How to Dress when you are Short or Petite : Dress it Right Petite Girls!

Knowing your body type comes in handy when you want to be fashionably forward with the clothes tailored to fit you. But being petite might just throw a wrench into your entire idea of what your look should be. Though tradition makes the mistake of labeling all women under 5’4 with shorter inseams and narrower shoulders as the textbook dress style for petite women, no one is really the same. Indian women with the exception of divas like Sonam and Deepika usually fall under the petite category which makes the job of selecting the clothes for short women that much harder! But with our petite fashion tips, you would treat your size as a powerful tool rather than a weakness! Here we answer all your queries regarding how to dress when you are short or petite:


Maxing up your size!

How to Dress when you are Short or Petite : Maxi Dresses for Short Petite Girls

If you are short, wearing a maxi dress shouldn’t be something you write of entirely! After we are done teaching you how to wear a maxi dress if you are short and curvy, this would be a staple garment in your wardrobe. Though flowing silhouettes are not always considered to be the best outfits for short girls, you can change all that by ensuring that the upper half of your maxi dress is well fitted and embellished in contrast to the lower portion. Long dresses for short women are just as popular as for their taller counterparts! Fashion for short women doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?


How to Dress when you are Short or Petite : Skirt it up!

How to Dress when you are Short or Petite : Skirts for Short Petite Girls

The best skirts for short women are the A-line skirts available in monochrome and with the patterned vertical stripes. Make sure the hem of your top ends at the hipline and preferably above so that your legs can enjoy the luxury of appearing long for once. The skirts in bold hues make you appear slim and tall without any effort on your part whatsoever. The best outfits for short women have their inception when you turn the restrictions on their heads.


Ethnic with a twist

Ethnic Dresses and Anarkalis for Women

An Indian girl without a kurta is like a fish without water. But how to choose your clothes if you are a short woman with short legs? The silhouette of the floor length anarkali salwars might be enticing you but it’s better if you don’t give in. Cut yourself some slack and settle for a compromise by letting the hemline end at least five inches above your ankle. The ethnic outfits for small women which have the salwar and kameez in similar hues can rock the trend better than those who don’t!


Curvy Can Be Fun!

Ethnic Dresses for Short Women

If you are a curvaceous woman with the petite body type, coming up with clothes for short curvy women must have been a nightmare and we feel you! But since this era in fashion is all about celebrating your size, empire waists are the way to go when ransacking your brain for outfit ideas for short women. The outfits for short people which nip your shape beneath the bustline are great for when you seek balance without sacrificing your curves.


Layer your beauty

Source: FashionExprez

Source: FashionExprez

Since slim fitted dresses become a necessary weapon when you are a petite girl, if there’s a stunning outfit which appears bigger in parts, strategically cover it up with layering. The outfits for short girls can be endowed with a whole new dimension and create a striking effect if you team them up with capes, jackets and cardigans as the same length as your dress.

With such multifarious dress options for short girls, you don’t feel so bad do you? Put on those jhootis and be the modern day Thumbelina!

Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type : What to Wear and How to Dress

Women having wider hips compared to upper part of the body are blessed with pear shaped body. They must dress according to their body shape to look flattering and create maximum visual appeal. Picking up the perfect clothing and accessories not only highlight the positive aspects of your body and but also hide your flaws. The styling aim of women with pear shaped body is to draw attention towards the slimmer upper body: waist and torso.You own a triangular shaped body, with narrow shoulders and a big bottom! Sounds like I just described most Indian women! Just kidding, but statistically Pear shape is the most common Indian body types to be found! Your main concern should be to draw attention away from your hips and more towards the slimmer upper body.Coming up is the range of apparel that you should try upon if you belong to the pear shaped genre of figures. Here we give you tips what to wear and how to dress when it come to Indian Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type. Read on…


    An A-line floor length anarkali suit with flare, empire waist anarkali/kurta or an A-line kurti is a sure YES.

ANARKALI Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type

Anarkali Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type

The Anarkali above is  beautiful silk anarkali.



    Flared, panel length or A-line lehenga with not too much of flare is again a YES.

Lehenga made from georgette or chiffon or creme or a net fabric as they don’t add bulk to the shape are the best options.

Featuring below are the hot pink , milk white and hot red lehenga designs worn hi Illeana De Cruz and Sonam Kapoor who too are blessed with a pear shaped figure.


Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type : Lehenga Cholis Lehenga Choli : Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type

Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type : Lehenga Cholis Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type : Lehenga Cholis

Indian Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type : Lehenga Cholis, How to Wear Indian Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type : Lehenga Cholis

Indian Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type : Lehenga Cholis, How to Wear



    Go bold and sexy and wear this hot styled saree showcased below to adorn your pear shaped body type.


Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type : Indian Sarees, How to Style



These days Indo styles are really in. Check out this smartly created and designed pale pink ensemble. The image on the right shows a hot crop top of a cobalt hue and a funky long skirt of floor length…

Indo Western Gowns and Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type Indo Western Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type



#1-Short and skin-tight kurta

#2-Printed and trousers style bottoms draw attention to your least flattering location

#3-Mermaid style saree add extra volume to your lower body

#4-Fish-cut and straight-cut lehengas as they accentuate hips

#5-Clingy fabrics, that will stick to your body highlighting the wrong areas.


Tip: Go for ankle length anarkalis or long kurtas, they will help add height and make you look less stout.



Chunky or bold jewelry grabs attention to upper body

Jewellery Designs and Necklace Designs for Pear Shape Body Type

Collar-style necklace is great way to add width to your neck and shoulders. You can also opt for princess length chain with pendant.

Jewellery Ideas for Pear Shape Body Type

Chandelier style or dangly earrings bring attention to your face.

Jewellery Designs and Earrings Designs and Ideas for Pear Shape Body Type

So be proud that you are a part of the 20% hot ladies out here who belong to this segment of body type and figure and choose your favourite dressing style from the above displayed styles and accessorise with the jewels showcased. To enhance it a little more you can wear on amazing pumps or stilettos and look like a blingy ethnic star in front of the entire world out there.

