari, sequins, beads, stone, etc. To add an eclectic twist, designers also opt for embellishments like neck & shoulder line highlight with shape embroidery & zari work on sleeves or neck highlight. B-town beauties were seen donning the trend and letting the unique embroidery add volume to their otherwise-simple attire.

BeFunky Collage

Image Source: hubpages.com and styleblog.g3fashions.in

  • Velvet Blouse Designs in Full Sleeves : FULL SLEEVED BLOUSES WITH VELVET FOR THE BODICE!

During winters, this is the best option to be cozy and appealing. Velvet for the bodice and chiffon/net for the sleeves make for a gorgeous look. Madhuri Dixit was seen in navy blue velvet saree blouse with net sleeves beautifully paired with a hot pink saree while Aishwarya glammed up her saree with full sleeved blouse where the chiffon sleeves perfectly matches with the heavy embroidered velvet blouse. These velvet blouse designs are perfect blouse designs for net sarees.

BeFunky Collage

Image Source: hubpages.com & bollywoodshaadis.com

Creation by Manish Malhotra is always enchanting. Deepika donned velvet loo with an embellished skirt while the blouse outfit on model is made of deep green velvet stuff as its neckline and arms are embroidered with the tilla, kora, dabka and resham. Heavily embellished model looks regal. Lastly, Sridevi in Manish Malhotra velvet blouse rules the charts with timeless beauty!

BeFunky Collage

Image Source: trendymods.com

  • Puff Sleeve Designs for Velvet blouses

Velvet blouse designs with puffed sleeves is nothing but gorgeous. Madhuri Dixit was spotted in this trend with a beige net saree.

Velvet Blouse Designs

Image Source: hubpages.com

  • Sleeveless Blouse Designs for Velvet Blouses :

Sexy sleeveless blouse designs look even more awesome, when worn in velvet material.

BeFunky Collage

Image Source: hubpages.com

  • Half Sleeves and Three Fourth Sleeves Velvet Blouse Designs

Both go well with a velvet blouse design. Aishwarya looked lovely in red-maroon 3/4th sleeved blouse.

BeFunky Collage

Image Source: hubpages.com

  • Caps Sleeves Designs for Velvet Blouses:

Velvet Blouse Designs

Image Source: hubpages.com

  • Front and Back Neck designs for Velvet Blouses

Necklines really have a lot of effect on the way your ensemble turns out to be. So lets have a look at few of the interesting necklines available with velvet blouses:

Velvet Blouse Designs

AMP UP YOUR STYLE WITH HIGH-NIGH COLLAR as high-collared velvet blouse with embroidery and embellishment gives you the much-needed finesse. Also, INTRICATE BEAUTY is ADDED AUTOMATICALLY WITH LACE/SHEER NECKLINES. Or WHEN YOU SEXY & YOU KNOW IT- Wear the big- U shaped back design or DO THE ONE-SHOULDER OR DEEP-NECK blouse designs.

BeFunky Collage

Image Source: hubpages.com & styleblouse.com

Big-U shaped front design is also in vogue. Sridevi with wide neck patterned velvet blouse looked stunning as ever!


Image Source: bollywood-replica-saree.blogspot.in

  • Velvet Blouse Designs for Lehenga

Lehengas are the most preferred choice of traditional wear. Fret not, velvet blouse designs gel well with the lehengas too 😀

With embroidery on neckline or/and sleeves, designs in velvet blouses add richness to your lehenga. We saw something very different on Malaika when she amazed us with her heavy-studded blouse design on her lehenga. Instead of the blouse, its sleeves were of velvet material and had vintage embroidery to add to the overall opulence.

CollageImage Source: hubpages.com

Lets be awestruck from more looks of gorgeousness on gorgeousness…

BeFunky Collage

Image Source: tipsandbeauty.com

Velvet on velvet? Shraddha shows us how… At Bullion summit fashion show 2014, we spotted her in velvet lehenga paired with velvet sleeveless blouse. Is it just embroidered designer lehenga or drool-worthy velvet all over, behind her jaw-dropping sexy avatar.

BeFunky CollageImage Source: bollywood-replica-saree.blogspot.in

The classy velvet accentuates your curves and compliment your womanhood in every possible way. Being the source of splendid elegance, velvet blouse designs have carved their way in the runways, bridal season, evening parties and even to morning hangouts. It totally depends on the saree you pair your velvet blouse with. P.S You can be as creative as you can and this versatile material will never disappoint you.

So what are you waiting for my dearies! Here’s wishing you find your passion and fashion…

Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type : What to Wear and How to Dress

If you are the owner of an Apple-Shaped body, you probably have a little bigger bottom or tummy area, but sexy limbs with slim arms and legs. It is the best not to dress that will draw attention to your lower region, rather focus on the sexier parts! Women with an apple shaped body generally have a large, fuller torso with skinny legs. They can choose salwar or kurtis that create an illusion of a curvy waist. Try flowy outfits rather than the tighter ones, as they help draw attention on your slender arms and legs, rather than on the stomach area. Choose churidars or v neck salwars over the tight fitted ones. It is a good idea to avoid neck embellishments, as it helps to draw attention to your upper body. Choose dark shades for tops and lighter colored bottoms. SO today, we are going to talk to about specifics in terms of Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type 

  • Deep Neck Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type :

Wear a lot of deep down plunging necks, and wide ones too that will simply make you look hot woman!! You are killing it if you do that for starters!


Deep Neck Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type


  • Flowy Floor Length Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type :

Wear Long stuff, loooooooong ones with definitely full sleeves, with a lot of gathers, pleats or tucks. That again will surely work out. Isn’t Ayesha Takia looking simply stunning!


Flowy Floor Length Anarkali Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type


  • If not a Deep Neck, Try Nets and Sheer Play! :

If you are not putting on a deep neck, cover it up with only a thin layer of a net fabric just like the one shown below..


Sheer Anarkali Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type


  • The Right Colors :

See how a black upper torso or a red slim fit top without any neck embellishment make you look slimmer and concentrates more upon the flow of the bottom part. For more tips on looking slim, check out our blog on How to Look Slim in Ethnic wear!

It is very well displayed by Vidya Balan below..


Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type


  • A Classic Black Saree :

This is one garment that will alway adorn an apple shaped figure as it makes you look sleek in totality. If it works for Balan, be sure it is going to look amazing on you as well. This is my personal favourite dude. Try it and see the effect and then when you see it, smile 🙂


Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type - Classic Black Saree


  • Simple White Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type :

Generally white should be avoided by the ones with less “team-jhaam”, and less work upon them and with a dark coloured separate to go with it would definitely work well for you.. The ones featured below are perfect.. true na??


Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type


  • Flowy But Sleek Skirts for Apple Shape Body Type :

A loooooong skirt but with  sleek pattern is also a YES YESSSSS!!!! for you my girl. GO DO IT! LOOK RAVISHING IN THIS SEQUINNED AND PEACHED LEHENGA SET HEREIN DOWNSTAIRS..


Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type


  • The Royal Dark Shades and Hues for Apple Shape Body Type :

Dark coloured dresses definitely work the most for an apple shaped body type, reason being that these make you look thin and tall.  SONAKSHI proves it here yet again just for you..


Dresses for Apple Shape Body Type

SO all my women out there who are lucky and cover up the 14% of the population of women out there, I’m sure now you know how many options you are blessed with while dressing up.

Just waiting to see you at the party tonight, my girls!!