11 Best Blouse Back Neck Designs

Blouses form an important part of a woman’s wardrobe because a beautifully tailored blouse can complete your entire look, while on the other hand, an ill-fitting one can ruin the complete aesthetic appeal of a saree. Yes, designers have been experimenting with textures, colours and fabrics, but what about blouse back designs?This year the fashion industry has seen an extensive innovation when it comes to blouse back neck designs.From Designer blouses for sarees with back designto rather simple designs for blouse back, more and more women are branching out.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular back neck blouse designs this season.

1. Geometric Cut Out blouse back

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 1

One of the most popular saree blouse back designsis the geometric cutout design. This is because not only does it look extremely sexy, but it allows for a ton of experimentation with different shapes, combination of shapes, materials and colours.

2. Square back design of blouse

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 2

One of the most daring latest blouse back designs, this one the square or the rectangle cutout stands out because of its simplicity. But don’t be fooled, it takes a lot of skills for perfect execution.

3. Criss-cross string back blouse design

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 3

On the humbler side of blouse designs pattern back neck, this one is simple yet sexy. You can either opt for a single string or a double string pattern, combine it with tassels and so on. The possibilities are endless.

4. Back neck blouse design with Border

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 4

Blouse back neck designs with borders are very popular, especially at high end events like weddings, parties and so on, because not only do they have the glam factor, but they can make the simplest of back blouse designs stand out.

5. Shear back designs of blouse

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 5

Speaking of blouse back neck designs for silk sarees, shear backs are extremely popular. This year, more and more designers are turning to this simplistic trend. Fashionable variations include some detailed handwork on the shear material.

6. Princess cut back design for blouse

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 6

Sometimes the latest blouse designs for backincludes turning to the traditional fashion, which in this case means the princess cut. Be it blouse back designs for silk sareesor designer blouse back neck designs, the beauty of the Princess cut is that it is very versatile.

7. Lace halter neck back designs for blouse

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 7

This goes without saying that saree blouse designs front and back is important because who would want one with a pretty back but an ill-fitting front?! Hence the latest saree blouse designs front and back includes halter neck lace designs that are simplistic and gorgeous. These blouse designs look great with net sarees. Head to our blog on blouse designs for net sarees for more!

 8. Studded saree blouse back design

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 8

If you are looking for the latest saree blouse designs for the back, look no further than the studded blouse. Extremely elegant and glamorous, this is fit even for a royal wedding. Try o select light pastel shades to keep it from being over-the-top.

9. High top choliblouse design back

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 9

When looking for designer saree blouses back designs, most women seek elegance. The high top back design of blouse in sareeis the surest way of looking elegant and sleek, particularly in dark and metallic tones.

10. Back design blouse with Bow

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 10

Bows can make even the most boring clothing interesting. That is why designer blouse patterns for backand silk saree blouse back neck designs are turning to bows to revamp traditional styles.

11. Back button design of blouse back

Best Blouse Back Neck Designs 11

If you are looking for designer blouse designs for back neck which is a little different, go for back buttons. While most design blouse back neck designs concentrate on cut and fabric, this type adds a little craft with buttons.

So what is your favourite blouse back design or blouse back neck design? Let us know.

23 Young Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Indians are getting increasingly style-conscious and fashion-conscious. Wearing fantastic outfits every day is something most people aspire to for. Driven by the force of urbanization and consumer revolution, young designers in India are now creating new, progressive and daring styles allowing them to indulge in experimental styling and silhouettes. We have listed out 23 New Age Young Indian Fashion Designers that are on our watch this year! These designers have not only set up their own successful labels, but have carved a niche for themselves in the fashion industry. Check out the new generation of Indian fashion designers who are making waves in the fashion world with their creations.


Devika Srimal

Devika Srimal - Kanabis - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Kanabis

Fuqua School of Business graduate, Devika’s success in her animal friendly line, Kanabis has given us a reason to look forward to buying fashion that has an underlying motive behind it. Crafted from canvas and hemp, and sewed to perfection every Kanabis product has a story to tell. Compassion for animals remains a core value at Kanabis as well as for Devika. For the year 2K16, Devika is looking forward to new opportunities and growing her brand’s online & offline visibility with an aim at launching new line of high quality, fashionable and PETA approved vegan shoes. #lovekanabis


Richana Khumanthem

Richana Khumanthem - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Khumanthem

Richana’s Khumanthem was established in the year 2014, aiming at the luxury end of the market. Richana believes in the individualism and being different and that every single human is different and it is this difference that inspires the brand Khumanthem. Every Khumanthem piece is hand-woven and strictly adheres to “No to Plastic” policy. The brand has the advantage of being a pioneer in introducing the beautiful handloom heritage into fashion which is still in its nascent stage when compared to other textiles. The beautiful ancient culture of the North-East, and the indigenous handloom & handicraft of the woman folk of Manipur is the backbone of the brand.


Smriti Dubey & Shikhar Vaidhya

Smriti Dubey & Shikhar Vaidhya - Label SINS - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: SINS (Synonym of Indian Style)

Inspired from the kitsch and pop Indian designs, Smriti & Shikar went on to create “wearable art” that was once solely focussed on lifestyle products. The whole concept of creating a unique identity for Indian design and innovation scene made them name their label as Synonym of Indian Style. In the year 2016, Smriti Dubey and Shikhar Vaidhya are looking forward to massive expansion by integrating 300+ designers with 3000+ designs every month. The exciting opportunity to transform the way design and innovation is perceived in India is the focal driving force behind SINS. They firmly believe in the fact that in coming years, India will see a whole lot of drive towards micro-entrepreneurship that will let designers and artists make a difference at their own scale.


Priyanshi Mehta

Priyanshi Mehta - Label Rossoyuki - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Rossoyuki

Luxury, opulence and magnificence is what Rossoyuki stands for. Priyanshi’s line of bags is as unique as the label name itself. “Rosso” stands for red in Spanish whilst “Yuki” stands for snowflake in Japanese. It symbolizes the continuous shower of eclectic yet classic designs created by Priyanshi. The glamorous Rossoyuki pieces possess an innate ability to bring out the poise and grace of the individual personality in an effortless fashion. Gutermann thread work, finest micro beads procured from Japan and Swarovski crystals along with meticulous finish goes into making every product.


Vriksh Verma

Vriksh Verma - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Vriksh Verma

Vriksh Verma is adding another dimension to his love for design through the launch of his eponymous label of handbags and accessories. The self-trained designer combines his love for the handcrafted and the industrial through his pieces that are detailed in surface textures, but sleek and structured in form. A self-confessed nature lover, Vriksh draws inspiration from flora and fauna. The collection speaks of oriental gardens and exotic animals, which come alive as embroidery motifs, weaves and colours. High quality materials and superior finishes create products that should take a position of pride in the wardrobe.


Astha Sethi & Sidharth Arora

Astha Sethi & Sidharth Arora - Label ANS by Astha & Sidharth - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

 Label: ANS

Astha Sethi & Sidharth Arora are two creative beings with strong aesthetics and that is how they both gathered together to form ANS which stands for their initials. Their work is a conversation about the present transitional nature of India which also highlights their forte in adding a twist for the banality of craft, intentionally breaking the stereotypes and creating distinctiveness. These two graduates from Pearl Academy of Arts started ANS in the year 2011 and since then have been creating clothing for women who believe that appearance is the reflection of their soul.


Anshul Tyagi & Shreya Bhan

Anshul Tyagi & Shreya Bhan - Label Etre - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!Label: Etre

Having studied together, Shreya and Anshul both knew they would end up working together and it happened much sooner than they expected it would. Etre was launched after Anshul finished his education at London School of Fashion and Shreya brought in her 3 years of experience at leather industry to it. For the year 2016, the duo are aiming at diversifying their product line and experimenting more with embroideries. They are hoping to create a collection that will be celebrating the art by various artisans pan India.


Amrit Kaur

Amrit Kaur - Label ANK by Amrit Kaur - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: ANK

For Amrit Kaur, her label ANK’s perfect muse is Maleficent who is fierce and epitomises mystery and elegance. Each of these characters are portrayed within her collection in some or the other element. During her stint at Pear Academy of Fashion, Amrit realized she wanted to be an entrepreneur and that’s how ANK came into existence. For the year 2016, Amrit is looking forward to breaking fashion barriers and wants ANK to become a household name.


Anandita & Anahita Ahuja

Anandita Ahuja - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Anandita

Ahuja sisters jointly formed Anandita, a line of designer clutches and accessories. The creations are a blend of culture with a perfect balance of modern interpretation catering to the modern empowered women of today. The line has ingenuity in design highlighted with a vivid colour palette. Visually engaging motifs and bright colours are cornerstones of Anandita’s designs. For 2016, the duo are looking forward to working on more intricate pieces with a couple of detailed collections.


Pritam Saha

Pritam Saha - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: PRITaM

PRITaM is all about extravagant intimacy, handmade in India with love. Pritam believes that the modern day independent Indian woman, in love with what they do and who they are with a romantic side to herself is the perfect muse for his label. For the year 2016, Pritam is coming up with 4 new collections and is currently working on his Summer line. His current collection would be focussed on ethnic juxtaposition with experimentation in folklore motifs. NID graduate, Pritam was introduced to the world of fashion through is college and into the exciting world of Design, Textiles and Apparel.


Devika Bharadwaj

Devika Bharadwaj - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Devika Bharadwaj

Devika’s label Devika Bharadwaj is inspired in bringing international trends and quality to the Indian audience along with a design that is fresh and wearable. She aims at designing elegant, handcrafted leather shoes to the Indian shoe lover. For year 2016, Devika has lined up a new collection that will see indigenous kolhapuri chappals mixed with modern styles. And aiming at current trends, she is sure to add some slip-ons in her new collection. Her love and obsession for footwear led to launch of her eponymous label. It all started back in college wherein she used to paint shoes for her friends and then snowballed into a venture where she was painting sneakers for others. She was thrilled with the idea of venturing into designing footwear and thus led to launch of her handcrafted footwear label.


Vishala Shree

Vishala Shree - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!Label: Vishala Shree

As a designer Vishala always wished to do something where she could explore her ideas and imaginative skills. In April of 2015, she got her first collection showcased at India Runway Week which garnered great response and appreciation and that is how she launched her label. As of now she’s solely focussed on denim fabric and working on fine detailing of denim in terms of washes and embellishments and most of her designs are fusion of Indian and feminine silhouette with masculine and global fabric. It’s her belief that there is an order in every disorder, harmony in every chaos, construction in every deconstruction and even in every odd.


Kaveri SharmaKaveri Sharma - Label - Red Sister Blue - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!Label: Red Sister Blue

It’s no mystery that the world has woken up to Indian Fashion – the colours and the artistry combined with the delicately woven fabrics. Red Sister Blue aims at merging of the traditional with a renewed sense of pride. A brand born with a vision to see Khadi as part of the urban culture, part of the jeans clad generation urbanites’ style. Red Sister Blue is about the sisterhood, its about the girls in shorts on bikes. Its about daring to be sexy. And all of this is possible with a strong team formed by Kaveri Sharma along with Nanda Yadav and Michael Grobe. Having graduated with Honours in Fashion Design from the Pearl Academy, Kaveri spent her time in Europe – mecca of fashion learning the intricacies of fashion media business, brand management. Her approach is simplistic yet contemporary when it comes to understanding the fashion needs of cross cultural individuals.


Tasneem Ghadiyali & Fatema Lakdawala

Label Bomono - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: BoMono

This duo created the label BoMono which celebrates Indian beauty and craftsmanship in a global luxury manner. For Tasneem & Fatema, BoMono is all about creating the best fashion in a traditional yet with a hint of modern Bohemian feel. A BoMono muse is a woman who is individualistic and free spirited. Graduates of Raheja School of Art, Tasneem and Fatema are undaunted to experiment with fierce prints, embroideries and vibrant colours which is very positively reflected on their work.


Sindhu Reddy

Sindhu Reddy - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Sindhu Reddy

Sindhu Reddy’s taste for celebrated designs gives her garments its very own uniqueness and artistic individuality. Her apparels are inspired from India’s rich tapestry of textiles with a focus on ethnic wear because she believes that a traditional spark to attires are always a beauty to admire. This comes with an added hint of Western fusion to maintain an optimum balance between traditional and contemporary. She also brings a collaboration of rare colour combinations and edgy designs that are well reflected in her designs. A NIFT graduate, Sindhu is looking forward to launching her new floral collection, inspired from the rich flora that surrounds us.


Shweta Nimkar

Shweta Nimkar - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Paio

If Shweta were to be defined in one word then it would be “impulsive”. Her fascination for shoes is what led to several thousands of shoe designs during her college years and finally to launching her label Paio. Paio’s inspiration lies in everyday life, taking something simple and building on daily life experiences. Shweta’s dream is to create. Create something unique, fabulous and worth remembering. Paio stands for “pair of shoes” in Italian. Each shoe is specially crafted, moulded and cushioned to give utmost comfort and stability. In the year 2016, Shweta is looking forward to launching her new collection with some unique designs.


Tanvi Gandhi

Tanvi Gandhi - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!Label: Sugar Mint

Every creation at Sugar Mint is individually designed by Tanvi Gandhi and hand crafted by skilled craftsmen. Sugar Mint is a label with fun and fashionable collection. Her exquisite handcrafted bags speak high volumes of the blissful blend of Indian’esque elements such as Ikat along with westernized chevron and dotted prints. Tanvi’s eye for upscale yet sensible designs is what makes Sugar Mint bags a must have for every closet.


Sakina Amin

Sakina Amin - Label Sugarlips - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Sugarlips by Sakina Amin

Sakina launched her label Sugarlips by Sakina Amin with an aim of recreating the magic of dressing for every occasion and celebrate being a woman. Sakina considers a self-determining woman who is sophisticated, elegant and embraces femininity in fashion as the perfect muse for her label. Her designs speak high volume of cultural amalgamation, drapes and origami combined with floral geometrics.


Shravya Varma

Shravya Varma - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Shravya Varma

Shravya Varma was just 17 when she entered into the field of fashion. Shravya believes in ART APPAREL. For her, her label is not just her profession, she started designing as a hobby and till dates holds the title for youngest designer from Hyderabad. Her Label speaks high volumes of Indian silhouettes with a unique sense of style and elegance. The use of opulent Indian craftsmanship with an amazing blend of vibrant colours adds to the unabashed glamour of the silhouettes.


Nitya Surekha, Nitesh Kumar, Ashna Lal

Nitesh Kumar, Nitya Surekha and Ashna Lal - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Tritiya Designs

These three NIFT graduates are the queens and king of ethnic couture. Nitya, Nitesh and Ashna formed Tritiya designs. They specialize in heavy ethnic wear and bridal couture. Based out of Hyderabad city, the line specifically deals with heavy embroidery, fine embellishments, floral prints which are not to be missed out for anything!


Abhishek Sher

Abhishek Sher - Label Abhilasha and Abhishek - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Abhilasha & Abhishek

What more can be said about Abhishek Sher! Abhilasha and Abhishek is one of those elegant brands based out of Delhi that reflects silhouettes with chic designs and understated elegance. Their Label’s design philosophy is simple and wearable for the refined women of today.


Simin Lakhani

Simin Lakhani - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Vivacious in Vogue

Vivacious in Vogue is the brainchild of Simin Lakhani. A fashion blogger, designer and stylist, Simin has multiple talents to add to her bag! Vivacious in Vogue is a clothing brand for women who want to break through the clutter of fashion stereotypes and dress to express themselves. Simin truly believes in the creation of unique styles that expresses the core of who you are!


Deepika Tanwar

Deepika Tanwar - Label Crazi Darzi

Label: Crazi Darzi

For Deepika Tanwar, it all started off when she was around three years old when she used to pick out stuff from her mum’s cupboard to dress up! In her teenage years, she found solace in fashion. ‘Fashion’ was pre-destined for her, but she dismissed it as a personal quirk and stayed away from any formal training. Her love for travel, diversity and exploring new cultures made her look at fashion in a whole new way. “You don’t need expensive clothes to make a statement. A brandless T-shirt with the right cut/style could be uniquely fashionable.” This thought propelled me to start my own clothing and accessories label called ‘Crazi Darzi’. True to its name, the clothes are – edgy, electric, fun, boho, Avante-garde, quirky and progressive. Crazi Darzi is a sprinkle of hippie and a dollop of /Fun fashion. All apparel are made with love, made for all those who want to break free from the shackles of society, for the independent woman, for the shy and confident, for the innocent and the adventurous, for the experimenter and the follower, for woman of tomorrow and your average girl next door. The clothes speak! Not a vocabulary understood by your average fashion police. They speak a universal language understood by the ones who slip on a Crazi Darzi garment.

Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape – What to Wear & How to Dress

An hourglass figure is the body shape when the hips and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. Body fat distribution tends to be around both the upper body and lower body. This body type enlarges the arms, chest, hips, and rear before other parts, such as the waist and upper abdomen. This time I’m here to discuss about the clothes for hourglass figure. If you are looking for the best dress style for hourglass shape, this is a column that will surely help you out! We are going to talk about Ethnic, Indo Westerns and Westerns for your hourglass body shape. Starting from Anarkalis, to lehenga cholis, to sarees, to separates, to the gowns, we are going to concentrate upon all dresses for hourglass body shape.


    These anarkalis featured below a absolutely body hugging ones. They have perfect elements that are needed for an hourglass shape. It is because an hourglass shaped body wants an attire that shows the curves properly and in an aesthetically appealing way. Reds, Pastels, Whites, Neon greens and pinks are perfect colors for the season to follow though. Yeah! It is a multi coloured season.

Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape - Anarkalis Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape - Flared and Floor Length Anarkalis

Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape - Anarkali Kurtis and Suits

Anarkali Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape


    While concentrating upon the best dresses for hourglass shape, do not forget that Fish style lehenga skirts are the best options to try out. The bubble gum pink lehenga set and the super sexy green one below are exactly what I am trying to say herein.

Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape - Lehenga Cholis Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape - Lehenga Cholis


    If you are an hourglass with a funky and hot style sense who wants dresses to suit hourglass figure most importantly , then you should definitely not stop yourself from putting on this style showcased below. This is the best thing I have recently seen and bought myself too. 😉 Bold!!!! Isn’t it ??


Dresses for hourglass body shape - crop tops and skirt


    Georgettes draped perfectly to your body is the best saree to choose to wear, it is one of the best dresses for hourglass shape . It is will stick closely to your body and show the right curves at the right times when you walk out.

Sarees for Hourglass Body Shape Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape - How to wear sarees when you have an hour glass figure Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape - Sarees


    Time for some priceless , heavily embellished Mermaid looking gowns that will make you look extremely gorgeous and ravishing. They are fully handworked with pearls, studs, stones, crystals and mirrors and charms. Wear subtle sea related jewelry, including bracelets, bangles, necklaces, pendants, head bands, hair bands, wrist bands, rings, earrings, and anything else you think resembles the ocean. You can make your own mermaid tail by braiding your hair in an intricate manner. These are the perfect long dresses for hourglass figure.

Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape - Fish cut Gowns and Dresses to highlight your curves Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape - Embellished and Sheer Gowns


    Dhoti is a pattern made pair of cowl pants these days from the old concept of a draped dhoti style which used to be a garment for men. It is a perfect info-western stylised clothing in the form of short kurtis and pants for an hourglass shaped body. Smart it is ..indeed!! Infact, I would call this the closet of flattering dresses for hourglass figures. And, these dresses that suit hourglass figures can be very well carried off by college youngsters. How to wear dhoti pants, you ask! We answer this question in our other blog!

Dhoti Pants paired with Kurtas for Hourglass Body Shape Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape - Dhoti Pants and Crop Tops to accentuate your curves

While choosing from any of the above, don’t forget to keep in mind the colors that adorn your complexion, your height, your bust size in terms of heaviness, and  what your style is. Since your style can be bold, smart, Chic, cute, pretty, hot, sexy or punky. And, after all the permutation and combination, conclude as to what are looking forward to wear. If you are shuffling for wedding dresses for hourglass figure, you will definitely find some mind boggling outfits for hourglass figure.

Good luck with it…

Fashion for Women Over 50

“50 +” is an age group who are relatively relaxed and calm and composed in their livelihoods. There is a perfect sense of style in that be carried off quite well in this age. I want you to understand that you deserve to look creamy, soft and yet bold. From clothing, to jewellery to make up , I am going to give you a thorough style guide on fashion for fifty and about how to take it forward. It is the style statement you want to carry off. Yes, I’m talking about apparel here. Sarees, Anarkalis, Palazzo sets, or sexy Gowns. Following this, we are going to decide on your jewels and make up shades.


~ Classy Saree Fashion for Women over 50 :

Sarees for your 50 and 60 and the entire age rows of 50s and 60s 😉 : Silks, Satins, Velvets, Cottons. You can get inspired from any of the below showcased trendsetting styles. This is upto you to decide what is your style under the tag of  a “SAREE”.

Fashion for women over 50 - Sarees for women over 50 Fashion for women over 50 - clothes for women over 50 years old

fashion for women over 50 - Elegant Sarees for 50 year old women

fashion for women over 50 - Elegant Sarees for 50 year old women fashion for women over 50 - Elegant Sarees for 50 year old women


~ Breathtaking Anarkalis for Women over 50 :

If you choose to adorn yourself by wearing an Anarkali and styling yourself, you can surely act upon any of the ones adopted fantabulously by the gorgeous Zeenat Aman, stunning Sridevi, and intellectual Shabana Azmi. Whites, royal blues, blacks, pinks, gold are the perfect colors.

fashion for women over 50 - outfits for women over 50

fashion for women over 50 - Anarkalis and Indian clothes for women over 50 years oldstyle for women over 50 - clothing styles for women over 50


~ Pretty Palazzos and Shararas for Women over 50:

The elegant Dimple Kapadia in creamy tone, The edgy and hot Zeenat Aman  in a jacketed pattern and the mind blasting Sridevi in a perfect Zardosi work on Maroon are apt examples to get inspired from on this zone of clothing.

fashion for women over 50 - Shararas and Indian clothes for women over 50 years old

fashion for women over 50 - Shararas and Indian Ethnic clothes for women over 50 years old fashion for women over 50 - Shararas and Indian clothes for women over 50 years old


~ The Cocktail Gowns Fashion for Women over 50 :

Blacks and Whites always make you look young and sleek. Try upon one of the ones presented below, and tell me how do you feel.

fashion for women over 50 - Ethnic Indian Gowns for women over 50 years old


~ Stylish Separate Casuals for Women over 50:

These separates and coordinates below, casuals and semi formal, look chirpy and cheery and  will make you feel unusually smart and bold. This is strictly fashion for over 50s.

fashion for women over 50 - trendy clothes for 50 year old woman

casual dresses for women over 50 - fashion for older women



Jewellery can be grand or minimal, Indian or stylised, student or chain like, stony or with charms for style over 50. Featuring below are the latest ones you can follow and opt for undoubtedly depending upon which garment you are wearing. But two things that are to be kept in mind while selecting your jewellery is amount or heaviness you want to carry and kinds of colors you are comfortable putting on.

fashion for women over 50 - style for women over 50 - latest fashion trends for over 50s fashion for women over 50 - style for women over 50 - latest fashion trends for over 50s

fashion for women over 50 - jewellery for women over 50 fashion for women over 50 - latest fashion trends for over 50s

fashion for women over 50 - jewellery tips for women over 50 fashion for women over 50 - jewellery for women over 50



Make up is something that creates your entires look and expression for fashion at fifty. It brings up a mood to your style and attire. Glowy, blingy, smoky, peachy, pinky, or a minimal one. Pick up the style you want to wear and choose your make up pattern.

fashion for women over 50 - make up tips for women over 50 fashion for women over 50 - make up tips for women over 50

fashion for women over 50 - make up tips for women over 50 fashion for women over 50 - make up tips for women over 50 fashion for women over 50 - make up tips for women over 50

fashion for women over 50 - make up tips for women over 50  fashion for women over 50 - make up tips for women over 50


So, now you know that 50 s is a time when you really can really work upon your style. It is the time to look elegant and graceful. Be bold and do it up confidently and see how the world looks upto only and only you. This is because you have one thing in you which already makes you stand out and that is ” A POSITIVE ATTITUDE and SMILE TO CARRY ALL YOUR LOOKS”

SO there you go.. bang on and try upon these trendy clothes for 50 year old woman!!

5 Most Expensive Earrings in the World!

Fashion is never complete without the right accessorizing and when it comes to picking the best accessories, a woman knows to bedazzle with the perfect jewelry picks. from the classiest neckpieces to statement cocktails rings—the world of jewelry has so  much variety and dazzle that you could simply must put on glares to  avoid all the bling! However, one jewelry pick that women are especially hooked onto since ages is the earring. The going gets tough if you are addicted to flaunting luxury earrings or the most expensive earrings. There are thousands of expensive diamond earrings that you may come across from jewelry makers around the globe but let us raise a toast to the most expensive earrings in the world.


1. Most Expensive Earrings in the World – Golconda Diamond Earrings

Most Expensive Earrings In The World

Image Source:

This ranks at the top of all most expensive earring list since a long long time. Priced at 9.3 million dollars, these uncut diamond earrings weigh about 23.11 carats. A piece of poetry for onlookers, this pair of diamond earrings was last on sale in Hong Kong at Christie’s. An anonymous bidder bagged the world’s most expensive diamond earrings for the price we mentioned.


2. Most Expensive Earrings in the World – Diamond Earrings From The House Of Harry Winston

Harry Winston Diamonds

Image Source:

These diamond drop earrings are a beauty in gemstone. The diamonds are pear-shaped and weigh about 60.1 carats in total. Currently on display at the House of Winston in California, the price of one of the world’s most expensive diamond earrings stands at 8.5 million dollars.  The custom-made diamond earring pair was ordered in 2006. One trivia to amuse you is that while most connoisseurs refer to this diamond earring by the name of Harry Winston, this was made about three decades after his death.


3. Most Expensive Earrings in the World – Columbian Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings Colombia

Image Source:

Weighing around 23.34 carats, these diamond earrings make it to the world’s most expensive diamond ear jewelry list. Pear-shaped Columbian diamonds form a perfect combination with emerald in this piece. The value is estimated to stand at 4.8 million dollars. Are you going gaga over this collection of expensive earring pieces? We are, for sure.


4. Most Expensive Earrings in the World – Schwartz Diamond Earrings

Most Expensive Earrings In The World - Schwartz Diamond Earrings

Image Source:

Yet another top pick from the list of most expensive diamond earrings, this pair was made famous after the stunning Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie fluted the pair at the Academy Awards 2009 edition. Designed in a hoop pattern with a teardrop shape, the emerald was encrusted in a diamond border. No wonder the designer– Lorraine Schwartz– has turned out to be one of the most expensive earring brands in the world.


5. Most Expensive Earrings in the World – Christie’s Auction Diamond Earrings

Most Expensive Earrings In The World - Christie’s Auction Diamond Earrings

Image Source:

Say hello to yet another pick from the list of most expensive earrings in the world. This piece was auctioned at Christie’s New York. Pear-shaped diamonds with 9.94-carat weight—this dreamy pair of expensive diamond earrings was last sold off for 2.3 million dollars.

We understand how drool-worthy every earring from this lot of most expensive diamond earrings is! Well well, what you can do is go burn the midnight oil and earn enough moolah to go get you one of these. Someday. Perhaps. The case rests!

How to wear Dhoti Pants : Style Tips

Dhoti Pants have become a style staple in every woman’s wardrobe for quite some time now. Evolving from the traditional men’s garment, they impart an on-point balance of ethnic funk and comfort, making you look super edgy in a jiffy! After all, why should boys have all the fun? The best aspect about wearing dhoti pants is that you can rock them up with virtually anything from your closet that comes first in your reach and still look like an uber-casual diva! How to wear Dhoti Pants

Image Courtesy: Tashan Couture

Even our Bollywood fashionistas cannot seem to have enough of them, as they are snapped predominantly in dhoti pants during their leisure time! So when you want to chill out in style, look no further than these oh-so-hot-and-hip pants!

There is no hard and fast as to what can be styled with them, as long as your ensemble is in rhythm and cohesive with your comfort. But then again, if breaking down celebrity style inspirations baffles you, we are here to make your life easier! How to wear Dhoti Pants you ask? Well, read on!

You can stand out from the crowd by keeping the following things in mind:

  • How to wear Dhoti Pants as per your Body Shape


Keeping your body shape in mind while styling dhoti pants is absolutely vital! You can avoid discomfort and the awkward self-consciousness by choosing your apparel that perfectly complements your body type. We guide you through some of the common body shapes and ways to carry out dhoti pants in them.


  • How to wear Dhoti Pants if you have an Hourglass Body Shape

How to wear Dhoti Pants - Hourglass Body Shape

Image Courtesy:Styleinpk


If you are already blessed with an hourglass figure, then there is really nothing that can go bad with your ensemble! Pair up the pants with a cute crop top or a tunic top and you are all set to go! Complete the look with bright jootis and heavy jhumkas.


  • How to wear Dhoti Pants if you have a Pear Shaped Body

How to wear Dhoti Pants - Pear Shape Body

Image Courtesy:

If you have a pear shaped body, then your main focus should be to give an illusion of longer legs. This can be done by pairing your dhoti pants with a vertically striped jacket or a button down shirt. To rock the look, glide down some trendy bangles or bracelets!


  • How to wear Dhoti Pants if you have an Apple Shaped Body

How to wear Dhoti Pants - Apple Shape Body

Image Courtesy:

Choosing the right outfit for an Apple figure can be a task! Your lower body tends to be narrower than your midriff, thereby adding volume to your legs should be the priority. And what better way to accomplish that than our ritzy dhoti pants? A bright dhoti pant will add all the appropriate volume to your body, making your outfit look proportionate. You can enhance your look by stepping into some sexy pumps and curling your hair in waves! You can also try a saree drape with your dhoti pants while attending your friend’s sangeet ceremony, just like Sonakshi Sinha!


  • How to wear Dhoti Pants if you have a Banana Shaped Body

How to wear Dhoti Pants - Banana Bosy Shape

Image Courtesy:

Just like the apple, even ‘Banana ladies’ need to add volume to their outfit, only that they should do so throughout their body. A dhoti pant can be a major boon in that case as the voluminous pleats will fill in wherever required. To ace the look, wear the pants with a neutral color top and add a belt to it inorder to accentuate those lovely curves!


  • How to wear Dhoti Pants : Experiment with the Tops!

There is no end to the number of tops and their style you can play around with when it comes to dhoti pants! Some of them are Loose Tunic, Anarkali Kurtis, Ethnic Jacket & Vests, Long and Short Capes, Crop Tops, Peplum Tops, Collared Shirts and even our beloved Saree Blouses! All you need is dollops of confidence to conquer the world with your swag! Here are some of inspirations for you:

How to wear Dhoti Pants - Dhoti Pants with Tops

Dhoti Pants with Cape Tops, Sleeveless Tops and Blouses

Image Courtesy: Pinterest, Outfit Trends

How to wear Dhoti Pants - Dhoti Pants paired with with Crop Tops, Capes and Jackets

Dhoti Pants paired with with Crop Tops, Capes and Jackets

Image Courtesy:

How to wear Dhoti Pants - Dhoti Pants with Floor Length Long Capes Jackets

Dhoti Pants with Floor Length Long Capes Jackets

Image Courtesy:

How to wear Dhoti Pants - Dhoti Pants with peplum Tops

Dhoti Pants with Peplum Tops

Image Courtesy:

How to wear Dhoti Pants - Dhoti Pants with Anarkalis and Vests

Dhoti Pants with Anarkali Kurtas and Vests

Image Courtesy:

How to wear Dhoti Pants - Dhoti Pants with Crop Tops and Fitted Tops

Dhoti Pants with Crop Tops and Fitted Tops

Image Courtesy:


  • How to wear Dhoti Pants with the right shoes : Strut Around in Pride!

How to wear Dhoti Pants with the right shoes

Image Courtesy:

Just like every couture, even dhoti pants need that oomph factor to lay a cherry on the cake, namely: a kick-ass pair of footwear! Depending upon the occasion, step into either some hot pumps or laid-back jootis to make a mark in the fashion world!

Get the most unique and exciting range of Dhoti Pants exclusively on VioletStreet, India’s largest online boutique and designers’ marketplace!

Kareena Kapoor Dresses ~ The Ethnic Reinvented Version

There is a  lady sitting there in Mumbai, rocking the Indian cinema of today’s time, and looking ravishing every morning , afternoon and evening. Yes, Yes I am talking about Kareena Kapoor Khan. She is the one who dares to try and experiment on every version of clothing. She makes Indian wear look NEW and FRESH! Gorgeously milky pink her glowy skin is undoubtedly and there is absolutely no color under the sun that she cannot carry well. So here I am to discuss few of Kareena Kapoor Dresses and her top looks…

  • THE SUBTLE OLIVE ON WHITE: Stunning is the compliment I give to her on wearing this nice Indian gown on the base of white with a extravagant use of live green thread embroidery and a touch of decorative here and there. Sometimes sex appeal is about how well you carry off your garment, indeed she proves it !

kareena kapoor dresses - kareena kapoor indian wear


  • THE BABY COLORED BEBO: This stylish lehenga choli set in baby pink is a graceful example of how a lot of heaviness in terms of embellishments on a base neutral color can have all the eyes on only her and no one else..

kareena kapoor dresses - kareena kapoor dressing style


  • SHE IS SIZZLING IN PINK: It is the hot pink this time in the form of this marvellous kurti with a floral blingy embroidery design crafted beautifully on it. The dupatta has a mouthwatering yellow border to it and the pair of palazzo pants have been kept simply white.

kareena kapoor dresses - kareena kapoor outfits

  • THE PULPY MANGO: Doesn’t she herself look like a happy and cheery mango?! She does, right? Yes, i know!! I too think so. The important feature of this showcased yellow anarkali is the cutworked collar in the color of cream. We love this kurti neck design! The mirror worked dupatta is also adding a spark and making her look like a star for sure. The sweet dutch braid is a lovely thing to concentrate too as it nicely adorns the attire.


kareena kapoor dresses - kareena kapoor suits


  • THE TRANSLUCENT SILVERY WHITE: The catch of this attire is the pair of straight fit silky pants that make the filled up starry straight fit kurti stand out and look ultra glittery and shimmering. What do you think? 😉

kareena kapoor dresses - kareena kapoor designer dresses


  • THE MAGNIFICENT BLACK: Poise and grace are something that automatically happen when you wear a black. Atleast that is what her way of posing tells us. You rock my lady!! You surely do. She is looking bold and sexy for a fact in this flary lehenga and a deep U-neck sleeveless blouse with an embroidered net dupatta.

kareena kapoor dresses - kareena kapoor designer lehengas


  • LETS KEEP IT MINIMAL : Featuring this fantastically smart peach cooler embossed kurti and pair of straight cut satin silky pants.

kareena kapoor indian dresses - kareena kapoor indian wear kareena kapoor dresses - kareena kapoor indian wear


  • BROCADED GREEN AND PINK COMBO: The most unusual, Chic , smart , and flattering clothing that she has recently word is this long green coloured kurti and rani pink coloured brocaded skirt. The skirt features a red coloured border too.

kareena kapoor dresses - kareena kapoor style


I have decided on the Baby Colored Bebo outfit for me! which one have you attired yourself into? Be it a BFF’s wedding, an ethnic party, a day evening, an NGO ceremony, or a friend’s reception, you have an option for each of these days of yours. Signing off 🙂 with a smile.

Latest Mirror Work Blouse Designs : What's Trending

We all go through that phase where we get infatuated with a trend. Whether it’s the same pair of shoes in different colors or a new hot designer, we can’t look beyond the fascination. Latest fixation of blouses with mirror work constitute some magnificent obsessions now #Trending! It has absolute magic to turn any attire into the most gorgeous one. From the aristocratic elegance of a day-out to the grandeur and extravagance of a big fat Indian wedding, mirror work blouse designs has found its raison d’étre and is running with it. It complements our culture, fits best for ethnic wear and isn’t averse to the sartorial spotlight! Mirror work ain’t going anywhere any time soon, so if you aren’t on board, it’s time to get your embellishment on in these latest blouse designs with mirror work and get your shine on!


  1. Heavy Work Blouses, All over Mirror Work Blouses – Mirror Mirror Everywhere!

Mirror work all over your blouse is classy too. Don’t be afraid to try out this look. A sleeveless blouse would be even more stunning with mirror work on front and back. Shilpa Shetty has been the flag bearer of this trend. She donned a yellow saree paired with round neck blouse which had embroidered mirrors all over it. She looked lovely in the beautiful green saree with small mirror work all over the border of saree and also on the blouse.

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

  1. Mirror Work on the Borders of the Blouses – Just on the borders Please!

You can also try out this trend around your neckline and edges of your blouse sleeves. It automatically adds sheen to printed and brightly hued blouses. Mirror work with colored frames acts as your jewelry too so you can keep the rest of your look very simple and flaunt the colorful mirrors on your voguish blouse!

mirror work blouse designs - Mirrors with colourful frames

Image Source:

Shraddha Kapoor wore a sleeveless yellow colored blouse along with palazzos. Mirror work embroidery was uber chic (Y)

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

  1. Mirror Work Blouse Back Designs – Accentuating the Back of Blouse!

A round cut on the back of your designer blouse and surrounding the same with mirror work. Nothing can be as sexy and trendy as this 😀 Floral motifs, circular trimmings and little rows of minute mirrors can add a very interesting detail to your ensemble. Also, make your blouse as edgy as possible with even experimenting with the shapes of mirrors: star, triangle, circular.

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

mirror work blouse designs

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

  1. Blouse Designs with Mirror Work on Neck – Playing with Blouse Neck Designs

Mirror work for your blouse neck designs – collar neck, high neck, boat neck or ‘V’ neck! Run to your tailors and get these stitched asap. Add this embellishment to your blouse to scale up the gorgeousness of your overall look. After all, its sartorial potential- the ability to be molded, adapted and paired with wardrobe favorites- is just waiting to be realized. All you need to do is get creative!

Matching a signature mirror work blouse with a simple saree will make the trick work. It’s totally getting a hit number in fashion front! Look at few of the neck designs, complimenting the mirror work on designer blouses.

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

While Deepika Padukone was seen with mirror worked up blouse on her peach colored saree, Karishma Kapoor donned it with a lehenga and Kangna Ranaut wore it with anarkali.

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

Priyanka Chopra had sheer net around her neck and the blouse was all covered with royal touch of mirror work, a Manish Malhotra creation… For more such designs, check out our blog on blouse designs for net sarees.

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

  1. Mirror Work on Blouse Sleeve – Sheen for the Sleeves!

Mirror Work on your Blouse sleeves looks fab! Full-sleeved blouse and sleeves entirely covered with mirror work… Hotness Personified! With the finest embroideries, this blouse will create one of the most unusual and beautiful piece. Mirror patchwork with little metallic patches or mirror work along with tribal patterns on blouses give your normcore attire an urban gypsy feel.

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

mirror work blouse designs

Image Source:

South Indian actress Priyamani even played with the length of the sleeves. Yellow Georgette saree paired with deep V-neck black blouse which is elegantly covered with mirror work. Simply stunning! We are in awe with such blouse embroidery designs!

mirror work blouse designs - priyamani-mirror-work-blouse

Wear them with wrap around skirts, palazzos, sarees, over anarkalis as a separate- no limit to experimenting with this trend! With elegance and Nawabi nazakat that these blouses exude, every woman would love to be donned in one of these blouse designs with mirror work. These stunners stand out as a statement of the beauty of timelessness. They greet the world while being new and contemporary.

Inspired by the mesmerizing powers of mirrors, these blouse designs tell a tale of a Princess, rising and shining ahead. Embarking on a path of intrigue, she is the only light in the dark. As she makes her way, she shines brightly, greeting the world in a dreamy attire. As our B-town beauties always look for a niche proposition to relate to, X-factor that can set them apart; this is there go-to! True personification of sartorial heaven.

Shop your blouse design today and raise up the temperature to several degrees as you add definite sheen to your tailored blouse with mirror work!